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New Member Orientation Ten Steps To Success. The New Member Committee is an entity of the Membership Team and is coordinated by a chairperson who reports.

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1 New Member Orientation Ten Steps To Success

2 The New Member Committee is an entity of the Membership Team and is coordinated by a chairperson who reports to the Membership Chair. The New Member Committee consists of seven major positions: Chairperson Co-Chair Membership Liaison Music Coordinator Correspondence Coordinator Costume Coordinator Vocal Production/Riser Placement

3 MEMBERSHIP TEAM Recruitment CommitteeNew Member CommitteeRetention Committee Membership Liaison Music Coordinator ChairpersonCo-Chair Costume Coord Vocal Production Membership Coordinator DIRECTOR Membership Chair Correspondence Coord

4 The NMC Philosophy The purpose of the New Member Committee is not simply to welcome new members into the chorus and ensure they receive the basic necessities to get them on the risers. Rather, we are a committee brought together for the purpose of guiding our new members into our Chorus and the entire Sweet Adeline Organization. It is our mission to see to it that every new member be provided all the necessary tools and resources available so that they can immediately become a part of the family without fear, confusion or apprehension. We will educate them and watch over them for an entire year, every step of the way.

5 The New Member Committee Commitment Undivided Attention Sharing the Knowledge Keeping their promise to always be aware of new members Be cognizant of their presence and absence Anticipate problems Offer suggestions Help them overcome fear of uncertainty and unfamiliar surroundings

6 Whats the BIG DEAL?? Do you remember when you first joined? Over the years, our organization has become more and more complex. Rigorous rehearsals Intense coaching sessions Our own vocabulary Significant expenses Detailed instruction Administrative function A strong dynamic of many personalities

7 How are we supposed to convince them its worth all that? Opportunities of a lifetime Incomparable education Possibilities of growth Community development Performance exposure Competitive goals Life and Career Experiences A sisterhood of magnificent proportions.

8 It is our intent to not let the former, overshadow the latter.

9 HOW? Keep the doors of communication wide open. Develop an education plan and teach, teach, teach! Follow that plan with the understanding that a good plan is a continually growing and improving product. Apply the Ten Steps to Success and Welcome them with OPEN ARMS!

10 Gotta have Cash The NMC is allocated an annual budget, which is determined by the Board Of Directors at the beginning of the fiscal year. This is typically equivalent to one third of the Membership Teams allocation.

11 The Ten Steps To Success Turning members into sisters

12 ONE Formal welcome into the Chorus Presentation of gifts Harmony Book – Music and Learning CDs Membership Handbook/Business Cards/Roster/Contact Sheet Chorus Photo Contest Earrings Water bottle with personal color band Shoulder pouch Harmony angel pin

13 TWO Announcement and introduction in the New Member email monthly newsletter THREE Feature in New Member Spotlight in the Chorus Magazine.

14 FOUR Member remains in New Member status for one full year. She is required to fulfill the expectations laid out for that year, which will consist of one of more of the following: Private Voice Instruction (PVI) Enrollment in Education Class series Commitment to learn one full music package Contest Christmas Annual Show Patriotic

15 FIVE She will be assigned a contest buddy who will see her through the entire process. During contest weekend, all New Members are presented with a survival basket at breakfast and an International Pin after the reading of the judges scores during dinner. SIX The member will receive the monthly New Member newsletter which will provide her with information designed to help her gain a better understanding of the barbershop language, expectations, standards, event preparation, costuming and more.

16 SEVEN She will receive all the rewards and benefits as a seasoned member. EIGHT She will be provided one-on-one guidance to help her attain the same standard of performance as all other members.

17 NINE After one year, her graduation from New Member Orientation will be announced and she will be provided a graduation certificate as well as a gift certificate for Internationals marketplace TEN After her graduation, she will be immediately invited to participate in the chorus committee of her choosing. The objective is to utilize ALL her talents, be it creative, administrative or otherwise.

18 Thank You… For more information on NMC Orientation

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