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Bell Work Name the Continents and Oceans!.

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1 Bell Work Name the Continents and Oceans!

2 Introduction to Geography

3 Background Information
Geography- The study of the Earth’s surface (climate/weather, land, and water) Study of people and their environment Climates- Weather of a region over a long period of time Physical Regions- Natural environment with features Coastlines Mountains Rivers

4 World Regions Africa Asia Australia and Oceania Europe North America
South America

5 Africa 20% of Earth’s land 12.5% of world population
Sahara Desert (largest desert)=North Africa Lies on the equator

6 Asia Largest continent 30% of Earth’s land 60% of population
Arctic to Equator Himalaya Mts.

7 Bell Work Answer these questions Which continent do we live on?
What is the largest continent? Where is the Sahara desert located?

8 Australia and Oceania Southeast Asia Smallest land mass
Oceania is made up of thousands of islands Population-34 million

9 Europe 7% of Earth’s land mass Population-807 Million Eurasia
Same land mass between Europe and Asia Ural Mts. divide Europe and Asia

10 North America 17% of Earth’s land 13% of Earth’s population
512 million

11 South America 12% of Earth’s land 5% of the world’s population
2nd largest River-Amazon


13 Homework Study for the Continents and Oceans test

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