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July 6th1 “Laying the foundations for Growth” “Connecting Nottingham” NextGen Roadshow - Nottingham.

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1 July 6th1 “Laying the foundations for Growth” “Connecting Nottingham” NextGen Roadshow - Nottingham

2 July 6th2 Connecting Nottingham – Our vision for the city Providing 21 st century communications in Nottingham – to connect people to businesses and public services – to connect businesses and public services to customers – drive economic growth to the city of Nottingham attract High-tech companies to the city What infrastructure is needed –A Wireless or fibre network across Nottingham City & suburb wide coverage –including hard to reach areas –Centrally located data centre with national & global connectivity Carrier Neutral to drive competition Independent network gateway to drive an ‘Open Network’

3 July 6th3 Connecting Nottingham – Welcome to The Portal

4 July 6th4 The Portal – Located in the centre of Nottingham Davidsons Group owned site Brand new state of the art 90,000 ft Tier 3+ carrier neutral colocation Data Centre Environmentally friendly design features & engineered as next generation fit for purpose efficient modular & scalable data centre Space for over 700 - 1200 Mid to High Density racks (up to 20kW per rack) Carrier Class and Carrier Neutral with Global Crossing, Cable and Wireless & Hibernia operating on site along with extensive dark fibre from NTL, BT, Kingston & Colt Direct access to international transatlantic fibres & European access routes, global internet exchange points & peering locations ‘Midlands’ Internet Exchange point location

5 July 6th5 The Portal - The HUB of communications for Nottingham  Dedicated protected links to both London & Manchester national data centres  Onsite Fibre infrastructure from national & global carriers  Access to national fibre network to all UK major cities  Diverse power from regional main power station  Access to 2 airports for European/international routes  National Rail infrastructure for easy access  M1 Corridor and central location  Local universities for skills and collaboration

6 July 6th6 The Portal Data Centre – Main points Major Power Availability Central UK Location High Physical Security Carrier Neutral Trusted Brand Infrastructure

7 July 6th7 Connecting Nottingham – Delivering our vision First building block is in place - The Portal Inherited a major asset from the closure of BR computing Strategic infrastructure of fibres that all start from and terminate from the site The major national & global network carriers all have a presence on the site The Portal is extremely secure with abundant power onsite Centrally located in Nottingham

8 July 6th8 Connecting Nottingham – Wireless Network Legacy investment – Core base station at Victoria Centre Network now consists of 7 Base stations across the city Coverage extends across 60% of the city and has reach of 15km 1 GigE capacity over core base stations offering synchronous contended and uncontended speeds from 2Mbit/s up to 50Mbit/s Excellent service levels (99.99%) Clients include local authorities - Rushcliffe Borough Council, private sector operators – Confetti, Victim Support, Ingeus, etc

9 July 6th9 Connecting Nottingham – View from one of our base stations

10 July 6th10 Connecting Nottingham – Our current wireless coverage

11 July 6th11 Connecting Nottingham – Confetti Case Study Confetti located in central Nottingham City campus Required satellite office located in Colwick Industrial Estate to be connected to City campus Colwick had slow broadband connectivity Provided 2 Mbit/s synchronous connection providing quality of service for both data and voice transmission Connected both sites over wireless on a private network A hard to reach area solved by the EMNET wireless network

12 July 6th12 Connecting Nottingham – Planning for the future Working with our partners to provide even faster wireless across the City using 4G/LTE technology 4G/LTE will drive a new set of advanced services across the city –New wireless services for blue light & mobile workers –New wireless services for the public transport network –New wireless digital advertising services – location specific advertising –New wireless CCTV services to increase public safety –New wireless cloud based services –New wireless games services The Portal is the connecting hub that will enable these new services –attracting new businesses to the city of Nottingham which will create and offer these new services to the public and business market

13 July 6th13 Connecting Nottingham – Thank you for listening Questions & Answers

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