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Word Work Cloverleaf Elementary September 10, 2013 bean words Bottle caps.

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1 Word Work Cloverleaf Elementary September 10, 2013 bean words Bottle caps

2 Learning Targets for Today I can review the I-Charts for Word Work (materials set up, use, and clean up) I can review the Focus Lessons for Launching Word Work. (see p. 89 in Daily 5 book) I can discuss with my PLC what the content and products/processes of Word Work will be.

3 Frequently Asked Questions What materials are used? What words are practiced? Is this my spelling program? What about vocabulary? When are new words introduced and practiced? ….just to name a few

4 Important to Remember…. Daily 5 is the foundation of our literacy block upon which everything is built. It has no "content" or lesson plans, it is simply a structure for dispersing instruction and practice time. Daily 5 focuses on teaching the behaviors of reading, writing, listening and manipulating words. – Word Work is a system for teaching children how to practice words, so your spelling, sight/dolch words, vocabulary, and phonics programs can be infused into the structure seamlessly.

5 Where to Begin…. Create an I-Chart: – Student Expectations – Teacher Expectations – Why We Work on Words Model Expectations: – Incorrect/Correct – Getting and Returning Materials (Anchor Charts) Build Stamina: – Place students in small groups and have them practice – Base appropriate amount of time according to independence and grade levels Review I-Chart: – Reconvene for self and group reflections

6 Expectations What students will do…… Work the whole time Stay in one spot except to get and return materials Work quietly Get started right away One person takes out materials of his/her choice and sets up in a quiet location

7 Example of Implementation: Day One - * Introduce optional materials and their locations to students. * Brainstorm I chart of how to set up materials and how to work with them independently * Model finding the materials, materials placement in the room, and setup of materials * Brainstorm chart of how to clean up * Model materials placement in the room, setup, and cleanup of the materials Day Two - * Model and practice materials setup, materials placement, and cleanup of materials * Brainstorm I chart – How to Use Materials * Model and practice student behaviors of how to use materials * Continue building stamina of working with materials, adding 1 – 2 minutes each day Other focus lessons for Word Work might include the following: Word sorts Adding words to their collection Practicing basic words most often misspelled Add words to word study notebook that relate to the strategy taught that day List words that belong to a pattern and add to word study notebook Each day add a few more minutes until students are independently working with these materials for the desired amount of time.

8 Material Set-Up

9 How to Use Materials

10 Material Clean-Up

11 Ideas for Word Work Shell spell using spelling words or words from word wall Playdoh (pinch and poke / roll) Write the room Pipe cleaners Rainbow write Wikki sticks Dry erase boards Beans Bingo dabbers Alphabet stamps Magnetic letters Clay (press in lid of coffee can and write with a golf tee) Magnadoodle Jr. Boggle game Scrabble tiles Chalk boxes (spray cardboard box with chalk paint) Etch a sketch VIDEO: Taking a Tour:

12 Content of Word Work Discuss with your grade level what where you will get content for this Daily 5 component. LetterlandWords Their Way Wordly WiseContent Specific Vocabulary such as Science, Math, etc. What else?

13 Possible Products/Processes for Word Work Word SortsVocabulary Booklets Magnetic lettersStamping Building with beans, buttons, shells, etc. Wikki-StixPlaydough What else? (Word Work Task cards will be uploaded on my web page.)

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