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Module 2 Unit 2 Wish you were here Reading By Yuan Zaiming.

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1 Module 2 Unit 2 Wish you were here Reading By Yuan Zaiming



4 adventure white-water rafting rock climbing mountain climbing driving Adventure is an unusual, exciting or dangerous experience or trip. cycling

5 the Arctic Ocean Pacific Ocean Atlantic Ocean Indian Ocean South America North America Antarctica Australia Asia Europe Africa

6 a North African kingdom on the northwestern corner of Africa Morocco [mə'r ɔ kəu]

7 the Sahara Desert [sə'ha:rə] the worlds largest desert

8 enjoys the fame of The cradle( of African civilization( ) the River Nile [ nail ]

9 named after Queen of England in the 19th century Lake Victoria [vik't ɔ :riə]

10 Kenya Tanzania lie in eastern Africa ['kenjə, 'ki:njə] [tænzə'ni:ə]

11 the highest mountain in Africa, stands in northeastern Tanzania, the top of the mountain, covered by snow and ice all year round Mount Kilimanjaro ['kilimən'd ʒɑ :rəu]

12 Himalayas [himə'leiəz] stand in Asia one of the highest mountain ranges( ) in the world

13 1. How will Colin and Toby travel through the desert? 2. What activity does Toby think is dangerous? 3. How long will the brothers stay in Africa ? They will travel on camels. White-water rafting and watching wildlife up close. About four weeks. Directed reading Flash

14 Traveling Route( ) Traveling Route( )

15 Para 1 true or false 1.Toby would spend a few weeks traveling before he goes to university. 2.After the trip to Africa, Colin will go to university. Detailed reading

16 Make up a dialogue according to Para.2, using the following words – where, when, how, what, how long, etc.

17 Lake Victoria 1.What adventure activity will the writer try? 3.How to protect himself? white-water rafting helmet life jacket 2. What is white- water rafting like? dangerousexciting

18 In Kenya, theyll live with the ______ people in their villages, and eat and drink _________ they do, including cows _______. Theyll ____ across the land, ________ the _______ of wildlife.The guides will have guns with them for _______ in case of dangerous animals.

19 Para 6 What will they do before mountain climbing? climbing? Why? get plenty of rest tiring, feel sick as the atmosphere gets thinner

20 Choose the best answer. 1.According to paragraph 1, __________. A. Toby is planning a business trip B. Toby usually travels in his summer holiday C. Colin wants to travel before starting university D. Toby is not very excited about the trip

21 2. In line 12, there refers to ____. A. the United States B. Morocco C. northern Africa D. the Sahara Desert

22 3. According to paragraph 2, _______. A. Toby enjoys traveling on camels B. Toby is worried about traveling on camels C. Toby will feed the camels D. Colin loves camels

23 4. According to paragraph 5, Toby wants to __________. A. see a giraffe up close B. scare animals away C. take photographs of animals D. shoot an elephant

24 5. In line 34, them refers to _______. A. the elephants B. Colin and Toby C. the guides D. the giraffes

25 6. According to the letter, Toby enjoys ___________. A. comfortable, expensive holidays B. cultural holidays C. adventure holidays D. staying at home

26 Passage outline Supporting details IntroductionColin and I will spend a few weeks (1)___________ The trip to Morocco·We will (2) _________ to Morocco on 15 July. ·We go through the Sahara Desert by (3) ______ with local guides. ·With six days to go, the trip wont be (4)__________. The trip to the River NileGoing white-water rafting is filled with danger but (5)___________, too. The trip to (6)_____________·We will follow the local peoples custom and (7)____________ ourselves to drink cows blood. ·We will have a long walk and get close to (8)_________ animals. ·Our guides will have guns to (9)_________ us. The trip toTanzaniaWe will climb Mount Kilimanjaro though we may feel (10)__________ and sick. Task-based reading

27 I would like to take an adventure travel to… Discussion: a. The Sahara Desert b. Lake Victoria c. Kenya d. Tanzania

28 Homework: Write a letter to your friend about your adventure travel.

29 Thank you!

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