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The MRSA Staph infections at the County Detention Center is a fast- spreading and brutal disease. And until the County Administrator admits that its a.

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1 The MRSA Staph infections at the County Detention Center is a fast- spreading and brutal disease. And until the County Administrator admits that its a big problem, this disease will be unleashed into our community over and over again as prisoners get released and guards go home at the end of their day. I am trying to point out: this problem needs to be addressed head on, not glossed over and brushed off. Read on and decide for yourself. Some of the pictures of what this nasty disease looks like and what it will do to you if something doesnt get cleaned up and soon. Staphing the Detention Center: A Problem That Joe Kernell will not get his head out of the sand and address head-on. Warning: Some pictures may be to graphic for some.

2 Meet Cassandra Green. She's a perky, 28-year-old black woman who from last Friday until late Monday afternoon was under armed guard at Greenville Memorial Hospital. Why? Because, says Ms. Green, in 2002 she contacted "Staph, or Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA), while serving time in the Greenville County Detention Center.

3 Since then she has had 13 operations for removal of "Staph"-infected tissue, resulting in long, ugly scars on her backside, lower stomach, leg, and arms. Ms. Green's newest surgery at Greenville Memorial was last Friday, and today she has a gaping wound in her back, stuffed with hospital bandaging as can be seen in the one photo. Of course, Cassandra Green's story is not one that is going to attract a lot of sympathy in an almost-all-white County Administration, She's in the Greenville County Detention Center today because, she says, she was having MRSA surgery at Greenville Memorial when she was supposed to be checking in with her parole officer, verifying this with legal hospital documentation.

4 There have been reports of hundreds of inmates and 25 plus Detention Officers infected with "Mersa (some taking it home, infecting their children) over the last three years at the Greenville County Detention Center, At least 5 Guards have filed Workers compensation claims, according to Milford O. "Chip" Howard III, an Anderson attorney familiar with the detention center matter, and 84 lawsuits have been filed against The Greenville County Detention Center. One case, according to detention center employees who spoke anonymously because they have been told by Kernell they will be fired for talking to me, a guard had to have part of her nipple removed in a MRSA operation. Mersa on the back Of inmate

5 Chairman Herman Kirven and his administrator, Joe Kernell, have tried to pretend the crisis at the detention center does not exist and has attempted to crush all evidence first with an investigated committee, who after questioning by me, admitted that they never even went into the jail, but met with the Director in his office

6 A former prisoner of the Greenville county jail is in danger of losing his life due to a deadly Staph infection he contracted at the detention center. At least 20 jail employees quit their jobs in September for fear they would contract that same infection, which has run rampant through the overcrowded detention center for more than two years, and guards who have remained at their stations are so afraid theyll be hunted down and fired if they speak out about the peril that they insist their comments be filtered through a union spokesman in Florida. The bacteria can cause skin infections that can grow into open, oozing sores. If not treated properly, the infection can spread to the bones, joints, heart and lungs, and in Jeters case, it is alleged to have affected his brain. Roberts says Greenville jailers tell him outbreaks of the so-called Staph infection have been a problem at the detention center for almost three years. Jeter is officially listed in stable condition, but Roberts says Greenville jail employees tell him Jeter was released from detention recently because he is not expected to survive his stay in the hospital. Mr. Jeter

7 Kernell first lied about what was going on at the detention center Oct. 17, 2006 when he told the media, there isnt any problem at the jail. That was after the Greenville News had reported a lawsuit had been filed against the county on behalf of 25 disease-infected prisoners. Kernell then lied to a Greenville County Council Committee of the Whole on Jan. 16, 2007, claiming special security doors had been installed at the detention center. That was after I posted a video on my personal Web site showing a jail guard getting assaulted by an inmate. Kernell recanted his testimony under questioning by me, admitting the doors had not been installed but were in the process of being manufactured. County Councilman Joseph B. Dill also lied to the media before the meeting testifying he had seen the doors in place. Under questioning by me, he conceded he'd only seen pictures of the doors. Ms. Green has been convicted, of her violations but this isn't the sort of offense that warrants the death penalty. Yet this is what this woman may have received."

8 Infected knee Treatment for knee

9 When I first discovered this epidemic at the jail, I contacted the Director Dorriety, and tried to find out what was being done. He told me that he was waiting for Kernell to make up his mind to release the money For the proper treatment. A few weeks later I contacted Mr. Dorriety and he had just got back from a meeting with Kernell and he told me that Kernell finally decided to release the money so they could get the proper infection fighting chemicals. The proper outside government agencies have been notified. And they will investigate this, even if I have to drag them down here myself. Tony Trout Greenville County Council District 18 864-848-3311 The following next 2 pages is the report that Kirven and Kernell had typed up hoping to cover up the Mersa Epidemic in our jails.



12 Please call or write the news media, and also call your Councilor and demand something be done. Remind them they work for you, not Kirven & Kernell Inc. Tony Trout Greenville County Council District 18 107 Silver Ridge Court Greer, South Carolina 29651 864-848-3311/Fax-864-848- 8768 WWW.PRO-TECKSECURITY.COM WWW.PRO-TECKSECURITY.COM

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