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An International Gateway For Information Technology In Uttar Pradesh WELCOME.

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2 An International Gateway For Information Technology In Uttar Pradesh WELCOME

3 Ministry Of Communications & Information Technology (MCIT), Department Of Information Technology (DIT), Government Of India. Software Technology Parks Of India Introduction

4 STPI Mandate Established in 1991. Mandate to promote export of Software & IT Services from the nation by providing conducive environment, policy support & infrastructure. Acting as a ONE STOP SHOP for needs of software exporters. Striding To Boost Software Exports

5 Time Line 80s 90s 2000 Onwards Personal Computing Knowledge based systems IT Enabled services Transaction processing Data Processing E-Commerce Internet Telecommunications Convergence Bio IT Mobile Commerce

6 Services By STPI Statutory Services Data Communication Services Incubation Services Bio IT Consultancy

7 VISION Your VISION & MISSION STPIs MISSION Shall help your business gain new HEIGHTS. Statutory Services Bridging the gap between Government & Industry

8 Salient Features Of STP Scheme : World class one stop solution Single Window Clearance. Duty free imports of hardware & software. Tax holiday till 2009. 100% foreign equity permitted. Exemption of excise duty for domestic purchase of capital goods. Reimbursement of CST. Export certification provided at single point.

9 Secure, Reliable & Cost Effective Network Providing Global Connectivity. Data Communication Services Provides customized solutions in Data Comm./ Networking.

10 High Speed Data Communication Services By STPI : VSAT Connectivity @ lightning speed IPLC (International Private Leased Line Circuit). High speed and robust Broadband Internet Services. Value Added Services. IPSTAR

11 The Best Broadband Internet Solution IPSTAR Key Strengths : Unlimited space.IP star works in business districts,city communities and even in remote areas where telephone service is inaccessible. Transmitted satellite dish is compact saving installation space and doesnt require a telephone line. Always-On Internet Connection, one-time connection offers conveniences internet in access.

12 IPSTAR The Best Broadband Internet Solution IPSTAR Applications: Video conferencing Rural Telephony Distance Learning Tele medicine Mobile Trunk Fax Emergency disaster

13 SoftLINK (Brand name of Internet ) : A TCP/IP based internet service providing full access to Global Internet. Presently there are two kinds of softlink services are available: Premium Internet (1:1) Shared Internet (1:2, 1:3, 1:4) SOFTNET Service

14 Earth Station STPI Satellite Connectivity Customer Premises Foreign End Service provider Customers Foreign Office International Fiber Connectivity International Architecture Connectivity

15 Value Added Services Video Conferencing Consultancy Making distance obsolete. Solution for your problems. Catalyst To The Growth Of IT Industry Disaster Recovery Data Center Protecting the past & revealing the future. From Storm, Earthquake,Fire, & Hurricane Our formula is Plan, Practice & Prevail.

16 Value Added Services Web Hosting You understand your products and markets, STPI offers a unique proposition to customers to have immediate access to Space,Power and Bandwidth, Without the customer having to invest on the infrastructure to meet their state-of-art business needs. Catalyst To The Growth Of IT Industry We understand the internet! Together we can tailor a scalable hosting solution, To meet your requirements Simply and Cost–Effectively!

17 Value Added Services VPN VoIP Catalyst To The Growth Of IT Industry Voice over Internet Protocol is increasing in importance. Give your partners a secure connection in Domain Registration Get your name online, Grow your business online. FTP Facility Enhanced File transfer Effortlessly.

18 STPI & Bio IT STPI in front to promote Bio IT Set Up of a Point Of Presence (POP) at Bio Technology Park to provide global connectivity to the companies in and around the BioTech City. Lucknow was declared as Biotechnology City of India during the 89 th Session of Indian Science Congress on January 03 2003. Using Advanced Information Technologies To Personalized Medicine/healthcare.

19 Give your business the right support and breathing space to grow & flourish. Incubation Services Plug & Play Offices

20 Incubation Views Raw Space Modular Inside View Modular Front View

21 STPI provides the following facilities under Incubation Services: Modular build up area which is ready to use by Software Entrepreneurs. High speed Communication Links,Internet & Video Conferencing. Conference Room and Training Facilities. Business Center Support. Telephone & Fax Facilities. 24 hours power backup. Air Conditioning Setting High Standards Of Services

22 Incubation Support To SME STPI has provided basic infrastructure support in the form of Business Incubators,aimed at Startup companies. Plug n Play Office Space Service Support Marketing And Information Support Self Sustainable size Startup unit


24 STPI LUCKNOW An ideal destination for software export & bio IT.

25 lucknow @ advantage Excellent connectivity by air/rail/road to Indian and international destination. Hotels are available at a fraction of the cost of Metros. Major R&D centers and premier institutes present. Good quality continuous electric supply. Abundance of English speaking qualified manpower. Management pool available from IIM. Good residential places with healthy environment. State capital which gives the congenial social structure.

26 Infrastructure for Bio-informatics at Bio Technology Park. STPI Setup In Lucknow Robust data-communication links of professional grade available from STPI. Around 18 software exporting units already operational. Biggest incubation center around the city Multiple international gateways including fiber and satellite.

27 Providing statutory services to 18 units. Present Scenario Reliable data-comm. provider, serving all major centers of Lucknow. Incubation space available for young entrepreneurs to transform their dreams into reality.

28 Status of Incubation Services Facilities Available: 5000 sq.ft. area consisting of 57 ready to use workstations and Fully furnished 1100 sq.ft.raw space.

29 STPI KANPUR An ideal destination for IT enable services…

30 kanpur@ advantage Presence of IIT and other premier institutes. (A centre for innovation & mentorship ) Well known as the Manchester of East. (Industrial city) Good rail/road connectivity.

31 STPI Setup in Kanpur Robust and reliable data comm. infrastructure provided by STPI. Plug & Play ready to use incubation space available in STPI to start business immediately with minimum capital outlay. Raw space available with congenial surrounding at UPSIDC- STP for ITES.

32 14 registered STP units. International high speed professional grade internet providing to the companies with 100% uptime. Incubation space available at very reasonable price. Present Scenario

33 STPI ALLAHABAD An ideal destination for Legal Outsourcing…

34 Presence of MNIT and other premier institutes. Robust and reliable data comm. infrastructure provided by STPI. Plug & Play ready to use incubation space available in STPI to start business immediately with minimum capital outlay. allahabad@ advantage

35 Status of Incubation Facilities Available: A small incubation center of 8 seats is available at STPI.


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