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Bellwork 11/13/12 How old is a grade school kid? –6-11 years.

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1 Bellwork 11/13/12 How old is a grade school kid? –6-11 years

2 Fill in the stages

3 Your Assignment. 1.You’ll need paper: put your name on it. 2.Title It My Argument for School Aged Children 3.Read each of the following statements about school age children. 4.Select one that you want to investigate. 5.Write that statement on your paper. 6.Indicate if you are FOR or AGAINST. 7.Find 2 resources online related to your topic. 8.Read information provided on site then list them on your paper. 9.Indicate if you believe the website is reliable.

4 What Do You Think? 1.Parents should pressure their children to learn. 2.Near the end of the school-age period, girls and boys have marked differences in their physical development. 3.Through athletics, children can learn to appreciate physical fitness, respect law and authority, and cooperate with others. 4.Sports have the potential for both physical and psychological damage. 5.School-age children are too young to be warned about kidnapping and sexual abuse.

5 What do you think?? 6. Children’s interest in schoolwork is often affected by their peer relationships. 7. Success or failure in reading has no effect on other areas of learning. 8. Art, drama, and music activity provide children with expressive outlets for their emotions. 9. When possible, parents should allow children to invite their friends home.

6 10. As children near the end of the school-age period, their intense desire for conformity may begin to upset their parents. 11. Because of high activity levels, children need an adequate breakfast even more than adults. 12. It is not necessary for parents to be aware of friendships their children are forming. 13. Children resent parents butting into their lives with demands concerning their selection of friends.

7 So… Tomorrow we will experiment with Piaget’s Theory. Turn your papers in to the team folder whether you are finished or not.

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