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Christophe Reyes General Manager France Oskar Guilbert Developer Relations Manager France Streamline the production pipeline.

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1 Christophe Reyes General Manager France Oskar Guilbert Developer Relations Manager France Streamline the production pipeline

2 Moscow - March 2003 Agenda Criterion overview Production diagram Tools per sector of activity How to speed up the pipeline RenderWare Solutions

3 Moscow - March 2003 Established in 1993 Global offices in Austin (USA), Derby & Guildford (UK), Paris (France) and Tokyo (Japan) Managed by 3 founders: David Lau-Kee, Adam Billyard & Mike King Over 200 employees in technology and game development divisions Company comprises two divisions: RenderWare Delivers a suite of tailored, multi-platform middleware solutions for the games development market Criterion Games Develops and produces games for next generation consoles and is now a well-respected studio developing hit videogames for a worldwide audience Criterion Software

4 Moscow - March 2003 Increased consumer demand for higher quality, more creative, immersive games - more competitive landscape Uptake of next-gen platforms and their decreasing lifecycles - developers and publishers under even more time pressure Short term technology strategies and engines for single SKUs no longer feasible business models Technology issues dominate developer time and so creative and R&D input can be limited Not commercially viable to throw unlimited funds at every project to get the one box- office hit. Ratio of misses-to-hits increasing Publishers less willing to take risk on highly creative projects - sequel licenses dominate Industry as a whole lacks standardized procedures Key Market Trends

5 Moscow - March 2003 Solves the complex technical issues surrounding multi-platform development Provides a complete tool chain so developers do not have to reinvent the wheel creating their own technology from scratch Frees up time so developers can focus on the critical creative elements of the game Delivers standardized technologies and processes for more streamlined team activity Can deliver game demonstrators substantially earlier in the development process Ensures that deadlines are met and games are delivered to market on time What Can Middleware Do?

6 Moscow - March 2003 Global Customers

7 Moscow - March 2003 RenderWare is now being used in over 400 games and has helped generate $2 billion+ of retail revenue from released titles, including the following... Grand Theft Auto III Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Tony Hawks Pro Skater 3 Burnout 2 Run Like Hell RedCard 20-03 NFL Blitz 20-03 World Series Baseball MLB Slugfest 20-03 Mortal Kombat 5: Deadly Alliance Genso Suikoden III Italian Job Pro Evolution Soccer 2 Driven Monsters Inc. Scooby Doo! – Night of 100 Frights Broken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon Everquest: The Shadows of Luclin MX Superfly

8 Moscow - March 2003 Game Dev Production Pipeline possible issues Team work –Different skills –Different work periods : waiting time Domains of competence –Graphics, Audio, AI, Physics, Network,… Different hardware –XBox, PS2, GC, PC, … Huge amount of assets –Code and artists assets Tuning & Debugging take a lot of time Numerous specialized tools

9 Moscow - March 2003 Production Diagram Sectors of activity –Game Designers –Producers –Graphic, Audio Designers –Animators –Programmers –Integrators Activity Game dev. Day 1Project end

10 Moscow - March 2003 Game Designers Existing Tools –Pen and paper, Lego, … –Microsoft Excel… –3d modelers –Dedicated prototyping tools, –In house tools Issues –Duration –Validity : 3d, interactions, … –Unadapted tools –Communication with the others sectors –Integration in the production tools Solutions –Adapted : Easy to use –2d and 3d –Interactive –Integrated in the production chain

11 Moscow - March 2003 Producers / Project Managers Tools –Project management tools, –MS Excel, –In house tools, Issues –Integration with the other sectors –How to communicate –Sectors synchronization –Project real state visibility Solutions –Integrated in the production tool / shared –Allow visibility from day 1 and during all the project –Reporting linked to the project state

12 Moscow - March 2003 Graphic, Audio Designers/Artists Tools –2d paint, composing, –3d modelers, –Audio creation tools, –In house tools, Issues –Visualization on the targeted platform (PS2/XBOX/GC/PC…) –Go/Return from modeler and the game engine –Synchronization with the programmers coded behaviors and special effects –Performance issues on the targeted platform –Maintain the coherency of the assets (versioning, multiple users, …) Solutions –Visualisation on the targeted platform with real time updates –Access to the programmers coded behaviours for test as soon as available –Merge of assets and special effects –Integrated assets management tool

13 Moscow - March 2003 Programmers Tools –Compilers –Debuggers –Performance analyzers –Graphic/audio libs (OpenGL, DirectX, …) –Middleware Issues –Integration/optimization of the code with the current game assets (graphic, audio, …) –Go/Return from the compiler and the game engine –Parameters accessibility for the other sectors (artists, designers, integrators,…) –Performance analysis, tuning, on the targeted platform –Maintain the coherency of the code assets (versioning, multiple users, …) Solutions –Access to the artists current assets –Parsing not compiling : faster, easy parameters openness –Integrated debugging tools –Integrated code source management tool

14 Moscow - March 2003 Integrators/Level designer Tools –Prototyping tools –In house tools, Issues –Build the game on the targeted platform (PS2/XBOX/GC/PC…) –Go/Return from the game engine the artist tools, the programmers tool –Interaction with the game designer and the producer –Performance issues on the targeted platform : dues to the integration of all assets –Maintain the coherency of the game state files (versioning, multiple users, …) Solutions –Construct the game on the targeted platform –Access to the programmers coded behaviours for test as soon as available –Immediate access to the artists assets with special effects –Reporting linked to the project state –Integrated Assets management tool

15 Moscow - March 2003 How to speed up the pipeline Make teams/sectors work together –Share the assets : graphics, audio & code –Limit the waiting time : programmmer-artists-integrators-… –Adapted/modifiable user interface : fit the needs of each member of the team –Allow the visibility of the game state to all members of the team : From day 1 and until the end of the project –Allow reporting, documentation Limit switches between tools –Compiler – game engine, graphic tools – game engine, … Work on the targeted platform –Immediate visibility of the assets and behaviors in game engine –No porting/exporting Easily tune & debug in the game engine Asset management : –Never lose your work or made it inconsistent

16 Moscow - March 2003 The RenderWare Suite Of Tools & Technologies Unrivalled support… 24/7/365 PC HOST TARGET

17 Moscow - March 2003 A unique collaborative game production system that allows the whole team to create, view and tune games simultaneously, in real- time on multiple platforms. What Is RenderWare Studio? Encompassing the whole development process from pre- production to QA, the collaborative nature of RenderWare Studio enables all team members, even those in remote locations, to share assets and work in parallel on gameplay, engineering and production in real-time, and remove the time-consuming bottlenecks that can occur.

18 Moscow - March 2003 Rapid game development Reduced risk Truly multi-platform Earlier game demonstrators Open & extensible Reduces bottlenecks Simplifies development process Encourages innovation Encourages good development practices Improved developer / publisher relations Benefits Of RenderWare Studio

19 Moscow - March 2003 What Is RenderWare Platform? RenderWare Platform is the industrys de-facto suite of best-of- breed game production technologies, comprising Graphics, Audio, AI and Physics. The API offers an open framework that aligns all the essential components of game production into one single, powerful, toolkit. With RenderWare Graphics version 3.5, the industry standard is now even easier to use and more powerful than ever before, with unrivalled multi-platform performance - thats more than twice the power of other graphics solutions.

20 Moscow - March 2003 Thank you Questions ?

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