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Cardedeu, Spain!. You can see!!!!! This is the 18th year we do it!!!!! 18th December Morning!!!!

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1 Cardedeu, Spain!

2 You can see!!!!! This is the 18th year we do it!!!!! 18th December Morning!!!!

3 Its a solidarity market!We sent all money we win to our 4 sponsor children and the rest to at the organization every year decide the students, this year theyll go to Greenpeace!! Some of us after a hard work!!!

4 Its like a market into the school playground!!!!! All students prepare a handcraft work, during December month!!!! Also children bring from their houses used, but in good way toys!!! The biggest ones prepare all things, and we open doors to parents, grandparents and all people who wish to join us!!!!! The 12 years old students decide prices for toys, and they are the sellers!!!!The Handcrafts things dont have price, people pay who they wish!!!!!!

5 Look at our sponsor children, the 4 children we give support: Dipak Bambeo Saahu for our 3-5 years old students Arunamma, for our 8-9 years old students Siva Kumar our boy!!!! (10-12 years old students) Salvador de Jesús for our 6-7 years old students

6 You can see all our handmade works!!!!! (In each, theres a title with the class who made it)

7 All classes made something for our children from Fundación Vicente Ferrer" and "Intervida 3 years old works

8 4 years old works

9 5 years old works

10 6 years old works

11 7 years old works

12 8 years old works

13 9 years old works

14 10 years old works

15 11 years old works

16 Our Team, 5th level, prepared too a lot of cakes, and we sell them the same day for breakfast, to all who would cooperate!!!!

17 And all school children and staff could buy a piece as a breakfast!!!!

18 The market started in 1991. From 1999 till 2001 the students decided to give the money to Medicos sin Fronteras. From 2003, students decided to help other children and sponsor our 4 children from Vicente Ferrer (Rural Developement Trust) and Intervida.




22 This year we were veeeery lucky, as we had Special handmade gifts from our wonderful Comenius partners and friends. Of course we joined their work with ours, and our students were so glad to share works


24 Poland

25 Here you can see some of the works our friends sent to us as a contribution to our market. Of course we did the same to them

26 From Poland:




30 From England:


32 From Finland:

33 Finland

34 From Bulgaria:



37 Its not necessary to say that we all loved their works And we put their works into our market, mixed with ours, as, to us, they are members of our school, thats how we considere they. More than partners, they are now part of us

38 First of all, when all was ready, teachers and their students visited the market.



41 12:30h. Time to open doors to parents......




45 You can see, theres a lot of people cooperating for our cause!!!!


47 We want to say thanks to all of them!!!!

48 14h!!!! Time to finish!!!!! The school is empty again :-(

49 It was a wonderful day, and, as usual, the weather was with us, and it was a fantastic sunny and lovely day

50 We hope you liked it!!! Maybe next year Youll join us again!!! See you!!!

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