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20% Project Body Safety By Sophie KearneyBy Sophie Kearney.

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1 20% Project Body Safety By Sophie KearneyBy Sophie Kearney

2 We all have the right to be safe. It is important to have friends and family who you can trust.

3 Staying SAFE 1)Stay safe by always telling your parent or carer where you are going, how you will get there and when you will be home. If you change the plans make sure you call your parents or carer. 2)Stay safe with friends when you are out. Ask your parent or carer first. 3)Stay safe where you play and where you go. Play in safe places and take safe routes. Stay where there are other people and don’t take short cuts. Stay where it is light.


5 Talk to your parent or carer about a plan if you ever get lost. Some ideas to help you with your plan: -You shouldn’t go looking for your parent or carer – you may get more lost. -If you have a mobile ring them. -If you need help, look for a police officer, ambulance officer or fire officer. -If your in a shopping centre, go to the Help desk. -If you see another mother with children, ask for help. -Stay in a crowded area.

6 You have the right to be safe and feel safe…

7 How to be SAFE: 1)Don’t talk to STRANGERS. 2)Make sure that there is a friend, parent or carer or a mum or dad of a friend who you can trust. 3)If an adult is wanting help don’t help them. Adults who are strangers shouldn’t need help from a child. 4)Don’t go in a car with a STRANGER. 5)Say NO THANKS to strangers who want to give you a gift. 6)Make sure your parent or carer knows where you are. 7)If you have a mobile, make sure you have the people you trust saved on your phone and 000. 8)If your plans change, tell your parent or carer. 9)Tell your parent or carer when and where you might be going for a walk. Also tell them how long you will be. 10) Trust your instincts!

8 Remember to stay safe, sometimes you don’t have to do everything an adult tells you to do. You shouldn’t keep secrets. Always remember the friends and family you can trust.

9 BY: SOPHIE ELIZABETH KEARNEY This is all about being SAFE! References:

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