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2 EMERGENCY ALARM GENERAL EMERGENCY ALARM _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ________________
At least seven short blast followed by one long blast on the ships whistle ACTION: Stop your activities. Go quickly to your cabin Wear your warm clothes, head cover & reliable shoes Put on the life jacket Go quickly to you Muster station (assembly station) Stay as quite as possible to hear further announcement from Captain via PA system

3 _______________________________
2. Man Over Board (MOB) _______________________________ One long blast on the ship’s whistle ACTION: Stop your activities. Throw Life ring to the victim Call the bridge to report MOB Keep looking the victim until rescue team arrived

4 _____________ _____________
3. Fire Alarm _____________ _____________ Two long blast on the ship’s whistle ACTION: Stop your activities Remind calm Hear for the announcement via PA system Action if you see fire: Push the fire alarm Call the bridge to report the fire Try to put the fire off by using Fire Extinguisher

5 LIFE JACKET Light Reflector Battery Muster station number Safety card
Strap Whistle

6 Muster Station

7 LIFE BOAT Is small boat located at the both side of the ship for life saving

8 1 2 Extending lifeboat to the muster station
Opening cover of the life boat

9 3 4 Embarking life boat procedure
Sick & disable passenger have priority to embarking lifeboat, assisted by helper pax 4 Distribute the weight evenly to each side of Lifeboat

10 5 6 Extending lifeboat to the water level
Release the tackles start to sail to the save Distance

11 7

12 Emergency Signal Survival Device 1. Food rotation 2. Folding knife
3. Axes 4. Rowing oars 5. Boat Hooks 6. Jerry cans 7. Stainless steel cups 8. Painter line 9. Fishing kit 10.Survival manual kit 11.First aid kit 12.Sea anchor 13.Fire Extinguisher 14.Immersion suit 15.Bilge pump 16.Compass 17.Flash light Emergency Signal 1. 6 Handheld flare 2. 2 Floating orange Smoke signal 3. 4 Parachute Flare 4. 1 Signaling Mirror


14 Life Raft


16 Survival Device 1. Floating knife 2. Floating boat bailer 3. 2 Sponges 4. 2 Sea Anchors 5. 2 floating paddles 6. 3 can opener 7. Watertight first aid kit 8. Whistle 9. Watertight electric lantern 10.Fish line with hook 11.Emergency ration of kj/person 12.Water 1.5 liters/person 13.Drinking cups 14.Six tablets of anti-seasickness 15.Manual for survival at sea 16.Thermal protective gear Signaling Device 1. 4 Parachute flare 2. 6 Hand-held flare 3. 2 Floating smoke signal


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