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1 Auto-ID Lab ADELAIDE (RFID Automation) Alfio Grasso Deputy Director Auto-ID Lab Adelaide General Manager RFID Automation.

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1 1 Auto-ID Lab ADELAIDE (RFID Automation) Alfio Grasso Deputy Director Auto-ID Lab Adelaide General Manager RFID Automation

2 2 RFID Expertise Auto ID Lab (8) Director of Laboratory (1) Deputy Director (1) Post Doctoral Engineer (1) PhD Candidates (3) Masters Candidate (2) Millions of tags sold throughout the world Commercialisation experience

3 3 Peter Cole - Director Prof Peter Cole First RFID patents back to 1968 Established TABTEK Electronics (1980) Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) devices Established Integrated Silicon Design (1984) Microwave Back-scatter Technology (MBS) Sold to Gemplus in 1999 Established Transponder Australia (1985) Passive sub-harmonic transponder RFID Chair established (2001) Auto ID Lab, Adelaide established (2002) Acknowledged World Leader in RFID Patents in RFID (32 - granted)

4 4 Alfio Grasso – Deputy Director Alfio Grasso 26 years experience in RFID (SAW and MBS) Project Editor ISO 18000-6 Engineering Manager (RFID systems) 13.56MHz, 27 MHz, 433MHz, UHF, and 2.45 GHz RFID Installations in various industries Electronic Toll Collection Mining Sugar Rail Vehicle access Library Manufacturing Consultant to EPCglobal Australia

5 5 Post Graduates & Researchers Behnam Jamali (Post Doctoral Engineer) Low power analogue CMOS circuits and efficient rectifiers. Data Logging Readers Kin Seong Leong (PhD Candidate) Dense Reader Analysis Dual Frequency Antennas Mun Leng Ng (PhD Candidate) Metallic Item Identification Raja Ghosal (PhD Candidate) Damith Ranasinghe (Masters Candidate) Electromagnetic coupling, encryption, and authentication Manfred Jantscher (Overseas Masters Candidate)

6 6 Adelaide, Auto-ID Lab

7 7 Three entities Auto-ID Lab EPCglobal research via sub-award from MIT RFID Automation Contract Research Australasian Adoption Research Initiative RFID adoption, Networking, Resources

8 8 Adelaide, Auto-ID Lab

9 9 Background Established in 2002 by the Auto-ID Center, at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Now partially funded by EPCglobal Inc, via MIT

10 10 One of 7 AutoID Labs around the world MIT, USA Cambridge, UK Adelaide, Australia Keio, Japan Fudan, China St Gallen, Switzerland ICU, Korea

11 11 Research Projects The design of cost effective and small footprint tag antennas, suitable for attachment onto metal surfaces. Interference studies in high density reader environments. Electromagnetic propagation studies applicable to European Regulations High security authentication tags Dual frequency tags, ones that employ UHF techniques for supply chain applications and then HF for item management applications. Passive RFID chip design (modules for implementation) Analysis and measurement of new forms of reader to tag signalling

12 12 Research Projects Cont Analysis of measuring equipment, i.e. understanding the test regulations with respect to the forms of signalling employed by RFID readers Analysis and development of reader architectures Autonomously networking tags (Class IV) Trigger circuits for battery assisted tags. An analysis of noise sources in RFID readers Universal Class 2 tags Filters that may be required to reduce spurious emissions (Japan and Australia) The use of LF RFID in applications where HF and UHF may not provide an adequate RFID solution, such as in granular media. Merged EAS and RFID tag

13 13 RFID Automation (Contract Research)

14 14 RFID Automation Web page Established to source Research projects for the Auto ID Lab To-date Three consultancies One Research Contract

15 15 Research Services IT system development Real time decisions from real time data Zero Human Involvement Operations (OHIO) Development of knowledge based systems that learn management expertise Specialised Label Design Tags placed on or near metal Compact label design 3D antenna structures

16 16 Contract Research Separate from the EPCglobal funded work Commercial Infrastructure Adelaide Research & Innovation Pty Ltd Intellectual Property Protection

17 17 Australasian Adoption Research Initiative

18 18 Australasian Adoption Research Initiative Established in April 2005 Mechanism for the Auto-ID Lab, Adelaide to conduct research into RFID that is relevant to Australian and New Zealand industry. Foster adoption of the RFID technology being developed by EPCglobal. Enables participation by companies across a broad range of industries and applications, to network and gain access to the wealth of expertise and experience in RFID. Act as Industry Reference Group for the adoption of RFID including consultation and advice to SMEs and Governments.

19 19 Benefits of membership Opportunity to input into the direction of research programs Access to hosted visits at the Labs Invitations to industry networking meetings designed to keep you informed of key technical and management issues and industry developments enable you to meet your peers in an informal setting (usually over dinner at a university site) to facilitate business relationships Access to technology advances through regular activity reports issued by the Lab Receive notices of specialist RFID related seminars Receive periodic reports on EPCglobals HAG and SAG action groups Priority access to personnel at Auto ID Labs Adelaide as well as access to extensive test equipment on agreed basis Ability to access information on RFID vendors and solution providers and have the ability to check their compliance statements Customised meetings – arrange presentations seminars and laboratory visits for members in response to requests for university research contacts

20 20 Why RFID expertise is needed Installing RFID is a black art Lack of skilled RFID technicians Existing IT infrastructures need to be upgraded Integrating RFID with back end systems will take months RFID systems may require changes to non RFID friendly assets Business processes need to be changed Source: RFID Journal

21 21 Further Information Alfio Grasso Deputy Director Auto-ID Lab, Adelaide General Manager RFID Automation University of Adelaide Web: Email : Ph: (08) 8303 6473 Mob: 0402 037 968

22 22 Discussion

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