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ETendering Tiger Tendering, Simplified.. Table of content About our company Competitive Advantages of abcProcure Our Credentials Our end to end Procurement.

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1 eTendering Tiger Tendering, Simplified.

2 Table of content About our company Competitive Advantages of abcProcure Our Credentials Our end to end Procurement Suite eTendering Software Optional Integrated Modules Default Security Features of eTenderingTiger Global Procurement Guidelines Supported Partial Government & Private Sector Customers List Flexible Pricing Model

3 About us – eProcurement Technologies Ltd. ETL is a company thats focused on offering an end to end eProcurement solutions under the brand - abcProcure ETL is an ISO 27001, ISO 9001 certified company which has enabled eProcurement in tune to Billions of Dollars ETL is backed by an experienced team of 300+ professional spread across the Globe with HQ in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. ETLs eProcurement solutions are economical & yet it has managed to remain profitable since its inception i.e ETL strongly advocates the use of Free & Open source Technology like Java / MySQL / Linux for lower TOC.

4 Our Competitive Advantages Successfully enabled 100,000 eTenders, RA, RFQ worth Trillions of Dollars till date Total compliance of MDB, World Bank, CVC, IT ACT 2000,, & other guidelines Developed using Free & Open Source tools like Linux, MySQL, Java. & hence very economical Tamper proof security -PKI which is at par with that of nuclear installations across the world. Integrated Global Marketplace with Supplies base in excess of 1 Million users- Dynamic Form engine that allows making forms on the fly or integrating excels sheets on click.

5 Our Credentials Government of Bangladesh Developed an end to end customized eTendering Application with Integrated Contract Management System Developed using Open Source Technology 5000 Procuring Entities are expected to use the system 100,000 Supplier are expected to use the system Government of AP, India 40,000 eTenders from across the states are enabled yearly worth billions of dollars on 50,000+ Suppliers use the platform on regular basis Government Officers use the Platform GoAP has adopted eProcurement on SAAS model

6 abcProcure Procurement Suite Spend Tiger Tendering Tiger RFX Tiger Reverse Auction Tiger Auction Tiger Catalogue Tiger Contract Tiger Supplier Tiger abcProcure Procurement Suite Tendering Tiger

7 Supplier Tiger Supplier Management Engine Tender Configuration Tender Document Library Dynamic Form Engine Pre Bid Meeting / Addendum Bid Submission Withdrawal Tecno- Commercial evaluation Negotiate / Reverse Auction LOI / Contract / CMS Supplier Tiger Engine

8 Key Tender Processes Tender Evaluation Process Tender Submission Process Pre Tender Submission Process Agreement / Contract Pre Tender Submission Process Publish Corrigendum Pre Tender Meeting Sell Tender Document Contractor Site Visit Publish Tenders Procurement Plan Tender Evaluation Process Performance Security Letter of Intent - LOI Negotiation Module Tender Evaluation Report Web Tender Opening Tender Submission Process Pay Tender Document Fees Form JV / Consortium if required Submit, Substitute Tender Submit, Withdraw, Tender Auto Tender EvaluationBudget Approval Pay Tender Security / EMD Fees

9 Types of Tenders Supported Request for Quote - RFQ Expression of Interest Direct Procurement With & Without PQ Single & Multiple Envelopes Single / Multiple Line Items Open & Closed Tenders ICB & NCB Tenders Single / Multiple Currency Goods TendersWorks TendersServices Tenders

10 Sample BOQ Sr. No.Civil Work DescriptionQtyUnit RateTotal 1.Blasting Work100 MTQuoteAuto 2.Excavation Work200 MTQuoteAuto 3.Leveling Work100 MTQuoteAuto 4.Foundation Work100 MTQuoteAuto 5.Structural Work100 MTQuoteAuto 6.Piling Work1000 TQuoteAuto 7.Concrete Work200 MTQuoteAuto n th ItemCanal Work10000QuoteAuto Total for all Items in figure Total for all Items in words 10010, , , , , , , ,000 $ 210,000 $Two Hundred Ten Thousand

11 Sum of all BOQ / Provisional Sum / Rebate Sr. No.BOQ TitleForm Total 1Civil Work200,000 2Interior Work120,000 3Electrical Work330,000 4Mechanical Work400,000 5Provisional Sum050,000 Sum of all BOQ11,00,000 Rebate in %0 % default Rebate in Amount0 Sum of all BOQ11,00,000 2 % 22,000 10,78,000

12 Comparative of all Bids vs SOR rates Sr. No.Civil Work DescriptionTenderer 1 1.Blasting Work 2.Excavation Work 3.Leveling Work 4.Foundation Work 5.Structural Work 6.Piling Work 7.Concrete Work N ItemCanal Work SOR Rate Tenderer Tenderer Pink denotes rate in excess of 15% of SOR Rates

13 Flexible BOQ Supports 100s of BOQ in a single Tender Supports a BOQ to have 100s of Items Auto Calculation to reduce chances of human errors Auto Conversion of amount in figure to avoid discrepancies Ensures submission of data for all mandatory fields Provision for capturing Provisional Sum Provision for capturing last minute discounts Support export/import from spreadsheets like MS Excel, etc. On the fly creation of BOQ with X Columns & Y Rows

14 Types of Evaluation Report Possible Marking System You can assign marks to bidder & generate comparative report of marks scored by all Vendor Weighted Evaluation This system allows you to compare apple with oranges & generate a consolidated comparative report. Individual Evaluation In this case, bidder are evaluated individually by each member & avg. score is considered Technical Score (T1) System allows you to rate Vendor technically & generate comparative of Technical Score – T1 report Financial Score (L1) System evaluates the quotes of all vendors & generate L1 report (lowest quote first) on the fly Techno Commercial Score–T1L1 Report of bidders who has scored maximum aggregate marks T1L1 is generated by the system

15 Personal Document Briefcase To upload all relevant documents, images, drawings, etc. Documents in briefcase can be virtually mapped to Tender Types of documents allowed can be configured Size of document allowed can be configured Tender drawing in PDF, Autocad format can be uploaded too This features saves a lot of space on Server as duplication of same document is avoided by virtual mapping Old documents not in use can be Archived on a click In case of very large files, FTP access provision is available

16 Procurement Guidelines Supported We are an IS & IS Certified Company, a mandatory requirement as per MDB guidelines to ensure Information Security Management System (ISMS) Information Technology Act, 2000 of Govt. of India for ensuring legality of Reverse Auction transactions & contract executed online on Product is certified by approved security consultants for compliance of Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) guidelines on Reverse Auction & compliance to IT ACT

17 Security Features ISO Our data center as well as our support office is ISO certified to ensure 100% Information Security. Digital Certificates We offers both PKI & non PKI based product to meet Government norms & required legal compliances. SSL All transactions are routed through SSL layer such that data in transit cannot hacked or manipulated. Audit Trail All valid & invalid bids, access attempts are stored in database for audit trail & security purposes

18 eTendering Integrated Modules CMS Post Tendering, the entire contract can be managed i.e. Physical & Financial progress using CMS Vendor Management It helps you in enlisting, rating, & prequalifying, Vendors such that you have their info on click. Reverse Auction RA helps you negotiate the most competitive rates for the contracts you wish to finalize. ePayment Gateway This can be integrated to collect participation fee, deposit from Bidders as required.

19 Flexible Pricing Model Pay/Tender If you have limited tenders to be floated, you can sign up with us under this model and start using CMS Project Procurement If you wish, you can use eTenderingTiger for a Project, and process all the related tenders online. Fixed Fee/Annum If you have 100 or more Tenders to be tracked, than go for this business model which is most economical. Software License Sale If you want to introduce eTendering across the organisation than opt for this model

20 Partial Customer List – Government Sector abcProcure works with 100+ Government organisations which Included Federal/Central Government, Public Sector Undertakings, State Government & Autonomous bodies. State Bank of India Bank of Baroda Bank of India Canara Bank IDBI Bank Indian Bank Union Bank …& many more Balmer Lawrie & Co Ltd Bharat Dynamics Limited Bharat Petroleum Corp. Ltd. Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd. Container Corp. of India Ltd. Kudremukh Iron Ore Co. Ltd. National Textile Corp. Ltd. Nuclear Power Corp.

21 Partial Customer List – Private Sector abcProcure is the preferred Reverse Auctioneer for Private sector companies as it guarantees savings. More than 100+ Companies use our platform, few are listed below; - Acme Tele Power Ltd. - ICICI Group - Bank of Rajasthan Ltd. - Britannia Industries - Delhi International Airport - Doshion Veolia - ESSAR Group - Gujarat Gas Co. Ltd. - Nilon's Enterprises Pvt. - Noida Power Co. Ltd. - Reliance Capital Ltd. - RPG Cables Ltd. - Siemens Ltd. - Sterlite Technologies Ltd. -Tower Vision (I) Pvt. Ltd. - Zydus Cadila Healthcare

22 Sectors where we have deployed RA abcProcure RA engine has been deployed in all types of Industry covering Goods, Works & Service sectors as more than Products have been successfully enabled. - Agro Products - Automobile - Aviation - Banking / Financial - Construction - Consultancy - Defense Units - - Electricity / Power Supply - Electronics - Heavy Engineering - Health Sector - Food Products - Information Technology -Infrastructure Projects - many more…

23 Thanks Get in touch with us: e-Procurement Technologies Limited, India. Speak to Mr. Vishal Dhori Mr. Suraj Nair us Visit or

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