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UKSPA ICT Good Practice Guides Birmingham 6th October 2011.

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1 UKSPA ICT Good Practice Guides Birmingham 6th October 2011

2 ICT Good Practice Guides Getting Connected: Delivering Network Infrastructure and Broadband Internet Access Maximising Value-Added Services: Managed Telephony for Science Park and Innovation Environments Printed copies available to members from UKSPA at a 50 per cent discount

3 Introduction To continue the development of UKSPAs professional status To support the ICT Focus Groups members To provide guidance to all UKSPA members To deliver added value content Broadband and Telephony are the two most valued ICT services

4 Getting Connected: Infrastructure and Broadband You need infrastructure to deliver services Understanding strategy and the offer – Tenant types – Why? Make money Make property more attractive To offload technical and admin overhead to young companies allowing them to concentrate on core business Building infrastructure and getting ROI Who does what?

5 Maximising Value-Added Services: Telephony Having a range of options available Economies of scale Delivering advanced functionality that would be beyond the reach of smaller companies Delivering value for money

6 Strategy ICT should be the second largest source of revenue/profit after rents Worth £2-4 per sq ft – Revenues and margins – Increased rents – Improved occupancy Requires investment and returns Different models – Who is going to run it?

7 Different models Build and operate it yourself Build some (or all) and have someone run it for you Outsource the whole thing Issues to consider: – Owning the asset – Cost of Internet Access Onsite or hosted?

8 Other issues to consider PoPs, comms rooms and data centres Wireless and mobile Labs vs. offices Meeting/public/conference spaces Customer service and billing Resilience/disaster recovery/security Pricing Working with university/parent organisations

9 Making connections in the digital age Video Connecting to other sites/organisations – Virtual tenants and homeworking Free on-net calling Collaboration services – Data/application sharing – Presence

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