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Advance With English Module 2 Making Discoveries Unit 2 Wish You Were Here.

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1 Advance With English Module 2 Making Discoveries Unit 2 Wish You Were Here

2 elephants lions giraffes zebras

3 Australia

4 Desert

5 Brazil

6 Welcome to the unit


8 Toby leaves _______ on 15th July, and theyll be ________ to ________, in northern Africa. Theyre going to travel on _______ through the _______________. London flying Morocco camels Sahara Desert

9 *The largest desert in the world. *In the north of Africa *Tropical desert climate

10 White –water rafting You have to wear _______ clothing, a ________ and a life jacket, just _________ your raft gets turned upside down or sinks. special helmet in case

11 In ________, theyll live with the ______ people in their villages, and eat and drink _________ they do, including cows _______. Kenya local whatever blood

12 What animals can we see in Kenya?

13 elephants lions giraffes zebras

14 Theyll walk across the land, following the __________ of big animals __________ elephants, lions and giraffes. footprints such as

15 Kenya 1.The local Kenya people have surprising traditional habit of drinking cows blood. 2.Toby feels a little scared of drinking cows blood. 3. Since they are not dangerous at all, Toby and Colin will get close to the big animals to take good photos. 4. They need large, strong, heavy backpacks to carry water and food. 5. The guides take sharp knives with them to protect Toby and Colin from big animals. 6. Walking skills are necessary in the animal- visiting- trip in Kenya. × × × T or F

16 Kilimanjaro

17 Tanzania-- Kilimanjaro What is the common problem to many people climbing mountains?

18 After that, theyll be moving on to __________, where theyre going to climb Mount__________. Mountain climbing can be very ________, and many people feel sick as the air gets _____. Tanzania Kilimanjaro tiring thinner Tanzania Mount Kilimanjaro

19 Mout. Kilimanjaro Sahara Morocco Tanzania Lake Victoria River Nile Kenya Route ( ) of traveling

20 _____ travel down the River Nile _____ travel on camel through the Sahara Desert _____ climb Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania _____ see wild animals in Kenya _____ fly to Morocco _____ go to the Himalayas 1 2 3 4 5 6

21 Paragraph Route How to travel What to take Para2 through the Sahara Desert by camel tents, sleeping bags para3 Para4- para5 para6 down the river Nile in Kenya in Tanzania by boat by raft walking on foot climbing the Mount Kilimanjaro special clothing, a helmet, a life jacket backpack food and water Not mentioned

22 Fill in the blanks according to the letter: Toby and his old brother have been quite busy planning their holiday in Africa. They would _______ a few weeks visiting many exciting places and lots of ___________ things. First, they would fly to Morocco, where they were going to travel on ________ through the Sahara Desert. And Toby thought that might be _____________. Then they were going to experience the dangerous but __________ activity --- white-water rafting. spend astonishing camels uncomfortable exciting

23 ____ ______ the raft got turned upside down or sank, they had to wear special ________, a helmet and a life jacket. After that, they planned to see and _____ ________ ______ wild animals in Kenya. At last, they would go to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, which would be very ________. Incase clothing takephotosof tiring

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