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Work, workload and life balance Melanie Jones Chair, AIM.

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1 Work, workload and life balance Melanie Jones Chair, AIM


3 Some questions for all of us Do you live to work or work to live? How much money do you need to live? Is money or time more important? Do you feel guilty if you say no when asked to work an extra session/night? Do you say yes to requests so others think well of you? Do you think you work too much? Do you think about work at night / at weekends?




7 The balance of your life

8 Professional status and behaviours Our work defines us as a person Society gives status to doctors Bound by a code of ethics UK long hours culture High achievers High level of altruistic behaviour Detriment of own health Sacrifice time with families

9 Pressures to increase workload Cover for colleagues – sickness, leave Waiting list pressures Dont let patients down Same person(s) always asked - resentment Dont want to let department or family down – internal conflict Remember your lead clinician under pressure if list cancelled

10 Stress Performance Connection

11 Stress and Bullying All Trusts have dignity at work policies May feel bullied if too much pressure exerted to undertake extra work Develop strategy for additional work – personal and departmental Career should not suffer if decline extra work

12 Generic skills to improve balance Time Management Stress Management Assertiveness Dealing with conflict Physical fitness / exercise Mentoring and Coaching Appraisee skills

13 Leave entitlement – use it! Annual leave Study leave Professional leave Career break Sabbatical Parental Leave Carers leave Sick leave

14 Is your life balanced? Take a holiday Eat breakfast Exercise Spend time with your partner Meet friends in evening Eat less Drink more water Drink less alcohol Reduce your work hours Retire Play sports Switch off the TV Switch off the computer Take up a new activity Say NO Indulge yourself for an hour a week


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