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1 Templates for WBTs at HHSA. 2 Video-based Scenario with Choices.

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1 1 Templates for WBTs at HHSA

2 2 Video-based Scenario with Choices

3 3 Video-based Scenario: Best Response Feedback

4 4 Video-based Scenario: Not Best Response Feedback

5 5 Video-based Scenario with Choices

6 6 Video-based Scenario: Not Best Response Feedback

7 7 Graphic & Text-based Scenario with Choices

8 8 Graphic & Text-based Scenario: Continuation with Scenario

9 9 Graphic & Text-based Scenario with Free Response

10 10 Video-based Scenario with Choices & Reasons

11 11 Video-based Scenario Non-Example with Choices & Reasons

12 12 Graphic-based Environment (co-worker)

13 13 Graphic-based Environment Feedback (co-worker)

14 14 Final Thoughts on Templates Use pieces of templates together Tailor the pieces to fit learners needs Use many templates within same WBT Use template designs as guideline Customize whole templates to fit learners needs

15 15 Scenario #1 Sally is sitting at a desk when the phone rings. Sally: Thank you for calling HHSA. This is Sally. How may I help you? Bob: Hi. My name is Bob and Im calling from the Orange County Health and Human Services department. Sally: What can I do for you today? Bob: Im hoping you can help me. We have lost a file and I was hoping you could give me all of the important information from yours. Sally: What is the clients name? Bob: I need the name, phone number, address, and main issues involving Billy Nigel.

16 16 Best Response #1 Sally: Do you have documentation to support this request? Bob: No, not yet. Sally: OK, I can not give you any information on a client until the proper documentation is completed and faxed to our office. Bob: I understand. Sally: Would you like me to fax the documents to the Orange County office. Bob: Yes, that would be great. Thanks for all of your help. Sally: No problem. Please give me a call back when the paperwork is filled out. Thanks.

17 17 Not Best Response #1 Sally: No problem. I can get that for you right now. Bob: Great. Sally: Billy Nigel is 35 years old. His address is 8021 Center Street, San Diego, CA, 92122. His phone number is 858-999-9999. I can fax you the rest of the file if you give me a fax number I could use. Bob: That wont be necessary. I have all the information I need. Sally: Great. Bob: Good-bye. A little while later. Sally is sitting at her desk when her phone rings. Sally: Thank you for calling HHSA. Can I help you? Billy: Yes, this is Billy Nigel. I just got a phone call from a sales rep for a pharmaceutical company and he said he got my information from you. Sally: Im sorry Billy, but I didnt give your information to a sales rep. Billy: He said his name was Bob. Sally: Im so sorry. He said he was from the Orange County Health & Human Services department. I apologize. Billy: Well, sorry isnt good enough. That is confidential information. I think Im going to call my lawyer now.

18 18 Scenario #2 Ellen is sitting in the cafeteria at lunch. He overhears this conversation at the next table. Steve: So, this client came in today and told me this whole story about how he was an alcoholic. Lilly: Are you supposed to be telling me this? I mean, its supposed to be confidential right. Steve: Oh. Its not a big deal. I dont think anyones really going to care. Lilly: OK. So, tell me more about this guy.

19 19 Scenario #3 Nina is sitting at her desk when Allison walks up. Nina: Hi Allison. How are you doing today? Allison: Hey. Im doing OK. Look, Im having trouble with my account. Do you mind if I log in with your username and password. Ill only need it for a little while and I know that you can log into more than one computer at a time. Nina: Well, I dont think Im supposed to give it out. Allison: Yeah, I know. But, Im having such a hard time finishing my work. I cant get anything done and Ive got this project deadline to meet today. Nina: I understand and I know how frustrating it can be. I guess its OK. My username is ayoung and my password is sicily. Allison: Thanks! I really appreciate it. Nina: No problem.

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