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Preparing Students for Online Learning

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1 Preparing Students for Online Learning
Leslie Bowman Ozarks Technical College Walden University Instructional Designer Online Faculty

2 Steps to Success Pre-Class Preparation In-Class Follow Up Practice
Reinforcement Sustainable Habits Leslie Bowman Online Learning

3 Preparation for Online Learning
Lacks accountability More in-depth but lacks follow-up Follow – up Accountability Goals Priorities Reading Writing Note Taking Outlining LMS Technology Word Processing Practice Reinforce Develop Maintain Credit Success Course Self Guided P R D M Leslie Bowman Online Learning

4 Typical Excuses Study Skills Organization Time Management
Completing work fully & on time Planning & scheduling tasks Reading & following directions Notes, outline, & studying Leslie Bowman Online Learning

5 Dear Professor I had to work late last night and couldn’t get my assignment done. Please give me an extension. My kids’ ball game was rescheduled for tonight because it rained last night. I’m not going to be able to get my assignment done for tomorrow. My boyfriend took my computer to work and dropped it. Now it doesn’t work. What should I do? I’m going on cruise to Fiji and there is no internet anywhere on the island because everything is so primitive so can I turn in my work in two weeks? I left my jump drive at work so I need to turn in my work late this week. Leslie Bowman Online Learning

6 A User Friendly Approach for High School and College Students
Online Learning A User Friendly Approach for High School and College Students How does it work? Study habits Communication Class structure Assignments Learning activities Time management Writing Research Common mistakes Maintaining good habits Leslie Bowman Online Learning

7 What Students Say These strategies help tremendously because this system provides a basic structure that is self explanatory to help college students keep track of assignments and due dates. If used correctly this system could raise grades and lower the number of assignments turned in late or not turned in at all. I know I struggled quite a bit with my grades until I used this system and now I have straight A's. It definitely has made a difference for me. Leslie Bowman Online Learning

8 Practice & Reinforcement
Implement practice activities in Gen Ed courses Tasks/Calendars Notes/Outline/Summary Accomplishments Reasons/Excuses Improvement Plan Leslie Bowman Online Learning

9 Task List What tasks are due next week?
How much time do you plan to spend on each? Due date Time needed Task description Date completed Leslie Bowman Online Learning

10 Outlines & Notes What concepts, issues, topics in the assigned readings apply to the discussion questions and other assignments this week? Assignment description Outline Detailed notes Leslie Bowman Online Learning

11 What Students Say I double check to make sure I wrote everything on the task chart. Then I print the chart and post on my board by the computer. Taking notes helped me with remembering everything that I had read and makes it easy to jot things down as I go along in my readings. The weekly planning showed me how to get work done early so I have a few days to look it over and make it better before the due date. The task list only took about 10 minutes. The outline and notes took a couple of hours but that’s study time well spent. Leslie Bowman Online Learning

12 Learning Summary What did you learn this week?
How will you apply this to real life work? What else do you still want to learn about these issues, concepts, topics? Leslie Bowman Online Learning

13 Planning & Scheduling What is due next week?
When will you begin and complete each discussion or assignment? How much time will you spend each day? Standard calendar Days of week Hours of day Leslie Bowman Online Learning

14 Accomplishments What tasks were completed on time?
What tasks were not completed? Why were these tasks incomplete? What is your plan for improvement? Leslie Bowman Online Learning

15 What Students Say Figuring out why I didn’t get some things done on time was a real eye-opener. I learned where I was wasting time. Making a plan for avoiding the same mistake next week and then writing it down really helped me get assignments done on time. Filling in the calendar weekly helps with organization to make sure I turn things in on time. The learning summary and accomplishments took about minutes and were a good review. The scheduling takes less time each week as you get into the routine of planning. Leslie Bowman Online Learning

16 In-Class Reinforcement
Leslie Bowman Online Learning

17 Implement Skills in Class
Grade study skills homework activities Homework each week Choose activities to match assignments Use all study skills activities from midterm to end of term Use basic study skills activities the first weeks Alternate study skills activities Leslie Bowman Online Learning

18 Maintaining Effective Habits
Midterm and Beyond All Activities Every Week Tasks Calendar Notes Projects Leslie Bowman Online Learning

19 What Students Say Though many students may not realize it, organization makes up for a large portion of college grades. Some students don't know the first thing about organizational skills or how to go about getting organized. It is a fabulous idea and I do not know why more teachers don't make this available to students. The time spent each week on this system is what you should be doing on your own anyway. It’s study time and reading and writing time. Leslie Bowman Online Learning

20 Activity instructions, examples, templates
available online E-Learning Prof Teach Online Blog Thank You !

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