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Hershey Entertainment and Resorts Company

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1 Hershey Entertainment and Resorts Company
Housekeeping Hershey Entertainment and Resorts Company Revised 2006 Ref 29 CFR , 272, 1018, 1030 rlenker®

2 Introduction Instructor Introduction Class Introduction

3 Introduction This program is designed to make employees of Hershey Entertainment and Resorts Company aware of our housekeeping practices Orderliness and cleanliness creates a safety working environment

4 Walk Around Assessment
At each shift, employees should evaluated their work area to determine housekeeping issues If problems are found, they should be remedied as soon as possible

5 Housekeeping Procedures
Storage and Scrap Areas Our company stores a great deal of items Method of storage Teamwork Mechanical advantage Planning your lift

6 Housekeeping Procedures
Storage and Scrap Areas cont. Our housekeeping program for storage areas encourage the use of: Using pallets Overhead racks Sweeping spillage Vegetation problems are controlled by: Reporting this to the supervisor Reporting this to the safety and security director Reporting this to the building and ground director

7 Housekeeping Procedures
Chemical Storage Our facility has flammable and combustible materials on location The company stores these items as follows: UL listed safety cabinets/flammable liquid storage containers UL listed portable safety can/containers Above and below grade tanks

8 Housekeeping Procedures
Machinery and Equipment Our housekeeping procedures for machinery and equipment follow that of the recommendations for lockout/tagout and as prescribed by the manufacturer of the machine

9 Housekeeping Procedures
Aisles, Walkways, Floors Provide sufficient safe clearances and access to any and all work stations and work areas, fire aisles, fire extinguishers, fire blankets, electrical disconnects, safety showers, egresses Clearly mark to distinguish walkways from areas not for pedestrian traffic

10 Housekeeping Procedures
Aisles, Walkways and Floors cont. Keep aisles and walkways free of physical obstructions that would prevent access Keep aisles at least three feet wide where necessary for reason of access to doors, windows or standpipe connections

11 Housekeeping Procedures
Aisles, Walkways and Floors cont. Keeps stairs clean, dry, free of waste, well-lit and provided with adequate hand rails and treads in good condition Keeps floors clean, dry, slip-resistant and free of waste Provide an adequate number of waste receptacles at accessible locations throughout all work areas

12 Housekeeping Procedures
Production Areas Rides and the Service Center are our two production areas in the Entertainment Group They use various chemicals, metals, electrical wiring, and other raw materials and equipment

13 Housekeeping Procedures
Production Areas Maintain adequate lighting Properly maintain walls Keep windows cleans Keep blinds clean Properly maintain doors and windows Provide adequate ventilation in all work areas Maintain and clean all ventilation and HVAC systems

14 Housekeeping Procedures
Loading Docks Keep free of debris Illumination must be provided Dock plates shall be well maintained and use properly Mechanical advantage is utilized in unloading cargo and freight

15 Housekeeping Procedures
Loading Docks cont. Dock are kept free from obstructions Emergency exits are free and clear Proper signage is utilized correctly (i.e. delivery hours, exits, etc.)

16 Housekeeping Procedures
Distribution Center Keep all loading dock areas free of unnecessary materials accumulation Have emergency spill kits and other spill clean-up equipment and materials available Clean up spills as soon as they occur Keep all overhead doors clean and free of rust or dirt at hinges

17 Housekeeping Procedures
Office Areas Keeping exits free and clear Keeping work areas clear of extra debris Providing adequate illumination Providing housekeeping staff to maintain orderly common office areas Supply trash pick up

18 Housekeeping Procedures
Mail Center Mail is shipping and received through a secure site Mail is processed for improvised and/or explosive devices After screening, it is processed tot eh divisional mail rooms and then to the departments Organizational equipment is provided to keep order

19 Housekeeping Procedures
Showrooms/Service Areas Keep areas free of debris Allow exits to remain free and clear Provide adequate lighting Provide for trash removal/debris removal

20 Housekeeping Procedures
Outside the Facility Keep the parts of the buildings that are visible to public roads clean by washing them regular intervals Keep the other parts of the buildings cleaned at regular intervals Keep all doors and loading docks completely free of debris, shrubs or other obstructions

21 Housekeeping Procedures
Outside the Facility Maintain visibility through all windows by washing at regular intervals Keep doors and windows properly maintained in good working order Repair any damage to doors and windows at regular intervals Provide any stairs or platforms adjacent to or leading into the building with adequate rails, treads to climb and an area clean and free of materials

22 Housekeeping Procedures
Outside the Facility Store materials outdoors only in designated areas of the grounds Provide designated walkways through grounds, preferably paved and kept clear of snow, ice, materials or any other physical hazards Provide a lighting system that is adequate to allow employees to navigate around the grounds as necessary at dusk and after dark

23 Housekeeping Procedures
Outside the Facility Maintain a neat landscaping appearance Trim grass short enough to prevent trip hazards to employees Prevent trees and shrubs from obstructing doors and windows

24 Housekeeping Procedures
Contracting While we have an extensive staff, there are time when projects must be contracted out All contracted companies should be informed of our regulations and comply accordingly Our goal is to hire contractors who accomplish the desired job without compromising the safety and health of employees at the company

25 Incident Investigation
Incident investigation is the process of identifying the underlying causes of incidents and implementing steps to prevent similar events from occurring Our incident investigations are intended to be learning tools for the future

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