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Americas 100% Spanish search engine to find a lawyer.

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1 Americas 100% Spanish search engine to find a lawyer

2 Because the Internet use is growing steadily Because more and more Hispanics navigate the net looking for solutions to their needs Because Hispanics, in conformity with marketing studies, are reacting more favorably to advertising, in Spanish than in English

3 YearsMillons of users % World Population 1995300.73 1996571.41 19971022.49 1998153.53.75 1999254.294.27 2000455.557.50 2001562.479.43 20061133.417.2 20102000.0 ???? Internet Use Growth

4 Because the U.S. is the world s third largest Spanish speaking country, just below Mexico and Spain.

5 Because the U.S. Hispanic population grows at a higher pace than the rest of the population. Because a large percentage of the U.S. Hispanic population feels more comfortable in Spanish, and 81% mainly communicate in Spanish at home.

6 Percent Hispanic of the Total Population in the United States: 1970 to 2050 *Projected Population as of July 1 Projections Census Source: U.S. Census Bureau, 1970, 1980, 1990, and 2000 Decennial Censuses; Population Projections, July 1, 2010 to July 1, 2050

7 Because Hispanics in the U.S. have been creating new businesses, and making investments that generate an increasing demand of a legal services Because millions of Hispanics living outside of United States, need Legal Counsel in the U.S. Because we must consider the 45 million potential Hispanics clients that reside in the U.S. Because Hispanics, not only require legal services for immigration cases, but also in family, commercial, personal injury, and other civil and criminal matters, etc.

8 Top Five States by Hispanic Population Size: 2006 RankStatePopulation Size 1California13,074,156 2Texas8,385,139 3Florida3,646,499 4New York3,139,456 5Illinois1,886,933 Source: U.S. Census Bureau, Population Estimates July 1, 2006

9 Finally... Because a lawyer advice is needed for a great variety of reasons. Because the cost of advertising in traditional media versus the universal reach of the Internet, makes an affordable venue which any lawyer can easily afford and get a high return on investment.

10 For all the above reasons we introduce Americas 100% Spanish search engine to find a lawyer.


12 For example, we search in Spanish for Immigration Attorney in Miami- Dade Click Comenzamos la búsqueda


14 We continue refining the search by typing a ZIP CODE. In this case 33176

15 A much more precise result

16 Searching for an Attorney who accepts cash, and its office hours are from Monday to Friday

17 Click The selected lawyer may accept cash, and its office hours are from Monday to Friday

18 The envelop icon shows this Attorney has e-mail address.

19 And even if we do not remember the complete phone number, we can type the numbers we remember and fill the blanks with ***

20 **** *724

21 We can also search for Attorneys that have E-mail, a web page, video or all three

22 E-mail address Video Website Click

23 Provide More Information >>>> Video >>>>>

24 For example if we are looking for an Attorney that does lesion and piscina

25 The matching words are highlighted in RED !!!. It is not necessary the matching word be exact. For example: we used the word, lesion on the search and found lesiones (the plural) in the description. THUS THE IMPORTANCE OF A GOOD DESCRIPTION OF YOUR AREA OF SPECIALTY.

26 Search possibilities by specialties

27 Search possibilities by languages

28 Thank you for visiting Back to website Back to website

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