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Indonesia Internet eXchange

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1 Indonesia Internet eXchange
Harijanto Pribadi, Dept. Head of IIX APJII 2012

2 Introduction of APJII Asosiasi Penyelenggara Jasa Internet Indonesia (APJII) or Indonesia Internet Service Provider Association are Non Profit Organization also Non Government Organization, formed at the First National Conference on May 15, 1996 Our member all Indonesia ISP (include big operator : Telkom, Indosat, XL Axiata) and many other ISP spread to all Indonesia region , total = 265 members (ISP and NAP) until the end of July, 2012. APJII also known as Indonesia NIR with name IDNIC under APNIC

3 Indonesia Internet Industry structure
By Indonesia government regulation, Internet Service Provider (ISP) must subscribe the IP Transit from Network Access Provider (NAP) as global upstream. Indonesia Internet eXchange (IIX) as local/domestic IXP between Indonesia ISP.

4 Indonesia Internet Industry Schema

5 Organization of APJII Board of trusty, Elected from and by members each 3 years via members assembly Board of executive, Elected from and by members each 3 years via members assembly Operational Staffs, Assocation employee

6 Indonesia Internet Users Overview
Indonesia Population ~ 245million Internet users ~ 62.9 million based on latest research by APJII Facebook users ~ 41 million 50 Gbit/s aggregate domestic traffic 60 Gbit/s International traffic 40 million students connected 25 million online media regular visitors/day

7 Asia Top Internet Countries

8 Asia Pacific IPv6 Deployment Status 2012

9 Organization Structure of APJII

10 IIX Overview launched on June 1997, operational start from Aug 1997 by APJII sponsored by CISCO, Intel and HP. Designed by APJII and Cisco (USA)  Make 15 ISPs connected IIX Update on August 2012: IPv4 peers = 117, Advertised prefixes (IPv4) = > 6200 IPv6 peers = 27, Advertised prefixes (IPv6) = 111 Hardware: Router: Juniper M7i, Cisco 3700 Switch: Cisco Catalyst 3750, Force10, Brocade

11 Multi Lateral Peering Agreement (MPLA) IIX
Advertise own prefix and receive all prefix via BGP4 peering with AS7597(IIX) between MPLA members Best-path depend on member BGP configuration Not advertise prefix from global upstream to AS7597(IIX) Route prefix advertising maximum 24 bits. Routing Policy based on RIPE181 or new recommendation publish by IETF This MPLA implemented as best-effort service

12 IIX Current Topology

13 IIX Background Faster Local Traffic Exchanging by dropping delay time of local sites access from an average ping of 700ms to 7ms New opportunities of deploying internet based applications due to the delay sensitiveness Internet Cost Reduction (International Bandwidth Saving) Stimulating the growth of local Indonesian content Security for e-commerce since local packets will not go through the global internet Implementations of e-gov with local internet traffic

14 IIX as Local/Domestic IXP

15 BGP Report BGP Report : 2010 2011 2012 Number of Peers : 52 93 117
Period 2010 – Aug 2012 : Number of Peers : Number of Prefixes : ~ 6200 Traffic (Range) : 1 ~ 2 Gbps 2 ~ 3 Gbps ~ Gbps

16 Traffic Growth

17 Top 5 Indonesia ISP traffic utilize IIX
Telkomnet Mbps Biznet Mbps Cepatnet Mbps Telin Mbps Orion 120 Mbps

18 IIX Deployment cross the nation

19 DEVELOPMENT PLAN IIX design based on Layer2 IXP

20 DEVELOPMENT PLAN IIX at Major City in Indonesia
Develop 33 IIX node on 33 Province where Nusantara Internet eXchange (NIX) exist , NIX is government project operate by private company who win the tender. The government pay OPEX to NIX operator, NIX operator and IIX-APJII have MoU to develop local IXP on each NIX facilities. (future)

21 DEVELOPMENT PLAN IIX at Major City in Indonesia

22 IIX Challenge Encourages local and global content provider to put or direct peer the application server, cache data network and their cloud server on IIX. Develop partnership with other IXP, domestic and overseas by members permission via Open Policy Meeting (OPM) mechanism.

23 Thank you

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