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Fire Safety: Prevention, Exit Drills and Hazards

2 Fire Prevention The “Fire Triangle” identifies the three components of any fire: Fuel paper, wood, flammable gas, energized electrical equipment, etc... Energy (heat), sufficient to support combustion. Often referred to as the ignition source. Oxidizer (air) IF ANY ONE OF THESE IS MISSING, A FIRE CANNOT CONTINUE. THEREFORE…

3 Prevention Prevention is based on eliminating or minimizing one of the components of the “Fire Triangle”.

4 Prevention Other fire prevention methods include:
Heat and/or smoke detectors. Automatic fire sprinkler systems. Kitchen hood systems. Building codes and materials. Flame retardant furnishings and materials.

5 Exit Drills DYC requires monthly fire drills conducted in all occupied locations of the facility including school buildings/areas. The fire drills should include staff from all shifts on a rotating basis (i.e. one per shift per quarter).

6 Evacuation Primary and secondary evacuation routes should be established, and all employees and juveniles should be drilled to use either route. Exits should be clearly marked and all signs lit and unobstructed.

7 Remember to RACE during a fire
R escue – rescue clients in immediate danger. A lert – yell out “Code Red”/”Fire” (or whatever your facility implementing procedure dictates), pull fire alarm, dial emergency phone number. C ontain – Close all doors and windows. E xtinguish/Evacuate – Extinguish small fires, evacuate clients, if appropriate.

8 Fire Extinguishers Pull the pin. Aim the nozzle. Squeeze the handle.
Remember this easy acronym when using an extinguisher - P.A.S.S. Pull the pin. Aim the nozzle. Squeeze the handle. Sweep side to side at the base of the fire. NOTE: If, when using a fire extinguisher, the fire is physically larger than you can safely handle, evacuate the area and notify others by activating the emergency pull station and call 911.

9 Remember the Following
All Juveniles shall be instructed in emergency evacuation plans. Smoking is prohibited in all state buildings and vehicles. Staff may smoke only outside the buildings in designated areas. The use of portable heating devices is prohibited in residential areas within DYC facilities.

10 THE END Division of Youth Corrections Office of Quality Assurance


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