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2 Leadership Matters! 2  About MDA  Client Case Study – Leadership Essentials (these slides have been removed for the shared version)  Defining Leadership Expectations  Client Case Study – Culture (these slides have been removed for the shared version)  Integrating Talent Systems  Q & A Agenda

3 Who We Are 3 Founded in 1981 and built on the belief that Leadership Matters Very first client is still an active client U.S.-based with international reach Headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota Work with the majority of MN Fortune 500 Strategic Global Alliances Asia Pacific European Union Diverse Client Base High growth organizations Companies implementing critical talent strategies Medium to Fortune 100

4 Defining and Leveraging Leadership Expectations 4

5 Leadership Matters! 5 Talent Outcomes  High Quality Hires  Quicker Time to Productivity  Stronger Current Performance  Leaders “Ready Now”  Minimal Turnover Strategic Context  Industry / Market Dynamics  Mission, Vision, Values and Culture  Business / Competitive Drivers  Strategic Imperatives Leadership Context  Critical Roles & Transitions  Capacity & Capability Gaps  Key Talent Surplus & Scarcity Business Outcomes  Stronger Organizational Performance  Competitive Differentiation  Profitable Growth Tools ProcessesConversations Technology Enablers: Talent Systems Toward a Pipeline Strategy Leadership Pipeline Framework Development Succession Talent Acquisition On-Boarding Performance Management Leadership Pipeline Strategy

6 6 Leadership Pipeline Framework What it is Statement of current and future leadership needs. Translation of business strategy into day-to-day leadership behavior. Roadmap to help leaders at different levels navigate critical leadership transitions.

7 Leadership Matters! 7 Leading Others Key Transition Own work planPlanning for the team Personal productivity Team productivity Personal resultsResults through others

8 Leadership Matters! 8 Leading a Function Key Transition Operational disciplineOperational excellence “State-of-the-art”Competitive differentiation Function mindset Business (multi-function) mindset

9 Integrated Talent Systems 9

10 10 Two Year Integration Roadmap Communication and Launch Strategy Performance Management New Leader Selection- Behavioral Interviewing Leadership Talent Review Tailored Leadership Development Programs Communication media and methods optimal for meeting stakeholder needs. (e.g., brochures, presentation decks, and other print materials) Ensure alignment and integration with the culture and other initiatives and priorities. MDA to provide consultation and content to support the organization and development of these materials Delivery of leadership pipeline framework presentation/orientation sessions Develop and launch tools and processes based on best in class performance management methodology. Help develop capabilities in ABC leaders in order to optimally drive continuous performance improvement and employee development. Develop and launch tools (e.g., behavioral interview questions and evaluation criteria tailored to the pipeline framework) and processes Hone capabilities of ABC leaders to consistently and effectively hire top talent. Develop and launch tools needed to effectively implement the talent review system at each leadership level. Examples include 9 Box Model, Potential/Readiness assessment tool, etc. Designed to accelerate the readiness of leaders in broadening their roles or preparing for emerging business challenges. This can be a modularized program designed to integrate learning modules, action learning, etc., to ensure strong return on investment. Investment ranges from tailored module development to full scale action learning program. January 2014December 2016 Adopt MDA’s web-based performance management solution, incorporating the newly defined leadership expectations into the performance evaluation forms and other processes. Build upon existing selection assessment tools (i.e. Hogan) Create more comprehensive approach, including cognitive ability, pipeline specific work simulations Use for key hire/promotion Comprehensive Selection Assessment A 3 Performance Accelerator Executive Coaching An individual approach to strengthen leadership effectiveness and accelerate readiness for broader role Development Support Targeted Skills Coaching LeaderBuilder Coaching High Performance Coaching

11 Finalize the Leadership Essentials Model (Validate 4 levels of leadership) Integrate into core processes OLR Embedded into OLR process Performance Management Integrated into year- end process Manager Toolkits Communications Web-based training modules Leadership Development Top leadership 360 & Culture Assessment 360 for next levels down Development Planner Talent Acquisition Assessment for selection and promotion to critical leadership roles BEI questions aligned to new behaviors Rewards Link performance and rewards Communication Campaign 1 1 2 2 Integration of LEs with Core Processes 11

12 Leadership Matters! 12 Q and A

13 With great leadership, anything is possible!™ 150 South 5 th Street, Suite 3300 Minneapolis, MN 55402 Phone: 612-332-8182

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