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Shadow Partner for Stability and Expansion 12 Slides Presentation & Information.

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1 Shadow Partner for Stability and Expansion 12 Slides Presentation & Information

2 Many organizations today are seeing that the old style of managing by fear or just motivation doesn't work anymore. Stick and carrot style of leadership is disempowering and good people are leaving. By becoming mere fixer instead of builder many top executives are compromising their organization future or have never been challenged to achieve something extra-ordinary. Organization Heads must get disengaged from the role of a Maintenance guy, they need to switch to the role of an Accelerator and build Leaders for a new future. OEMs and Multinational Companies are looking at their vendors as an Organization and not as an individual. So the Teir1 & Teir2 Companies have to change from a personal run to a professional driven organization. Directors, CEOs, Business Heads are realizing that, what has worked yesterday will not work today; the same loyal and trusted people who were a stepping stone, if not re-oriented will become the bottle neck Shadow Partner for Stability and Expansion 2 / 12

3 We have researched with more than 50+ Auto-Component Manufacturers and other Mid-Market Organizations More than 70 % of the organizations today are not future ready. Future ready implies that the organization has systems and processes that are effective and continuously improving ahead of growth 4 out of 5 companies dont have a strong second line talent People Readiness poses the maximum risk to an organizations growth and sustainability in future Attrition rates at junior/middle management levels are high as 50 % More than 60% of organizations dont have basic HR processes to select, develop, recognize and retain talent We are a strategic & management partner for stability & expansion. We support organizations in radical rethinking of their processes, people and technology. We handhold organizations to impact current and future business. Our mission is to take the enterprise to the next level and co-work with organization leaders who are willing, participative and have hunger for exponential growth. Who We are & Our Research 3 / 12

4 Satish Mokashi - Auto-Industry Expert Who he is: With over 34 years of experience across different verticals in Mahindra & Mahindra, he is one of the distinguished professionals in the Indian automotive industry. He has coordinated business of INR 250 billion and deeply connected in the global automobile industry at the topmost level. He was Vice-President of the Pricing Cell when he chose to co-found SMEone Innovation. He is an engineer from IIT Bombay with Masters in Financial Management What he does: He opens doors and creates opportunities for SMEs to tap into new OEMs and global business. His expertise in costing & pricing, and negotiation skills helps bring significant improvement to the bottom line. With an experience of dealing with more than 700 auto-component suppliers, he has deep insights on the gaps that need to be filled, the missing links in the SMEs business and processes and the OEM perspective of what is needed. His knack for selecting right partners for Mergers, Acquisitions, Joint Ventures and Export make him truly valuable for SMEs to scale up the organization. He plays a key role in orienting the top management to get the organizational strategies in line with the current scenario and expectations of the auto-industry. He also acts as a bridge between the SME and the OEMs where the objectives are typically in opposing directions. For new organizations looking at entering the Indian market, he brings key insights to the nature and quirks of the industry and helps define an optimum strategy for the market entry. Being well networked in the Indian auto-sector, he helps represent the organizations to Indian SMEs and OEMs. Satish Mokashi – Shadow Partner 5 / 12

5 Azaad as a Master Coach & Mission Architect is often called for his simple, direct and contextual approach, which works very effectively for organizations. He is involved in 1-to-1 Leadership & Future Building Coaching for the Owners/Chief/Director and also Group Coaching with key people who are the leaders & decision makers in the organization. He has coached CEO's, Directors, Senior Managers, Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs for strategy building, people and culture development. He trained them to take their leadership, people management skill, self and business to the next level. He has been involved in people development from the year 1995. He is also involved in Organization Development for SMEs and Tier 1 & Tier 2 to the OEM's What He does He has done much work in people and strategic development for many medium size enterprises. He has deep understanding of the expectations of auto-sector OEM from a tier-1 and tier-2 suppliers in terms of Quality, Cost, Delivery, and the need for professionalism and professionally managed organizations. With an out of box thinking methodology and holistic approach he is involve in Future Creation Process, Ownership and Leadership Development for the key people for forwarding them and the organization to the next level. He has a natural talent and ability to lead, manage and build with organic and inorganic ways. Around him, people perform and produce unthinkable and unimaginable results. An unconventional, acerbic and rule breaker, he is proponent of culture building with 'One Language - One Conversation', which he has implemented in many organizations. Azaad Saini – Shadow Partner 4 / 12

6 Efficient In Reality Possibility Gap Possibility Gap Managed From Goal to Goal Professionally Driven Smooth Cash Flow High Productivity Reliable Delivery Planned Growth Organization on Autopilot Overloaded From Issue to Issue Cannot Attract Professionals Often Cash Blocked Low Productivity Unreliable Delivery Ad-Hoc Growth Owner has to Drive This Possibility Gap when removed translates into x-Multiplier Growth Possibility Gap in Organization 6 / 12

7 OEM Tier - 1 Tier - 2 Internal And External Forces SME One provides model and process to reduce the gap between the Tiers The Gap between OEM and Tier-1 The Gap between Tier-1 and Tier-2 Alignment Across Tiers 7 / 12

8 Hand-holding Non-Consulting Long Term Partnership Core Team Associates Experts Involvement & Induction Videography – Audit & Analysis Experts Visits Vision Quest Operations Head Introduction & Orientation Understanding & Gap Analysis Technical Understanding Client Place Activities & Processes 1 Language 1 Conversation M&A, JV, Exports Expansion & Diversification Problem Solving & Decision Making Strengthening Existing Business Impacting People, Processes, Profits and Positioning (4P) New Business and Expansion 1 2 3 4 Rock Solid Organization Multi-fold Growth Net Impact Key Results Access People & Resources Second Line Leadership Shadow Partner

9 Step 1:- Orientation and Meeting Key People in Organization Step 2:- Videographic Audit & Assessment Step 3:- Organization Structure and Working Analysis (JD & DOP) Step 4:- One Page Assessment (Pre-Vision Quest) Step 5:- Production Process Insights (Expert Visit) Step 6:- Process Mapping Step 7:- Vision Quest (Workshop for the Key People) Step 8:- One Page Assessment (Post-Vision Quest) Step 9:- Future Mapping Way Forward – 9 Step Process 10 / 12

10 Have a New future Upgrade the Dir/Owner as an Individual & a Leader Build the Organization from owner/personal run to professional/people driven Co-create Organizational Vision, Mission & Goals With the New future We coached and re-trained Dir/Owner and his key people We handhold and support them to manage and run the Organization in completely different and effective way Minimizing Delivery Gap with OEM and from Suppliers Build a Proactive and Vibrant Culture so that the growth is manage and maintained positively For the New future Take support and input from Experts to add process, system, people and technology in the organization Have SMEone as a Shadow Partner for Critical Decisions, Thinking and Negotiations Brand, re-position and project the organization Intentions & Promises 8 / 12

11 Identifying current status of organisation and how to achieve be result-oriented from the owners perspective Understanding the gaps between the owner & key people Co-create OrgBridging the gap between the owners view and employee's view Organizational Vision, Mission & Goals Identifying competencies of people by Skill-Will matrix Rearrangement and realigning of organizational structure Clear cut roles and responsibilities of all key people (JD & DOP) Solutions for Process improvements and quality improvements Implementation of One Page Assessment to evaluate leadership, Managerial ability, organizational understanding teamwork and professionalism In nutshell, preparing the organization ready for the future with the OEMs global perspective. Way Forward – Benefits & Outcome 11 / 12

12 Shadow Partner for Stability and Expansion Email

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