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+ 1 Introduce of Anti-Piracy Solution First Dimension : No approach

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1 + 1 Introduce of Anti-Piracy Solution First Dimension : No approach
Second Dimension : No aboard Third Dimension : No contact + Long & short distance Defense (1st defense) To prevent of approaching and obstruct with 2nd defense method when piracy trying to attack 2nd Defense to prevent of aboard It also operates during 1st defense Impregnable Passive Defense Proving safe citadel during 3~5days

2 2 Sequential Evacuation Scenario
Searching Defense Blockade 1st Evacuation 2nd Evacuation Considering the approaching speed of piracy, Evacuation should be done within 5~7min.

3 Automatic Detection of UFO
2 Sequential Evacuation Scenario A. Stage I : Searching Searching for piracy - Radar system (BNWAS, SSAS, LRIT) Call for help(Coast guard / Navy) Announcement of caution(LQ and work area) BNWAS : Bridge Navigational Watch & Alarm System SSAS : Ship Security Alert System LRIT : Long Range Identification and Tracking Automatic Detection of UFO

4 Automatic Detection of
2 Sequential Evacuation Scenario B. Stage II : Defense Automatic Detection of UFO Active Defense 1 : LRAD(Long Range Acoustic Device), Water Cannon, Laser, Steam Rail, Water Jet Spray Sweep the pirate and delay of approaching time Control at W/H & wing with CCTV

5 2 Sequential Evacuation Scenario
C. Stage III : Blockade Fasten of Accommodation, E/R, S/G room doors & hatches - Entrance / Control / other important room(including store) - To prevent hijacking and protect of LQ Blockade staff - Steering Gear Room : 1P - Engine room locking : 2P - Accommodation locking : 1st evacuation crew

6 2 Sequential Evacuation Scenario
D. Stage IV : 1st Evacuation COT, LNGC & Container vessel without Dummy container Fasten of LQ entrance door  fasten of LQ inside E/R Door  Evacuate to the Citadel  Fasten of Citadel door  Check of emergency equipment  Communication with W/H & outside Single island container vessel with Dummy container (As a citadel) Fasten of LQ entrance door & E/R Door  Evacuate through passage way(Dummy container)  Fasten of Citadel door  Check of emergency equipment  Communication with W/H & outside E. Stage V : 2nd Evacuation (Citadel or container) Evacuation of remain crew and fasten of Citadel Check the Piracy through CCTV and communicate with outside (Coast guard or Navy)

7 3 Anti-Piracy System ※ Location of Citadel each ship type
Twin Island Container Vessel (Large ~ Ultra Large Size) Protection Area Citadel Single Island Container Vessel (Small ~ Medium Size) and COT, LNG, etc Protection Area Citadel Or Citadel(container)

8 3 Anti-Piracy System Crude Oil Tanker / Shuttle Tanker LNG Carrier
Secondary Area Citadel LNG Carrier Secondary Area Citadel

9 3 Anti-Piracy System 1. General Introduction
The System is including Early detection system, Fast warning & Rescue signal release and active defense system as well as Anti-pirate construction with Closed deckhouse and No sunken deck. RADAR Early Detection High performance radar Motion detection CCTV Hull structure No Sunken Deck Enhanced Accommodation Enclosed deckhouse, door locking PA system Fast internal warning Active defense LRAD, Water cannon, Laser MF/HF or VHF and Inmarsat-C Fast warning & rescue signal

10 3 Anti-Piracy System 2. Early detection and pre-warning system
: Early detection of suspected targets to be the first line of defense Under developing 1-1) High performance RADAR scanner : To detect small and fast multi-targets in long range 1-2) Multi-Tracking and motion detection CCTV : To analyze the suspected targets and to transfer real time image to shore

11 1 Anti-Piracy System 2) Internal warning and external rescue signal release : Most effective way to avoid pirate attacks PA speaker 2-1) Internal warning : Through PA system MF/HF/ VHF/Sat-C 2-2) External rescue signal release : Through GMDSS(MF/HF, VHF DSC or Sat-C) system

12 3 Anti-Piracy System 3. Active defense system
1) LRAD (Long Range Acoustic Device) : To deter and delay by high decibel and automatic targeting and remote control 2) Water cannon : To deter and delay by high water pressure and remote control 3) Laser : To deter and delay by a high-powered laser beam designed to disorient and temporarily blind

13 3 Anti-Piracy System 4) Steam Rail:
To deter and delay by spreading of hot steam via spray nozzle to Prevent aboard of piracy Piracy 5) Water jet Spray : To deter and delay by making hull surface smooth and vision interception to make embarkation of pirate difficult

14 Fire Main or Fire Hydrant
3 Anti-Piracy System ※ Water Cannon General Lay-out Abt. 60M Fire Main or Fire Hydrant LOA 250m ~ 270m Crude Oil Tanker : 9ea of water cannon Aft mooring deck : dedicated water cannon 1ea

15 3 Anti-Piracy System ※ Steam Rail General Lay-out
Steam Boiler or Economizer in Engine room F.W Tank Steam spray area Spray steam at embarkation area / 2 area simultaneously - expectation temp : min 140℃ (6bar) Segregate spraying area considering steam consumption - A-max COT : 16 block Using of steam generate from Engine room boiler / Economizer - Considering the open circuit : check the Boiler, Economizer performance Control : Control panel connected with valve remote control system at W/H

16 3 Anti-Piracy System 4. Stronghold Deckhouse
Anti-pirate construction and facilities for deckhouse and ER space shall be designed/constructed to protect or delay for deckhouse and ER space trespass by non-authorized persons or armed pirates. Facilities : - Enclosed traffic way in deckhouse - Anti-grappling arrangement on deckhouse outside platform. - Steel structured lobby and steel doors with lockable crossbar at entrance - Steel cover on easy accessible windows and safety film on all windows. Anti-grappling facility Window safety film Window steel cover Steel door with crossbar Enclosed traffic

17 5. Refuge Space(citadel)
3 Anti-Piracy System 5. Refuge Space(citadel) The hidden refuge space (citadel) shall be provided for refuge of crew members during the pirates trespass in vessel. In the refuge space shall be fitted with storage of rations and first aid kits. Facilities : 1) Protection facilities - Sound insulation for inside sound reduction - Steel Door with Additional locking (Bar Type) - Double steel door with lobby. 2) Crew facilities - One(1) public toilet - Shelf for first aid kits, rations, water and etc such as crew survival - Portable fire extinguisher - VHF telephone, I-sat telephone - GPS, SSAS push button - Emergency lighting, UPS - Overriding ER emergency stop & quick closing valves

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