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Chapter 24 Egypt Riddles in the Sand. Egypt Pyramids Sphinx History Culture Nile Cruises Suez Canal.

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1 Chapter 24 Egypt Riddles in the Sand


3 Egypt Pyramids Sphinx History Culture Nile Cruises Suez Canal

4 How Travellers Get There Air carriers Egyptair - MS- connections CAI – Connect through Europe Cruise lines Alexandria Port Said

5 Traveller Info Documentation Passport, visa Visas can be obtained at major points of entry – But recommended to obtain from Egyptian embassy or consulate before arrival to avoid being refused entry Health concerns Water, sun, heat, Sanitation NOT to Canadian standards See physician prior to departure IAMAT Best time to travel Winter

6 Traveller Info (cont.) Currency – Egyptian Pound Language – Arabic English & French in principal resort areas Islamic customs Work Week – Sun to Thurs Dress – conservatively Respect religious / social traditions to avoid offending local sensitivities Drink bottled water

7 When to Go Peak Dec – April Book early for cruises Spring Shifting sands Fall Sept – Nov Bargains available Avoid Ramadan Modified hours and closures shops & restaurants

8 Getting Around Cruise Nile - up is south; down is north Fly south – cruise north 5 – 7 days Hotels operate most cruise ships Plane Major cities Road conditions poor

9 Getting Around (cont.) Train 1st class Camels, donkeys, horses Felucca Road conditions poor Car WITH driver Cairo Subway Best option – escorted tours

10 Cairo Museums Egyptian museum King Tut Mummies, Sarcophagi Islamic Art Mosques Ibn Tulun Built 876-879 AD – Cairos oldest, intact mosque still in use El Azhar oldest Islamic University founded in 970 AD Sultan Hassan bronze doors inlaid with gold and silver, marble paneling

11 Cairo (cont.) Citadel of Salah al Din Built between 1176 and 1182 AD panoramic view of Cairo Alabaster Mosque Coptic Quarter The Hanging Church - al-Mu'allaqua 4th C, built over the southern gate of the fortress of Babylon Dedicated to the Virgin Mary 14th C wall-painting of the Nativity

12 Cairo (cont.) Cairo Tower 187m views of the city from all sides topped by revolving restaurant Khan el-Khalili Souk largely unchanged since 14 th century Spices, perfumes, gold & silver carpets, brass, copperware, leatherwork, glass

13 Giza Great Pyramids Cheops Built 2650BC Sound & light show Sphinx Lions body and mans head 73 m long and 20 m high Early morning - best time to visit

14 Sakkara – (Saqqara) Ride on horseback from Giza Step Pyramid King Zoser Built 27 th C BC Imhotep- architect Memphis One of the oldest cities Ramses II

15 Luxor Temple of Luxor East bank 2 pharaohs built temple dedicated to Amun Ra Amenhotep III Ramses II Temples of Karnak East bank Greatest worship area Moon Deity Oal- Karnak – the Fort Avenue of the Rams

16 Luxor (cont.) Seat of power 2100–750BC Former name - Thebes Both banks of Nile City of Living – east City of the Dead - west Tombs of Valley of the Queens West bank New Kingdom Carved in rock faces of valley Queen Nefertari Tombs of Valley of the Kings West bank New Kingdom Carved in rock faces of valley Tut-ankh-Amun III Ramses III & VI Amenhotep II

17 Aswan Ancient frontier town Distinct African atmosphere Old Cataract Hotel Souk Aswan High Dam One of largest dams Built to avoid Nile floods 3600 m long – 40 m wide Lake Nassar Worlds largest artificial lake – 5250 km²

18 Aswan (cont.) Philae Island Reassembled 500m from original site Sound & light show Temple of Abu Simbel Salvage began in 1963 – due to High Dam Relocated on plateau facing sun Rameses II & Nefertari Elephantine Island Largest of the islands

19 Sinai Desert Mt. Horeb Considered the peak that Moses climbed Path of Moses – 4,000 steps – about 3 hours to climb St. Catherines Monastery's_Monastery_(Sinai) Foot of Mt Sinai Also called Monastery of the Transfiguration Built 527AD

20 Alexandria Founded by Alexander the Great 331BC Pharos – Legendary lighthouse Cruise port 2 nd largest city in Egypt 225km from Cairo Pearl of the Mediterranean

21 Accommodations -Resorts Mersa Matruh 300km W of Alexandria Rommels Cave Sharm El Sheikh Ritz Carlton Casinos, clubs, restaurants Hurghada 20km beaches Shipwreck diving Canadians should follow advice of local authorities and use caution when travelling to the Sinai region.

22 Accommodations (cont.) Sell up! – Four Seasons, Hilton, Sonesta Marriott Cairo Royal palace built for opening of Suez Canal 1869 Gardens Mena House Oberoi 1869 – Hunting palace – later turned into hotel Closest hotel to Pyramids of Giza Cruise ships on Nile 3,4,7 night Luxury 5 ٭cruises

23 Culture, Customs and Conduct Use right hand, not left Little personal space Baksheesh Expected tips Mosques Must remove shoes Women must be covered Most Egyptians are conservative Moslem or Coptic Bread – aysh pita Ful - beans Tahini, hummus Lamb, chicken Grilled pigeon Dates, figs Ahwa – coffee Mint Tea Stella beer

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