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Health Hazards in Construction. Regulations for construction health hazards 29 CFR 1926 Subpart D 1a.

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1 Health Hazards in Construction

2 Regulations for construction health hazards 29 CFR 1926 Subpart D 1a

3 First-aid requirements Provide first-aid supplies First-aid kit Infirmary, clinic, hospital, or physician Valid certificate in first-aid training 2a

4 Drinking water requirements Portable containers Dipped from containers Clearly marked Common drinking cup Single service cups 3a

5 Toilets on the jobsite 20 or fewer employees 20 or more 200 or more Temporary field conditions 4a

6 Different types of toilets Privies Chemical toilets Recirculating toilets Combustion toilets Mobile crews 5a

7 Washing facilities Adequate washing facilities Near proximity to the worksite Sanitary condition 6a

8 Lavatories Provide lavatories This does not apply to mobile crews 7a

9 Provide each lavatory with Hot and cold running water Tepid running water Hand soap or cleansing agents Hand towels or cloth toweling Convenient to the lavatories 7b

10 If showers are required Body soap or cleansing agents Hot and cold water Individual clean towels 8a

11 Vermin control Enclosed workplace construction Rodents, insects, and other vermin Extermination program 9a

12 Noise exposure Sound levels Administrative or engineering controls Personal protective equipment 10a

13 Radioactive materials or X-rays Competent persons Specially trained Safe operation 11a

14 Lasers Qualified and trained employees Proof of qualification 12a

15 Hazardous substances How exposure occurs Threshold Limit Values 13a

16 Illumination Minimum intensities Ramps Runways Corridors 14a

17 Illumination Offices Shops Storage areas 14b

18 Ventilation Gases Vapors Fumes 15a

19 Ventilation Dusts Mists Engineering control 15b

20 Hazard communication Identical requirements At 29 CFR Initial training on hazardous chemicals 16a

21 Hazard communication New physical or health hazard Categories of hazards Specific chemicals Labels and MSDSs 16b

22 Hazard communication information 29 CFR Hazardous chemicals Written HazCom program List of hazardous chemicals MSDSs 17a

23 Hazard communication training Detection methods Chemical physical/health hazards Hazard protection measures 18a

24 Hazard communication training Hazard communication program Labeling system MSDS info 18b

25 4,4' Methylenedianiline (MDA) Health hazards Exposure routes 19a

26 MDA signage Post and maintain legible signs Label for containers of MDA 20a

27 MDA training MSDS for MDA Written training 21a

28 Lead exposure Types of construction 22a

29 Employee training Warning signs and labels MSDS Employee information and training 23a

30 Action level exposure Initial training Annual training 23b Employee training

31 Lead training program Lead standard/ appendices Action level exposure Respirators Medical surveillance program 24a

32 Engineering controls and work practices Compliance plan Chelating agents Right of access to records 24b Lead training program

33 Lead warning signs Warning signs required Maintain signs 25a

34 Hazardous material markings, labels, placards HazMat defined Package requirements Vehicle requirements Retain and maintain 26a

35 Process safety management Objective Process training Operating procedures training 27a

36 Process safety management Specific safety/health hazards Emergency operations Safe work practices 27b

37 Refresher training Every three years For each employee operating a process 27c

38 General training requirements for HAZWOPER Objective Training needed Health and safety plan General site workers Specific limited task workers 28a

39 Initial training requirements for HAZWOPER 24-hour training 29a

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