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1 Commitment to Krishna. 2 Volunteer Care Council (VCC) Krishna Purna Devi Dasi (Team Leader): Shiv Kerai (Administrator) Nitin Patel (Volunteer Trainer)

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1 1 Commitment to Krishna

2 2 Volunteer Care Council (VCC) Krishna Purna Devi Dasi (Team Leader): Shiv Kerai (Administrator) Nitin Patel (Volunteer Trainer) Gita Sanghani Mina Gandhi Madhu Kothari Sudipta Das Darshak Mehta (DBA) Seetha Patel Shusma Makwana Pooja Chawla Swapna Chandode Bhavisha Mehta Kaushick Makwana

3 3 Oxford Dictionary definition of - Serving: “perform duties or services for (another person or an organization”). Commitment to Krishna “We are serving Krishna “

4 4 Commitment to Krishna Provide a Unique POSITIVE experience for all the servants of Radha Gokulananda.

5 5 Over 6 days 5 Festivals 21 days of setup Festival Committee VCC Team Leaders Volunteers Commitment to Krishna


7 7 Commitment Attitude to work Discipline Sympathetic/considerate Collaboration/Teamwork Values Commitment to Krishna

8 8 Collective failure! Is it acceptable not to communicate appropriately to your team leader? If you have a responsibility, is it acceptable to not be responsible for said responsibility?

9 9 Delivering a Safe Festival

10 10 Commitment to Krishna Attitude For volunteers and temple residents this means we all have to have a positive attitude towards safety. Be alert to actual and potential hazards Assess the risks and minimise them by reporting or removing them Anticipate the safety implications of your activities for yourself and those around you - think of the risks to others If you see something unsafe don't walk by, do something about it! Report it to a supervisor

11 11 Commitment to Krishna First Aid and Accidents Whatever the accident it must be entered into the accident book In the event of an incident or accident that requires first aid: Call the nearest qualified first aider Do not move the injured person Follow all the instructions given by the first aiders If necessary an ambulance will be called, if you are asked to or need to call one, be quick and make sure you give the emergency services as much information as possible.

12 12 Commitment to Krishna Lifting Heavy Equipment Following procedures when lifting heavy objects No lifting of heavy equipment must be done alone, always get someone to help you Do not carry items long distances, there are trolleys that can be used for this

13 13 Commitment to Krishna Food Preparations Please do not enter the food preparation areas if not assigned to that area Always wear the protective clothing provided at all times when operating in the food preparation areas. Wash your hands regularly Please ensure your work areas are regularly cleaned with cleaning materials provided Food can go off, bring any sightings to the team leader Fire and hot food stuffs are a big danger. When handling hot foods please ensure oven gloves are worn and ensure no danger to others from spillages. Tidy everything away; be mindful of any hazards

14 14 Commitment to Krishna Ladders and Step Ladders Never work on a ladder alone, always ensure that there are two people, one to ensure the ladder is in place and to keep general watch while the other is on the actual ladder.

15 15 Commitment to Krishna Remove all rubbish to the rubbish area, All materials must be stored in their proper area; Always maintain a clear path through the storage area. Fire escape routes must be kept clear at all times. During festivals we have a lot of young children visiting. Poor housekeeping can result in accidents,

16 16 Volunteering age limits etc……. 14 – with parents 18 – Adult 3 Steps to remember : 1 – Always have 2 people when communicating to a distressed Child. 2 – Never question, just listen to the child. 3 - Get appropriate support from child protection team. Child Protection Lead Daksina dasi - 07852140997 Child Protection – Summary

17 17 Remember, if there is anything you are unsure of, JUST ASK.

18 18 Commitment to Krishna Summary Attitude to work Discipline Sympathetic/considerate Collaboration/Teamwork COMMUNICATION your Commitment

19 19 Commitment to Krishna Thank you

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