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Melanie C. Page Professor. Work with a partner/triad to define.

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1 Melanie C. Page Professor

2 Work with a partner/triad to define

3 All parts of life are equal? All parts of life are in harmony? Sometimes balance means out of balance!

4 Learn to say YES judiciously Is it related to your short or long term goal? Will you build social or professional capital? Suggest someone else if you cannot Say maybe first Do not be first to volunteer unless perfect match Does saying yes lead to tenure, promotion? What is the cost/benefit?

5 Work and Family will trade priority spots Work: summer and semester before tenure Work: grant due Family: medical issues Family: having a baby Others???

6 Research suggests self-care is vital Multi-tasking does not work effectively Be fully present in whatever you do

7 Yoga SWC and Colvin classes Studios in town Different styles – try many to find yours Hobbies Get a massage, facial, hair cut, etc Go on a date Exercise Free membership to the Colvin and SWC Get enough sleep Actually take the weekend off/take vacation Meditate Research shows it changes you at a DNA level

8 Be selective in your projects Will this count for tenure and/or promotion Is this publishable in the type of journal I need to publish in? Collaborate intelligently and selectively Life is long, be patient Track your time for 2 weeks Stay connected to students Take your sabbaticals Laptops

9 Students are more flexible than you are A lack of planning on anyones part does not equal a crisis on your part Do not piece meal your day Use technology when you can

10 Work with your chair to limit pre-tenure course preps Two new preps at once is hard Tweak small things Use materials from others near and far Being pleasant and energetic goes a long way Go to seminars and conferences – very energizing and informative

11 Criteria can be fuzzier If you meet the written criteria, you do not need to meet the urban legends Get a mentor who is full Ask questions Selective university-wide/national service Assignments of limited duration Meet broad range of people Builds national/international reputation

12 Double work activity with kid activity Special time with just them Family leave tenure clock policy/new baby Limit your children to 1-2 activities


14 Enlist their help Read drafts Housework/cooking/kids Work out buddy One-on-one time Do activities everyone can do Single parent Form coalitions

15 Eat with partner Eat with friends Go to seminars with free food! Start a lunch bunch with colleagues Start a writing group that meets at happy hour Have small get togethers Join UFO:

16 Stress is horrible for you Linked to many diseases Play to your strengths Get an SNB semester calendar Volunteering limit Only you expect perfection

17 8:30 take kids to school Email, class prep 10:30-11:45 class 12-12:25 lead grantseeking club 12:30-1:45 class 1:45 meet speaker 2 – go back to office and get media cart Still have not eaten lunch 3:30-5 speaker 5-6 reception 6-6:30 meet with TA

18 Sick at end of every semester Burnout Premature aging Weight gain Relationship problems Partner Children

19 Write down one thing you are going to change Today or tomorrow For your long-term future What is the most important thing you learned today?

20 Rarely do people say, boy I wish I had spent more time at work Live a life of few regrets Value yourself and your marriage, partnerships, friendships Let others share the load at home and school A messy house is ok Good colleagues are worth their weight in gold

21 What is the single most important thing in your life? What did you spend the most time on last week? Do those two things match? Are they ever even close?

22 Thanks!!

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