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Growth Accelerator introduction Martin Parry – Growth Coach Coventry & Warwickshire October 2013.

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1 Growth Accelerator introduction Martin Parry – Growth Coach Coventry & Warwickshire October 2013

2 What is GrowthAccelerator? Business Support Service funded by BIS. Launched in May 2012, planned until March 2015 (with option to extend for second term) Available to SMEs registered in England with high-growth potential. Delivered by a private consortium.

3 Our objectives Engage with 26,000 potential high-growth businesses. Connect them with a range of support services to accelerate growth. To deliver £2.8bn of growth and create 70,000 jobs. Build a high-growth business community…8000+ clients to-date!. (130 in Coventry & Warwickshire)

4 The Consortium Private enterprise in partnership with BIS Our national pool of associate growth coaches (1500+) Our national register of training providers Our clients, who co-invest in their projects

5 What does the offer include? An independent growth diagnostic interview, assessment and report for your business, before commitment. Coaching support - overcoming barriers & maximising opportunity Growth focussed Workshops & Masterclasses Access to Leadership and Management grant funding. Continuous high-growth support through a powerful GA community

6 Eligibility and cost SMEs only - fewer than 250 employees, less than £40m turnover Registered in the UK and England Any sector Growth Accelerators pays the coach, based on delivery and client satisfaction

7 The application process is simple Register Online Growth Assessment Face to Face Meeting Scope of Support agreement & Contracting Telephone Interview Coaching Workshops Master-classes L&M Training Legacy Support Commence High Growth Support Online Diagnostic

8 On-line survey 10 business areas 10 questions on each 15 minutes to complete Output An INSIGHT report that gets under the skin of the business and illuminates the coaching process. Online GROWTHMapper questionnaire

9 GROWTHMapper - extract

10 Scope of Support The key document that defines what is to be delivered by your coach and the baseline measure for growth. Content agreed at the face to face meeting with your Growth Manager. Contains: – Summary of company background & current situation. – Description of growth opportunities and challenges. – Highlights from your GROWTHMapper survey – Definition of the agreed Work Packages to be delivered by the coach – Evidence to be provided for each Work Package (signed off by client) – The baseline GVA measure Acceptance by you triggers issue of the invoice

11 Scope of support streams & content outline BDC - Business Development Coaching Strategy, change management, marketing plans, driving sales, organisation development, resource planning. Attendance at series of 6 x ½ day workshops based on business need. GTi - Growth Through Innovation Developing ideas, re-energising the business, finding new markets, partnerships & collaborations, new product introductions & commercialising IP. Attendance at up to 3 of 7 full-day masterclasses A2F - Access to Finance Developing investment readiness, introductions to appropriate funders, access to GrowthAccelerator's Investor Relations team Attendance at up to 3 of 4 full-day masterclasses

12 Coaching Over 1000 highly experienced knowledgeable independent professional coaches. Proven track records in helping SMEs accelerate and sustain growth Specialists in their field – finance, marketing, strategy, leadership, operations, innovation etc. Sector expertise, well connected. Selected by your Growth Manager in collaboration with you, to match your business needs. Contracted and paid by GrowthAccelerator, based on delivery and results Coaching typically over a period of three to nine months

13 Leadership and Management Eligibility: – They are the Key Decision Maker (Owner Manager, MD, CEO) or: – They are a member of the Senior Management Team or Board Executive and: – They have strategic responsibility for the overall direction of the business How much can a client access? – Up to £2000 per eligible individual - 50% match funding – Grants must be matched £ for £ – No limited on the number of senior managers How can the funding be used? – Leadership and Management development that will significantly improve the capability of the person(s) accessing and clearly link to the growth of the business. – Training to develop the skills/competences/capabilities of leaders and senior managers of the businesses on GrowthAccelerator

14 Leadership and Management Support GrowthAccelerator Support Leadership and Management Support GrowthAccelerator Support L&M Training GA Coaching L&M Training GA Coaching Time 2 1 Leadership and Management Support GrowthAccelerator Support L&M Training GA Coaching 3 Coaching and L&M timing

15 How does GrowthAccelerator work?

16 Questions?

17 Thank you Martin Parry 07831 566300

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