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CNISP & CNNOG Introduction 6-Link Operation Update CNISP & CNNOG Dong Yan.

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1 CNISP & CNNOG Introduction 6-Link Operation Update CNISP & CNNOG Dong Yan

2 CNISP Introduction China Internet Service Provider Union (abbreviated: CNISP Union) was initiated and established by a large number of well-known Internet enterprises and organizations, including network operators, content providers, service providers, equipment manufacturers, system integrators, as well as scientific research and educational institutions. It is a national industry alliance formed voluntarily by the Internet-related enterprises and institutions. Slogan: Be Connected, Be Allied.

3 CNISP Services Member Conference CNNOS 2010 Enterprise Promotion Internet Address Statistics Industry Resource Sharing Industry News Announcement Technical Training and Information Exchange Internet Address Application Helpdesk IPv6 Implementation Program - 6-Link

4 CNISP Situation 132 Union members. Union Council 1 Vice Chairman, 23 Council Members. Union Secretary 2 (Vice) Secretary General, 6 Secretary Staff. Union Financial Status Sponsorship is the main income source. Development Model NPO, Member services emphasis, 6-Link.

5 CNNOG Introduction CNNOG stands for China Network Operators Group, it is an educational and operational forum for the coordination and dissemination of technical information related to backbone/enterprise networking technologies and operational practices. CNNOG provides the services of Network Operation experience sharing, IPv6 deployment and operation, network security training and certification, incident handling and collaboration services.

6 CNNOG Situation Background Founded in 2004, got the idea and support from NANOG, established by operators and technical personnel from Telecom. Participation from backbone network operators and technical personnel. Served and formed a mutual help community. Non-profit, non-governmental organization. Status More than 10 core members. More than 200 registered members.

7 CNNOG Meetings Previous Meetings CNNOG1, Jan.,2005 CNNOG2, Nov.,2005 CNNOG3, April,2006 CNNOG4, June,2007 CNNOG5, June,2008 CNNOG6, July,2010 (CNISP2, CNNOS 2010) CNNOG and CNISP have been Joint-Operation since 2010.

8 6-Link Introduction 6-Link is a IPv6 promotion and implementation program which is conducted by CNISP Union. 6-Link is using the CNGI-IPv6 network infrastructure to provide IPv6 experimental access, IPv6 implementation and consultation for Union members. Through the integration of members' network resources, CNISP will actively develop the Next Generation Internet (IPv6) commercial trial, 6- link was and will be persistent to devote into IPv6 transition-related work.

9 6-Link Network Phase 1/3 Build one 6-Link demo node. 2 ICPs, 2 ISPs. Phase 2/3 5 more 6-Link nodes in main cities 10 ISPs and 20 CPs. Phase 3/3 10 more 6-Link nodes. Cover 50 main ICPs and 3 million end users. 6-Link Program is at Phase 2/3. 2 IPv6 ISP CNGI-CERNET2 Network IPv6 NAP IDC/ICPs 6-Link Node 6-Link Network Topology 6-Link Node 6-Link Node IPv6 ISP

10 6-Link Application Cases Internet Service Provider Internet Content Provider Internet Data Center IPv4/IPv6 Migration Devices

11 Welcome to Beijing, Thanks! Dong Yan (Alex) E-mail: Mobile: 86-13910009088

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