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Hosted by: Fifth Grade Team

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1 Hosted by: Fifth Grade Team
Open House Grade 5 Hosted by: Fifth Grade Team

2 Common Core Curriculum- Adds rigor to today’s learning!
Reading (Goal: 50% nonfiction) Writing – Narratives, Opinion Writing, Research Word Study (Root words, suffixes, prefixes, grammar and spelling) Math (Area & perimeter, irregular shapes, etc.) Science Units (Ecosystems, Human Body, Force & Motion, Weather System) Social Studies (Revolutionary Unit/Government and Westward Expansion/ Economy/Civil War and Reconstruction) Blue Jay Block (Offers enrichment/remediation)

3 Standard Based Grading
Level 4 Extends targeted grade level standards “Since I can do/get this, I can figure out new things!” 3 2 Needs support to meet targeted grade level standards. “I almost get it but I need help.” 1 Insufficient performance of targeted grade level standards. “I don’t get it yet. I need help.” “P” This work is not being assessed. I am practicing a new skill.

4 Assessments are today’s means of understanding how to modify tomorrow’s instruction!
DAZE and DORF – A reading program that tracks students’ reading fluency and comprehension. Students are assessed in the beginning, middle and end of the school year. Home connection reports will be sent home to show your child’s progress. Case 21 – Quarterly benchmark assessments that track students’ academic progress (reading, mathematics and science) and provide data that identifies their strengths/weaknesses . This data is then used to guide teachers’ instruction.

5 New System for Report Cards
Power Schools New System for Report Cards Will include the essential standards from The Common Core Will look different from the previous report card Will no longer have 3* Parents will have access to student accounts NEXT SCHOOL YEAR Information about Power Schools can be obtained on the Sanford Creek Website

6 Attendance/Tardies Attendance is crucial to your child’s success as a third grader. Please be advised that students will receive “Absentee” letters after being absent as follows: 10 days. Parents should send in or an “Excuse” letter. After 20 consecutive absences, an official doctor’s note will be required. In order for students to be marked as “Present,” students must be in school/class for 3 hours and 15 minutes. Students who leave before that length of time will be marked as “Absent.” School opens at 8:45 and ends at 3:45. Class begins at 9:15. Please make sure that your child arrives to class on time so that he/she does not miss out on morning work which usually reinforces what is being taught in class. Students who arrive after 9:15 will be marked as tardy and will be expected to complete their morning work during “down time.”

7 Homework Assigned Monday – Thursday
Read for at least 30 minutes every night Math homework sheet Occasionally a science, social studies, or other type of homework will be assigned Should be written in agenda weekly. Homework is posted in the classroom daily. No HW is assigned when there is state testing

8 Daily Reading Logs 5th graders are allowed to take books home and read daily These books may be books that we read as a class or books chosen by your child. It is their responsibility to care for these books and return them in good condition. The purpose behind daily reading is to increase your child’s reading level. Provide your child with ample reading material, help foster the love for reading, provide a means of helping your child strengthen reading fluency, comprehension and retelling skills. The supervising adult is asked to sign their reading log daily Our overall goal is to help YOUR child grow as a reader!

9 School Projects Science Investigations Power-point Presentations
Supplemental Text: Time for Kids Science Studies Challenger

10 Home Support Read with your child daily and ask him/her questions about their reading Help your child generate questions about what’s being read Make sure that your child is completing his/her homework. Homework is practice and reinforces what has been taught in class. Homework is not graded but, marked with a “P” for practice. Help your child study his/her multiplication tables Doing so, will make it easier for your child to learn multiplication, division and fractions Help your child complete projects and turn them in on time!

11 Code of Cooperation S how self-control O perate safely
A ct responsibly R espect myself and others PBIS-Positive Behavior Intervention System Quiet Hallways(Anywhere in building when you leave a room)

12 Tentative Field Trips Haw River Overnight Outing- Environmental Education Program (Ecosystems/ Weather) March , 2014 Tr#3-4/April , 2014 Tr#1a-1b Play Outing (Language Arts) Date: December 4, 2013

13 Class Management System
Bluejay Bucks Tickets Treasure Box Communications thru the agendas, s, phone calls and texts Home & office referrals will be given to those students who do not follow class & school rules. Please remember that rules are in place to keep students safe and ensure that learning is always taking place!

14 Transportation There is no walk zone for SCE due to the long driveway, staff helps to walk students to the crosswalk at the end of the driveway. Some parents walk to school to pick up their children and walk them home. Parents must sign their children out in the main office. Please confirm how your child is to go home every day! If your child is leaving early (for an appointment) or going home with a buddy, a note or should be sent notifying us of such a change. If no note or is received, your child will be dismissed as usual and will be expected to follow the normal dismissal routine.

15 COMMUNICATION Weekly Folders Newsletters Principal’s Newsletters
PTA Flyers Students’ Agendas Class Website Report Cards & Interims SCE School Website , Phone:

16 Classroom Volunteers Classroom Mom-needed) Weekly Folder
Clerical duties Bluejay Block supporter Must sign a confidentiality form Disclaimer: A volunteer’s role is to be supportive and assist the students & teacher. Volunteers should not serve as a distraction. If your child or other students are distracted by your presence, it will have an impact on their instruction and learning. If this happens, I will kindly ask that you volunteer “outside” of the classroom by making copies or assisting in other ways (i.e., Special Projects, Events, etc.) We begin accepting volunteers the first of August. This gives me some time to get to know my students and help them adjust to my expectations, class rules, routines and procedures.

17 It Takes a Village to Raise a Child!
We are partners (Accountability) Please work with your child at home Open communication We look forward to a fantastic year! Thanks for coming to Open House Notes of encouragement

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