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7 th Grade Algebra Mrs. Laura Czvornyek Room 313.

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1 7 th Grade Algebra Mrs. Laura Czvornyek Room 313

2 Course Description This course prepares students for the rigors of high school math courses. I am a certified HS teacher and will work to develop sound mathematical reasoning skills.

3 Course Description “Regular Advanced”: Chapters 1-6 “Super Advanced”: Chapters 1-12 Either class will be ahead of the game when they get to high school

4 Algebra Topics Covered Linear & Non Linear Equations Systems of Equations Linear Inequalities Polynomials Factoring Probability Graphing, graphing, graphing!!!

5 Daily Procedures Do Now/Copy Today’s HW (planner stamper) Review any questions from last night’s HW (check at home) Lesson—notes, examples, discussion, investigations Practice & Apply—especially double periods! Wrap up and make sure HW is understood.

6 Binders Due to the nature of the program, binder organization is crucial, but I encourage the development of a personal organization style. I have suggested to your child organizing his/her binder using the following sections: Vocabulary & Reference – a running list of all vocab and any other reference sheets that may be used throughout the year Notes & Classwork – all notes and examples done in class, as well as worksheets and activity sheets Homework – worksheets or book assignments should be kept here for easy access Tests/Quizzes – keep all quizzes and tests until binder clean out (then transfer to a folder at home)

7 Grades All grading will be done using a point system HW/Preparedness–10% (clipboard) HW is assigned most nights. NO WORK = NO CREDIT HW is posted on board and on my website. Tests & Quizzes – 90%, with weights assigned using the point system Extra Credit (only included on tests and quizzes) Planner – Should be brought to class daily. Used for HW and as a bathroom pass/log No signatures necessary—online access to all grades

8 PowerSchool I will no longer be using grade sheets or having tests signed, unless I am requesting a LEHP. You can update yourself about your child’s progress by logging on to PowerSchool. Homework and participation are updated weekly. Please allow adequate time (<1 week for multiple choice/matching type assessments and 1+ week for assessments with essays or work that is counted) to grade your child’s work. We will do our best to update and publish grades on the 15 th and 30 th of the month.

9 Glencoe: Algebra 1 I am working on creating my online classes. Keep your eye out for access codes to all online reference materials.

10 Extra Help – “LEHP” Wednesday & Friday ***bring bag lunch to maximize help time Homework It’s all about practice & trying!

11 Algebra Reminders High School Level Course Rigorous, but doable Study Habits & Organization Participation and Questions Graphing Calculators TI-84 Plus Final Exam (Cumulative)

12 Remember… Keep open lines of communication. I need to know if there are academic concerns at home. Please use my website & any additional resources you find. Please share any of the wonderful & helpful things you find with me so I can pass them along. Please log on to your child’s Power School account to track their progress throughout the year.

13 Communication Email: Web Page: or access through the district website’s directory Phone #: 732-786-0950 Extension 80094

14 Before you rush off to your next class… Do you have any Questions??

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