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Mail2ZOS Presented by Robert LaBayne Product Development Manager

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1 Mail2ZOS Presented by Robert LaBayne Product Development Manager

2 Mail2ZOS - Agenda Overview The Problems Addressed The Mail2ZOS Solution Mail2ZOS Email Flow Summary of Benefits Some Examples A word about FTPSweeper Licensing

3 Overview Mail2ZOS is like giving your mainframe application an email address. The user sends an email, with or without attachments, to the mainframe for processing. Mail2ZOS then: Receives the email Stores attached files into MVS datasets And based on the contents performs actions such as submitting jobs for execution. Sends email notices to all

4 The Problems… On Demand Jobs Driven by end-user requests and requirements Can have c omplicated request procedures Or simply be a nuisance for Operations Things can fall through the cracks at busy times. Uploading Files and Processing Multi-step, jury-rigged procedures that can require costly human intervention and/or arcane knowledge

5 …On Demand Jobs Some traditional ways The user calls up operations: Hi George, this is Mary in accounting, can you run job AB023 for me and send the printout to my printer? Give the user a TSO account: Train users in 3270 usage,TSO/ISPF for submitting the JCL and SDSF for output review Manage TSO accounts for users More ways than we can describe…

6 …Uploading Files and Processing Some traditional ways TSO IND$FILE – requires TSO account, 3270 software and trained end-users FTP - client connection to open port on host server More methods than ways to describe them!

7 The Mail2ZOS Solution Give your mainframe application an email address! The user attaches the data to an email and sends it!

8 Mail2ZOS takes over: Mail2ZOS: Receives or retrieves the email Recognizes it by email address, sender address or subject, etc. Parses the email and safely stores the attachments into mainframe datasets. Composes and submits a job to process the newly stored data. Sends email confirmation notices to all concerned (built-in to Mail2ZOS) Sends job results via email (with JES2Mail)

9 The Mail2ZOS Solution Email is the easiest, most reliable and universal method for interacting with end users Everyone has access to email! Natural queuing mechanism. Email could be generated by any mechanism, ie. Web page Users never see the mainframe or require training – they simply send an email message with a proper subject to a proper address. Mail2ZOS does (or at least invokes) the rest.

10 Flow of email with data

11 Mail2ZOS Dataflow

12 Configuration for Receiving Trace=full ListenPortNo: 25 OurDomainName: TempDirectory: /u/M2Z/Mail2ZOS ReceiverUserList: UserList File: Config

13 Configuration for Receiving Domain: Domain: ForUser: DepositReconciliation Subdir: MailboxDR1 ForUser: TimeSheets Subdir: MailboxDR2 Trace=full ListenPortNo: 25 OurDomainName: TempDirectory: /u/M2Z/Mail2ZOS ReceiverUserList: UserList File: UserList File: Config

14 Configuration for Receiving Domain: Domain: ForUser: DepositReconciliation Subdir: MailboxDR1 ForUser: TimeSheets Subdir: MailboxDR2 Trace=full ListenPortNo: 25 OurDomainName: TempDirectory: /u/M2Z/Mail2ZOS ReceiverUserList: UserList File: UserList File: Config /u/M2Z/Mail2ZOS/MailboxDR2

15 Processing the raw Email The Process Mail task takes over: Each host mailbox has a corresponding Ruleset, or set of Rules. A Rule within the ruleset is determined by the emails envelope, or so called headers. Some of the envelope items we can look at are: Sender address Recipient address Subject The emails body (cover page) can be processed, just like an attachment I.e. With a script it can pick out data fields.

16 Ruleset for Timesheet Data RULESET: TimeSheet RecognizeBy: &Subject; eq TimeSheet*" Coverpage: Action: Ignore OBject: Where AttachmentFilename = "*.csv" Action: File StoreName: hlq.payroll.time###.dat StoreOpenOption: wb,type=record,lrecl=100,recfm=FB,blksize=10000,- DISP=(*,CATLG,DELETE) DeeditStyle: Comma DeeditMask: "11x,25x,7v2z,8v2z,8v2z" SubmitJobFilename: Job2 File: TimeSht1

17 JCL to Process Timesheet Data //M2ZJOB2 JOB... //* //* *--------------------------*-- //* * SUBJECT: &Subject; //* * From: &From; //* *--------------------------*-- //STEP1 EXEC PGM=PAYROLL1 //TIMEIN DD DSN=&ZFULLSAVEFILENAME;,DISP=SHR //SYSPRINT DD SYSOUT=* //SYSIN DD * From: &From; Date: &Date; File: Job2

18 Multiple Mailboxes can Isolate Multiple Applications

19 Processing the Attachments Attached files can be: Translated from ASCII to EBCDIC if needed De-edited into fixed field records (CSV files) Parsed into records or treated as an undefined (Binary files blobs) Stored into MVS dataset Fixed or well make a unique filename Written to JES as a SYSOUT Wrapped with JCL and submitted Any records with // are converted to $$ to prevent any JCL to be submitted Processed with the script language Parse out data elements that might be used for table lookup or composing job stream parameters Issue messages, compose JCL or email notices, etc.

20 Jobstream JCL handling JCL composition: Can come from a library member. Can be part of a script. Cannot come from the email or its attachments. Symbolic variables can be inserted. Can have conditional logic to alter the composed JCL Job submission: Submitted via internal reader - or Instead of immediately submitting jobs, they can be composed and stored in libraries for later submission - or The script language can call a routine to schedule a job - or The script language can issue master console messages (often used as triggers by job schedulers)

21 More Features Email Notices: Notices can be emailed to the requester to confirm message has been received and is being processed Notices of what was performed can be emailed to operations to keep them informed Script Language Parse Cover page or text attachments files Pickout elements for JCL generation Do table lookup

22 Some security features We only accept emails addressed to us. There can be separate email address for different applications. Their emails are stored in separate mailboxes for specific processing. We have to recognize the email subject or other envelope info for processing selection. JCL cannot be submitted directly If we are wrapping JCL, then any // in the data is converted to $$ – not an option! All JCL is predefined in host libraries, or host maintained scripts. All rules of RACF or other host security still apply.

23 Summary of Benefits Allows an end user to request a mainframe action without direct access to the mainframe. Email is about the easiest way to upload data to the mainframe. Intrinsic queuing of email insulates the sender from mainframe or network outages. Automate more complicated procedures Better audit trails on upload operations Better audit of requests for on-demand jobs Happy Users!

24 Some examples

25 A Regional Bank Retrieve archived customer statements: A batch operation does the job, but Someone with TSO knowledge and access is needed To edit the required a parameter card And submit the job And monitor the job And get the results back to the requester Now the customer service user just emails the request with the customer ID and the job is submitted. The results are emailed back to customer service for review and forwarding to the customer. Results: Better customer service!

26 Request a statement

27 And a few minutes later:


29 A Regional Bank A department has PC software that creates large text files to be printed on forms. The old way… FTP and phone calls Now they simply email the text files. The subject line is parsed to get the form name the file is to be printed on. Mail2ZOS submits a job to format the data for the printer with the appropriate form. And sends out email notices to operations and the requesting department that the reports are ready for printing. Results: Faster results with less steps!

30 A County Government How to get Excel data into the mainframe. The user now saves the spreadsheet as.csv (comma separated values) and emails the file to Mail2ZOS Mail2ZOS de-edits the.csv file into fixed (zoned) fields ready for mainframe application use. Then it submits the job to process the spreadsheet data. Results: Mainframe database updated faster!

31 Government Agency How to get secure data from remote sites into the mainframe to update a database. The sender uses PKZIP to compress and encrypt the data file, with their assigned password. They email the encrypted attachment to Mail2ZOS. Mail2ZOS: Stores the encrypted data file on the mainframe Using the senders address, it does a host look up to find their assigned password. Submits a job that will invoke PKZIP on the mainframe and inserts the assigned password into the jobstream. Email notices go out to all Results: Database updated securely!

32 FTPSweeper Just a word about the companion

33 FTPSweeper Instead of handling email, FTPSweeper: Connects to any number of remote FTP servers SSL/TLS secure transport is supported Looks for files to upload Uploads and stores them on the mainframe Then deletes or renames them on the FTP server. The rest of the functions of Mail2ZOS are then available: Job submission, script, etc.

34 Licensing – North America Annual License. Not tier priced 45 day free trial No more than 5% per year increase Perpetual License. Not tier priced 45 day free trial Annual Maintenance after 1 st year, 15% or price 1 st year of Annual License can apply towards perpetual purchase. Prices Subject to Change Without Notice

35 For a Free Software Trial Contact: Register and download Mail2ZOS from Send a request for trial keys to: Attention: Ed Hollshwandner

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