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© 2014 Dai Nippon Printing Co.,Ltd. All Rights Reserved. March 2014 Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. DNP Mobile Wallet Services.

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1 © 2014 Dai Nippon Printing Co.,Ltd. All Rights Reserved. March 2014 Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. DNP Mobile Wallet Services

2 © 2014 Dai Nippon Printing Co.,Ltd. All Rights Reserved. 1 1. About DNP 2.Core Technologies and Market Approach 3. Environment around Mobile Wallet 4.Introduction of DNP Mobile Wallet Contents

3 © 2014 Dai Nippon Printing Co.,Ltd. All Rights Reserved. 2 About DNP

4 © 2014 Dai Nippon Printing Co.,Ltd. All Rights Reserved. 3 Who is DNP? Experience 137years Annual Sales \1,507,227M (consolidated)(overseas 12.8%) Employees 39,986 (consolidated) *as of March 2012 P&I Solutions DNP Printing & Information technology DNP is a comprehensive printing company with printing and information technologies at its core business, serving over 30,000 corporate clients worldwide

5 © 2014 Dai Nippon Printing Co.,Ltd. All Rights Reserved. 4 The Largest Comprehensive Printing Company with broad business activities. - Book & Magazines Printing - General Commercial Printing - Network Business - Business Forms & Security Printing (including Smart Card) - Opt Materials / Industrial supplies - Packaging - Lifestyle materials - Display Components - Electronic Device An Integral Part of Our lives

6 © 2014 Dai Nippon Printing Co.,Ltd. All Rights Reserved. 5 DNP has 4 cores that are backed up by its extensive accomplishments and technology in Smart Card business. Electronic Modules World smallest module Design/manufacturing technology Financial Card Application No.1 Smart card share (JP market) Network Services CDMS UIM Development 1st UIM vendor in JP market B2it: DNPs proprietary technology DNP has started developing SWP compatible products Figures from Fuji Kimera 2011 Occupies 42% (67M pcs) in 2012 *Contact Smart Card market (161M) Over 60 corporate users mainly in financial industry in Japan From Smart Card to Digital Security 4 cores

7 © 2014 Dai Nippon Printing Co.,Ltd. All Rights Reserved. 6 DNP NFC solutions NFC Hardware R/W Digital Signage Petit-Porta R/W module Net Work Service NFC Service Smart Poster Dosing Schedule Management Coupon Contactless Credit Payment NFC TAG Smart Cards, tags DNP provides NFC total solutions for various service providers Payment Wallet Service Healthcare Payment Service Mobile App Data Generation Issuance Mobile phone remote issuance ASP NFC Solutions

8 © 2014 Dai Nippon Printing Co.,Ltd. All Rights Reserved. 7 DNP approach toward consumers information utilization. Communi cation I/F Consumer Service Infrastructure IC CardNFC Plug Communication Module IC Tag Personal ID DeviceProduct ID Device Personal Authentication Payment Loyalty Program Device Authenti cation Data Collection Smart Phone Linkage ID Authentication Commodity Management Smart Phone Linkage Device Authentication Data Collection Device Linkage Driving record/log User/Vehicle Authentication Emergency service Network IC Card R/W, NFC Module, Data Information Terminal 3D Secure/OTP PASSSMART Payment Processing TAPLINK Personal Authentication for online payment Device Authentication (Planning Stage) Coupon Distribution(C&I Linkage) Data Distribution(Smart Poster) Payment Brand Pre-paid/Regional Currency(FPM Linkage)/E-Money Payment Network (TMN Linkage) Browsable health and buying log Advice service Home Delivery Service Online Shopping Health-Care Browsable beauty log Advice Service Recommendation Service Salon de Wallet ( Salon de Wallet (Beauty Care) Automotive Data Collection Mobile Wallet M2M System (Planning Stage) Information of Personal, Payment and Service Information of Device, Operation and Sensing Expansion of Service Range Measurement Info Buying Info Personal Info Personal Info Analysis of big data linked personal, buying and measurement info collected by each service Consumer Info Analysis Feedback of Assay Result Operation Service Instant Issuance Network Data Creation Mobile Bureau 1st STEP ID Device 5th STEP 4th STEP 3rd STEP 2nd STEP Product Consumer Browsable Facility Utilization Log Record Advice Service Support for the Disaster time Smart City Big Data Solution Collaboration with Other Departments Collaboration with Other Companies Smart Phone Personal Authentication Payment Network Linkage Consumer Service Consumer Info Utilization of Big Data

9 © 2014 Dai Nippon Printing Co.,Ltd. All Rights Reserved. 8

10 9 Expanding SmartPhone Source : Catalogue in MNOs Except : iPhone,Tablet and futurephone Approx 80% Smart Phone released in Japan can react to NFC. The number of Handset Supported NFC has increased at good rate. 10 of 13 support NFC 14 of 14 support NFC 6 of 12 support NFC As of Jan14 The number of NFC supported Handset NFC Osaifu keitai supported: 30 units Only Osaifu keitai supported: 7 units 7 units Not supported: 2 units Forecast at Oct13 March 2014 56.27million 46.6 March 2018 89.24million 68.2 The number of smart phone (Record& Forecast) The number of Smart Phone The number of Feature Phone 2009201020112012 20132014 2015201620172018 The ration of Smart phone

11 © 2014 Dai Nippon Printing Co.,Ltd. All Rights Reserved. 10 The Environment Surrounding Mobile Wallet New Technology New Service NFC LTE BLE Contactless payment SNS Wi-Fi O2O The needs of Mobile Wallet consolidating and integrating variable services is expanding. HCE Face authentication payment

12 © 2014 Dai Nippon Printing Co.,Ltd. All Rights Reserved. 11 Mobile Wallet Service is the application providing E-payment service such as credit, pre-paid and point on a mobile phone and being launched around world. Expansion of Mobile Wallet Service Main Service of Mobile Wallet Credit Payment Coupon Service Pre-Paid Payment Point Service Debit Payment Ticket Service The Cases of Mobile Wallet Serivce in the World Isis mobile wallet SmartWallet Lider wallet olleh touch NFC Cityzi Wallet Quick Tap Google wallet PayPass Wallet Services SmartWallet etc. PayPass Wallet Services Payment QR cord payment

13 © 2014 Dai Nippon Printing Co.,Ltd. All Rights Reserved. 12 Mobile Wallet Recent Instance in Japan Smartphone application Salon de Wallet launched in February 2014. Salon de Wallet is a smart phone application connected with the POS system Salon de Net which is operated by Hypersoft at 2,000 beauty salons in Japan Salon member cardReservation Beauty AlbumNet shopping 2014. Feb 3 News Release Large shopping complex Tressa Yokohama starts Mobile Wallet service. Toyota Automall Create (TAC, Toyota Finance TFC, JCB and Dai Nippon Printing DNP is launching smart phone wallet application Tressa Wallet at the large shopping complex Tressa Yokohama operated by TAC in spring 2014. The Tressa Wallet application manages various services such as discount coupon and point in a wallet.

14 © 2014 Dai Nippon Printing Co.,Ltd. All Rights Reserved. 13 By using micro SD with communication module, we can provide mobile e-money instantly to customers. SP-TSM Smartphone Retailer Device/Application Infrastructure Top Up Payment Issue 3GNW Micro SD solution for e-payment Customers Service Provider / Vender 3GNW e-payment System User Information Communication Module E-Money Value

15 © 2014 Dai Nippon Printing Co.,Ltd. All Rights Reserved. 14 Introduction of DNP Mobile Wallet

16 © 2014 Dai Nippon Printing Co.,Ltd. All Rights Reserved. 15 DNP Mobile Wallet Service Optimal Solution which is in harmony with community market and company needs can be realized by linking & integrating payment service with each service. Behavior log DB Marketing for end users / Establishment of optimal PDCA cycle Customer Analysis Misenaka(Inside Shop) Point Coupon Contactless credit Electric money Area money Smart shopping Ekinaka(Inside Station) Smart Poster Ivent Information Coupon Machinaka(Inside Town) Stamp rally Event ticket O2O promotion Smart town Ienaka(Inside House) Community Information check Event Information check Coupon Health care Online game Home electric Appiiance Community Office Employee ID Security Management Office equipment management Community membership P2P Information exchange SNS Introduction / Spreading Maximize loyalty in customers Increasing profit Maximize Sales promotion Customer acquisition Development of goods & services Improvement of production/ sales support.

17 © 2014 Dai Nippon Printing Co.,Ltd. All Rights Reserved. 16 Over view of NDP mobile Wallet service Mobile Wallet Application for End user and Mobile Wallet Server to control and Other services provided by DNP Mobile Wallet Server Mobile Wallet Application Other services provided DNP Services of third party provider Coupon service Prepaid service Point serivce Finance Retail Health care Ammusement And More… Activation Withdraw Member information Login/Logout Password change Inquiry NFC FeliCa Barcode 2D barcode Activation Access control Wallet management Logging Member managementPUSH notification Widget download Other service And More… Contactless credit payment

18 © 2014 Dai Nippon Printing Co.,Ltd. All Rights Reserved. 17 Speedy set upFlexible interface Feature of DNP Mobile Wallet Compatible with NFC, FeliCa, Barcode, and other interface like BLE You can choose the interface depend on the service requirement and infrastructure environment Combination of the services of DNP, the implementation timeline could be shortened. Smart Bureau Coupon service Acquiring platformRemote issuance service Prepaid service And more… Mobile Wallet application CreditPrepaidMember card CouponTicket NFC library One dimensional barcode library Two dimensional barcode library FeliCa library And more BLE library Coming soon!

19 © 2014 Dai Nippon Printing Co.,Ltd. All Rights Reserved. 18 PASSMART PASSMART is… Owned media which connects shoppers with shopping malls, major retailers and consumer brands. PASSMART can… Provide retailers/brands consolidated sales promotion functions into a mobile application. Update its features along with marketing trend. Be introduced easily and at reasonable price as ASP service. DNP has launched Mobile marketing platform PASSMART for Japanese market in 2013.

20 © 2014 Dai Nippon Printing Co.,Ltd. All Rights Reserved. 19 Plastic card with mag stripe Gift Prepaid Value is safe because the card itself does not have any value. The value is managed by the center server. Low cost introduction is achieved with effective use of internet. Value management server is provided as ASP. Access to the server is possible through internet. DNP supports smooth implementation of value card by providing inexpensive terminal for trial introduction. Mag stripe Card POS Mag stripe Card POS or or Inexpensive Terminal Inexpensive Terminal VALUE TACTiX Value Management System Secure Network Value Management Charge Value add Use Value deduct Balance check Balance reference Support from Introduction to Support from Introduction to Operation Operation Campaign Planning Campaign Planning Value Management Center Card Issuance Support Card Issuance Support Terminal Installation Terminal Installation Shop Shop About VALUE TACTiX

21 © 2014 Dai Nippon Printing Co.,Ltd. All Rights Reserved. 20 About OrderLine OrderLine is a ASP service for credit card payment geared to mail order/internet shopping. It automatically make real time authorization at the time of order receipt at shopping site. Its management screen supports various needs of the merchants at their order processing center. OederLine service is available in Japan only. Credit Payment Network Card Number Deposit Shop Info Credit Payment Info Credit Sale support I PC Credit Request mail Security code Credit Request 3 D Secure mail) Card Info Mobile Result Shopping Site Card Form Client shopper Management Screen TEL FAX Mail SSL Credit Sale Request Result File Result file Filing Form Input Batch completion mail Acquirer A Acquirer B Acquirer C Credit Card Issurer Merchant History Search screen Search Result Security Code Support I D Secure MPI Merchant Plug-in SSL MPI +AP Result

22 © 2014 Dai Nippon Printing Co.,Ltd. All Rights Reserved. 21 SP-TSM Service Provider OTA MNO TSM UIM OTA IC Applet Download Partitioning Google Play IC Applet Personal Data Smart Bureau Smart Bureau NFC SP-TSM Service Overview UI Appli Wallet Appli UI Appli Download UI Appli Wallet Appli Personal Data Personal Data Download (Loading Data) DNP has provided Japan Airlines with NFC SP-TSM service for JAL airline ticketing service Touch & Go. DNP has started the NFC SP-TSM services for NTT docomo ID x PayPass in Q114. DNP will start NFC SP-TSM services for payWave around the end of Q114. MicroSD and Embedded SE will be added to the product portfolio soon.

23 © 2014 Dai Nippon Printing Co.,Ltd. All Rights Reserved. 22 Wallet Server Coupon Server NFC smart poster at Merchants TAPLINK Re-direct Server 2. Merchant ID (URL1) 3. Merchant ID (URL1) 4. App identification, Coupon ID (URL2) 6. Coupon ID (URL2) 8. Coupon DL Provide coupon contents information to TAPLINK 1. Tap on NFC smart poster 7. Coupon ID (URL2) 5. Wallet app startup and Input PIN to open wallet 9. Opens coupon service screen and show the details of distributed coupon, and then show popup whether save or not. TAPLINK TAPLINK selects the coupon based on pre-condition. (e.g.) time, weather, etc. Do you want to save this coupon? Dynamic coupon distribution by TAPLINK Dynamic coupon distribution system TAPLINK enables various coupon distribution on the mobile wallet.

24 © 2014 Dai Nippon Printing Co.,Ltd. All Rights Reserved. 23 The Function of Mobile Wallet Functions Image only Registration & Service suspension External Service Info Setting Activation Password Lock Alteration of mail address and device Member ManagementPrepaid Function Coupon DistributionInformation Distribution Distribution with appointed date, time and address. Showing appointed screen in Push Application New Release Info Management Banner Contents Management Distribution of Rules and Regulations Coupon making & apply workflow Validity & Number Limit Coupon List My Coupon Management QR Code supported Balance Check Use History External Service Info Management Various optional functions and services are ready to use at DNP Mobile Wallet

25 © 2014 Dai Nippon Printing Co.,Ltd. All Rights Reserved. 24 DNP Mobile Wallet Service is designed to meet customers needs Mobile Wallet Service Service Menu of DNP Mobile Wallet Client Application Tie Up with Services Support customers own services Smart Bureau Coupon Service Payment Acting Service Remote Issuing Service Prepaid Service Coming soon =

26 © 2014 Dai Nippon Printing Co.,Ltd. All Rights Reserved. 25 Typical Process of introducing Mobile Wallet Preparation Period months FS 6 months Service Improvement 3 6 months Launching Service Selecting the services to provide Making Wallet Application UI UX Evaluating the effect & extracting the issues to cover Assessing the result of FS. To decide to utilize DNP Services or to develop new original service. Review of Wallet Application Design

27 © 2014 Dai Nippon Printing Co.,Ltd. All Rights Reserved. 26 DNP is a principal member of NFC Forum

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