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Using MapuSoft Instead of OS Vendor’s Simulators.

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1 Using MapuSoft Instead of OS Vendor’s Simulators

2 Why Choose MapuSoft’s Solutions? Already provides over 144 Simulator/Porting Kits Currently supports 7 API interface across 20 target OS Our framework allows easily adding new API interfaces and supporting new target OS Unique Embedded Software Re-use Expertise Porting, abstraction, virtualization, performance optimizations, profiling, safety/mission critical Example Customers Boeing (Future Combat Systems program), Raytheon, BAE Systems, Northrop Grumman, Hill Air Force Base, IBM, Blade Networks, Ericsson, Marconi, Taseon, Cisco

3 Why Choose MapuSoft’s Solutions? Ability to do modular testing Module can be broken down into separate process with dedicated heap memory Develop the low level communication mechanism across modules using user shared tiered memory pools Load modules dynamically from a module (or) statically via the command prompt

4 Why Use MapuSoft’s OS PAL? OS PAL based testing is beyond an OS simulator Porting tool to import legacy code into OS PAL Testing on both Windows and Linux hosts Generate optimized simulator source code that is specific to the application and target Generate application performance metrics and analyze data in graphical viewer for bottlenecks Generate performance comparison report OS PAL is based on state-of-the-art eclipse platform and includes IDE, compilers and debuggers for x86

5 Why Not Use an OS Vendor’s Solution? OS Vendor’s solutions will work for testing simple applications only as a single process. If one block (module) breaks, then all stops OS PAL allows a standalone application (block) as a separate fully independent process and can also be dedicated to run on a single core under SMP OS PAL allows interdependent multiple applications (blocks) as individual processes, which can interact and share resources that are not marked private

6 Why Not Use an OS Vendor’s Solution? OS PAL allows you to simulate a complex system on one machine and reduces the hardware cost OS PAL allows the module to be broken down into separate processes with dedicated heap memory Easy to simulate the low level hardware interface either on shared memory or via a device driver thread/process Can load other modules dynamically from any module (or) also statically load via command prompt

7 Why Not Use an OS Vendor’s Solution? OS Vendor’s solution will prevent you from directly utilizing native middleware/stack/tools/drivers OS PAL allows application to use OS Abstractor APIs or allow access to native OS APIs Takes full advantage of the OS kernel to provide enhanced performance OS PAL puts the focus on testing the application and not the OS components

8 Why Not Use an OS Vendor’s Solution? OS Vendor’s solution will lock your test platform to one OS/vendor and prevents you from testing any other types of applications (POSIX, VxWorks, Windows, uITRON, etc.) OS Vendors provide little support for soft kernels as they compete with the real product sales. Further, they only support certain host configuration Most OS Vendor’s solutions are not provided in full source format and offer no customization. Falls in a one-size fits all paradigm

9 For More Information To download MapuSoft’s free software evaluation visit: For any additional information please contact MapuSoft at: Toll Free: 1-877-MAPUSOFT OS Changer, OS Abstractor, Cross-OS, OS Simulator, OS PAL, Ada-C/C++ Changer and Mapusoft are trademarks of Mapusoft Technologies, Inc. All other brands or product names are the property of their respective holders. This content is copyrighted by MapuSoft. Content is subject to change without notice.

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