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Balancing Home, Family and Work Home Family Work.

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1 Balancing Home, Family and Work Home Family Work

2 Why Should We Discuss Balancing Home, Family and Work? Extension Faculty OFTEN find themselves with conflicting demands on their time and energy by clientele, administrators, family expectations, and personal priorities. Fetsch & Kennington, 1997

3 What Can These Conflicts Lead to? Stress!!

4 Stress Can Lead To… Increased alcohol use Insomnia Intestinal problems Decreased concentration Headaches Ulcers Nervous tics Infectious diseases Job burnout Suicide and much more… Fetsch & Kennington, 1997

5 Who in Extension is Most Likely to Experience Job Burnout? 4-H agents, young agents, single agents Those between 20-30 years old Males and females Mostly those who are involved in youth work. Agents with joint program responsibilities such as 4-H and agriculture Fetsch and Kennington, 1997

6 What Else Could Happen? Negative effect on marital relationships. Negative effects on parent-child relationships. Increased health care costs. Married agents report that job stressors had an impact on their ability to do the job. Patterson & McCubbin, 1984

7 Strategies for Achieving Balance Scheduling Combining work and family Working flexible hours Setting boundaries Making families first Personalizing strategies

8 Creative Scheduling Use one calendar for scheduling work, family and personal dates. Highlight or write family dates in ink to prevent double scheduling. Place annual leave on that calendar, as well. Does it matter? Can it be delegated? 1-2 evening meetings/week.

9 Combining Work and Family Ask family members/close friends to assist in preparing meeting rooms, registration, handing out materials. Involve spouse/family in work related travel to the extent that you can.

10 Working Flexible Hours May lead to guilt because no formal Flextime policy. Check out working at home, as an option. Leaving when you need to. Check out coming in later in the day after an evening meeting or a weekend event.

11 Setting Boundaries Leave work at work! Say no! Delegate! Please call my office during work hours regarding work matters…

12 Making Family First Share household tasks and child care. Video tape childrens events. Communicate. Eat meals at unusual hours. Eat lunch out with spouse/other once a week.

13 Making It Personal Exercise Take your/familys birthdays off. Take breaks. Dont loose you annual leave, youve earned it! Add a sense of humor to everyday events.


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