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Universal Vacancy/Occupancy Sensors

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1 Universal Vacancy/Occupancy Sensors
Including Dimming Sensors!

2 Introducing IPSD6 / IPVD6 Dimmer sensor Single pole/ 3-way
IPS05 / IPV05 (600W) Single pole relay LED, CLF, Inc, Fluor, motor 2-wire/ screw terminal IPSD6 / IPVD6 Dimmer sensor Single pole/ 3-way Dimmable CFL, LED, Inc. 2-wire/ screw terminal IPS15 / IPV15 (1800W) Single pole or 3-way relay LED, CLF, Inc, Fluor, motor 2-wire/ screw terminal

3 Sensor Line Overhaul New, improved look (Decora)
Universal switching & dimming models Occupancy & vacancy versions 180 degree field of view & 900 sq.ft. coverage Color change kits (W, I, LA) Screw terminals for easier installation Single pole/ Single pole & 3-Way models

4 Occupancy & Vacancy Models
S= Occupancy (Automatic- ON) IPS05 IPSD6 IPS15 V= Vacancy (Manual- ON) Title 24 compliant IPV05 IPVD6 IPV15

5 Occupancy vs. Vacancy Occupancy Sensor Laundry rooms Kitchens Garages
Auto ON, Auto OFF Full definition: ON when motion is detected and automatically turns the lights OFF when the room is vacant and motion is no longer detected Laundry rooms Kitchens Garages Basements Pantries Storage areas Vacancy Sensor Manual ON, Auto OFF Full definition: Lights must be manually turned ON but will automatically turn OFF when the room is vacant and motion is no longer detected High traffic areas Hallways Children’s rooms Living rooms Dining rooms Bathrooms

6 Introducing the Universal Sensor Line
Old New PR-180 IPS02 Coming soon! 300W SP relay -none- IPV02 -none- IPS05 5A SP relay -none- IPV05 -none- IPSD6 SP/ 3-way dimmer -none- IPVD6 -none- IPS15 SP/ 3-way 15A relay IPP15 IPV15

7 Convert Occupancy to Vacancy Sensor
Leviton occupancy sensors can be manually adjusted to act as vacancy sensors Sensors can be set to only turn ON by the pushpad (operating like vacancy sensors) by rotating the ambient light control counter-clockwise to the "0" position Image below shows an example of how the ambient light control will look on a IPS05 sensor

8 Color Change Kits Comes in White, Ivory, and Light Almond
Available with all new sensor models Coming soon as a separate color: BLACK

9 Sensor Dimmer– IPSD6/IPVD6
Dimming Sensor Triac, 120VAC, 5Amps, 600W Single pole & 3 Way with standard 3 way Auto-On Title 24 Compliant models available (IPVD6) Compatible with Dimmable LED, Incandescent, CFL 900 sq.ft. and 180°coverage Functionality Short touch on/off Long touch – dim or brighten (direction toggles the last level) Dim/Bright will not cycle at max levels

10 Sensor/Dimmer– IPSD6/IPVD6 Operation
Short touch for ON/OFF Long hold for DIM/BRIGHT Returns to last level when turned back ON.

11 IPSD6/ IPVD6 Applications
Anywhere a dimmer may be used: Kitchen/ dining room Bedroom Living room Family room Home theater Application image

12 IPS05/ IPV05 Relay on/off Single pole 120VAC, 5Amps, 600W
2 Wire + ground Universal compatibility: LED, Incandescent, Fluorescent, 1/6 HP motor 900 ft. 2 and 180°coverage Terminals with external clamps Color change kits

13 IPS05/ IPV05 Applications Replacement for single pole switch to control lights and exhaust fans in bathrooms, above sinks, etc. Also good for: Garages Hallways Utility rooms Laundry rooms Mud rooms Closets Pantries Basements Retro-fit option to replace existing switch For new construction as well

14 IPS15/ IPV15 Next Generation IPP15
Updated aesthetic with color change kit Relay switching, 15Amp All loads Neutral required 900 ft. 2 and 180°coverage Terminals with external clamps Auto-On Title 24 Compliant models available (IPV15) 3 way with IPV0R & VP0SR

15 IPS15/IPV15 Features vs. IPS05/IPV05
Wattage 3-way capability IP15 requires neutral IP05 ground required IP15 with smart sensor remote IPV0R AND VP0SR IP15 for larger rooms, higher wattage, larger motor loads L-shaped rooms, rooms with blindspots, 3-ways, multiple sensors required Probably more for new construction with neutral See IPP15 app note IP05 is the value option

16 Competitive Comparisons

17 Full Competitive Comparison- IPSD6/ IPVD6

18 IPSD6/IPVD6 Silver Bullets
Universal! Only Sensor/Dimmer that supports LED and CFL loads Complete family of sensors for all loads with Title 24 available models Expanded sensor coverage 180° 900 sq. ft. Terminal screws for ease of installation Three colors in one box reduce SKUs

19 Full Competitive Comparison- IPS05/ IPV05

20 IPS05/ IPV05 Silver Bullets
Universal! Supports Incandescent, Halogen, CFL, LED and Motor Loads Expanded sensor coverage 180°, 900 sq. ft. Terminal screws for ease of installation Three colors in one box reduce SKUs

21 Full Competitive Comparison- IPS15/ IPV15

22 IPS15/ IPV15 Silver Bullets
Universal! Sensor/Dimmer version for LED and CFL loads 1800W maximum load rating Complete family of sensors for all loads with Title 24 available models Terminal screws for ease of installation Three colors in one box reduce SKUs

23 Overall Competitive Advantage 1 of 2

24 Overall Competitive Advantage 2 of 2

25 Technical and FAQ

26 Maximum Compatible Load Types
* No minimum loads required

27 3-Way Compatibility 3 Way Remote Options Item Single Pole / 3 Way
3 Way operation IPV0R IPP0R IPS15-1LZ Yes Remote Compatible Not Compatible IPV15-1LZ IPSD6-1LZ 3-way switch IPVD6-1LZ IPS05-1LZ Single Pole N/A IPV05-1LZ PR180 IPP15

28 Sensing Coverage Area

29 Government Legislation Impacting Lighting Controls in California
CA Title 24 – Existing Building standard Requires Motion Sensors, Dimmers and Timers to comply with T20 CA Title 20 Product specific requirements for sensors, timers, dimmers Enforced at point of sale, Effective January 2013 Occupancy / Motion Sensors Shall be only automatic on/automatic off Shall allow occupant to turn off load manually

30 Government Legislation Impacting Lighting Controls in California
Vacancy Sensors Shall be manual ON/Auto OFF Shall not have any means to disable or convert to Auto On Shall have the word vacancy sensor on the product Timers VPT24 requires timer to maintain date and time for a period no less than 72 hours during a power failure. Where necessary timers are being given additional back-up battery time (applies only to astronomical clock versions) All Leviton dimmers, sensors, and timers are compliant!

31 FAQ Launch Questions Is the IPP15 going to be discontinued?
Yes. The IPP15 will be discontinued and replaced by the IPV15. We will sell through existing inventory of the IPP15 at that point. Is the IPP0R compatible with the IPS15 and IPV15? No. The IPP0R is not compatible with the IPS15 and IPV15 however the IPV0R is compatible with both the IPS15 and IPV15. Do the sensors require a neutral wire connection? IPV15 and IPS15 require a neutral wire connection, the other sensors do not require a neutral wire connection. Is ground required? Ground is required for the operation of IPS05 and IPV05 sensors.

32 Conversion Plan IPP15 to IPV15 PR180 plan
Action – start converting customers to the IPV15 IPP15 (ED) SANs are will have limited availability through September Selling through all existing inventory to discontinue NAFTA SANs will be discontinued PR180 plan Plan to discontinue in December Selling through per the forecast IPS02/V02 will be offered as the low cost sensor

33 IPS02 Coming Soon Lower cost to the IPS05 300W rating
Incandescent, LED, CFL, Fluorescent Single pole only Packaged in single color Coming soon

34 Marketing and Merchandising

35 Marketing Support Sample Box with Dimming Sensor Product Samples
Take One (G-8807) Spec Sheet (G-8761) Application Note – CA Title 20/24 Unique URL – Video Competitive Comparison Lamp Compatibility Charts (dimming sensor) FAQs

36 Merchandising Counter Mat Insert – G-8675F
Available to order now from Merrill Search: Merchandising, Distribution Market Channel OR Type “counter mat” in the search box Order empty counter mat Order sensor counter mat insert Merrill will assemble and send

37 Ordering Product Samples
ALL sales eligible to order a total of 15 samples Order IPS05, IPV05, IPV15, IPSD6, IPVD6 Download Order Form from LRC: Sales Calendar w/Universal Sensor launch OR Residential Section >lighting controls >training folder OR Residential Section >other useful info> latest product launches>universal sensor Forms must be filled out completely in order to be processed completed form to

38 Marketing Efforts Advertising Press Release Social Media Twitter
Facebook YouTube Google Ads One slide only for –PR & Advertising. Add Safer Living to ‘Sales Tools’- Jana

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