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The World Needs YTB State-Of-The-Art Travel/Shopping Engine Who Are My 3&FREE? Self Use Taxes Benefits Home Travel Business Affiliate Customers Team Builders.

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2 The World Needs YTB State-Of-The-Art Travel/Shopping Engine Who Are My 3&FREE? Self Use Taxes Benefits Home Travel Business Affiliate Customers Team Builders Career Seekers Special Needs Travel Internet Fundraising Corporate/Business

3 Self-Use You Are Your Own Best Customer! Look at the Money Youre Spending Immediate Discipline to Buy From YOURSELF YTB Travel Network ZamZuu E-commerce

4 Stop-n-Look Before You Shop Or Book! Welcome To YTB WORLD

5 Travel tax deductible rather than with after-tax dollars Travel As An Insider And Enjoy Tax Benefits TAXES: Become A Travel Professional Taxes are the recap, the story of your year


7 The Industry: 8 Trillion Domestic & Global Travel Your Own Home Travel Business: We Sell FUN! Travel like an insider Enjoy potential tax benefits, Get paid on your own and other peoples travel Full access to the industry's largest travel inventory Competitive prices Detailed tracking and reporting system, Ongoing training and support, No employees, No quotas, No inventory, No collections 50% of home-based travel agencies have sales of $25,000 to $250,000 annually Your Travel Business

8 MONTHLY WEB HOSTING FEE $49.95 Beginning in month 2 YTB Travel Program

9 YTB Travel Network State-Of-The-Art Booking Website Powered YTB Travel Network Same Hotels, Cruises, Car Rentals & Resorts people are currently buying online, All available 24/7/365 RTA earns 60% of the commission paid to YTB

10 Your Name Here $50 Monthly Hosting Fee Franchise Type Business Model State-of-the-Art Consumer Booking Engine Corporate Office Support Web hosting Sales Reports & Commission Tracking Includes First Class Training Personal Success Coach

11 Affiliate Customers YTB invested millions in a State of the art Consumer Booking Engine! Customers can register as an Affiliate and receive 30% of the commission when they book or shop online. Thats 30 cents of every dollar! There is no limit on the number of Affiliate registrations! Best of all--Registration is FREE! Stop and Look before you Shop or Book!

12 Business Professionals Looking For Field Leaders to Move Online Product Travel $9 Trillion Retail $4 Trillion B2B/B2C Nonprofits YTB Affiliates Businesses Fundraising YTB Field Management Team PowerTeam Leader, CC, Director YTB Consumer Booking Engine Is it in YOU?

13 Goal: Join 3 & Free Club Build team of smart, sharp people, businesses, & organizations 3&FREE - Complimentary website hosting of your booking engine Achieve Executive Director Benefits at 500 team sales Medical Health Insurance Reimbursement A REAL Car Program $500 - $1 Million Dollar Bonuses Optional Marketing Commissions - Highli ghts $500 bonus for every 6 sales increase to PowerTeam $10,000 bonus for every 100 sales increase to PowerTeam 50% commission match on ALL personally sponsored (after QTO) Weekly Retail profits and monthly residual income Rep Team Builders

14 Likes to shop? Likes to travel? Needs extra income? Overworked or underpaid? Sick and tired of being sick and tired? Likes to have fun? Who Do You Care About Most? THAT…

15 Whos Looking for You? B2B - Home, Small, Medium, and corporate size business! o 51% of businesses book their own air, hotel, cars, Conventions… B2C - Travel Enthusiasts, Vegas expert, Cruise planning, Disney Travel Agent, Jamaica Travel, Destination Wedding Honeymoon Planner, Medical Tourism, Culinary Tourism, Family Reunions, sports events, Cruisers, Educational Travel, Family travel stuckees, Event Planners, Home Travel Agents, Schools, Churches, Nonprofits…

16 YTB System to Help You Build The YTB WAY GUIDE – The FAST TRACK Repeatable, Duplicable Process to 3&FREE! Order in Rep Back Office at

17 YTB Video Marketing System NEW SALES: Prospecting for a new sale: Send them to Your VMS

18 Exciting New Careers from HOME - Discover an exciting global career in Hospitality & Tourism! The hospitality and tourism industry is HIRING! YTB puts you out front in a real business! We have invested MILLIONS in creating a state-of-the-art travel booking engine where you have access to the WORLD of travel and travel-related services. Top earners are eligible for higher commission percentages, company paid medical and life insurance benefits! Career Opportunity Seekers Avoid 1,000's in Tuition Debt and Years of Classroom

19 Career Opportunities in Hospitality & Tourism Imagine...Earn while you learn! YTB provides "specific" knowledge and training in the career path you choose! EARN while you LEARN as a… (and the list is endless!) Corporate, Business, Group, & Personal Travel Booking Specialist Special Needs Group Certified Accessible Travel Advocate Educational Travel Vacation & Cruise Planning Specialist Personal Concierge Meeting, Convention, & Events Planner Weddings Destination Specialist Global Tour Guide & Escort YTB Host Travel Agency -- Travel Agent Nonprofit Business Development Hospitality Jobs website:

20 Accessible & Special Needs Travel 24 million disabled Americans would travel or travel more frequently if their special needs were met. Twenty percent (63 million) of Americans have a disability; approximately 10 million aged 15 and older use a walking aid. The fastest-growing segment in the travel industry! Each year for the next 20 years, 4 million Baby Boomers will turn 65 in the U.S. alone! 40 percent of Baby Boomers will be retiring with some form of disability. By 2015, the Baby Boomer generation will command 60 percent of net U.S. wealth and 40 percent of spending.

21 Robust Growth in Medical Tourism Treatment Growth Areas Cosmetic surgery is expected to be the biggest growth area. Dental treatment (43%), Cancer treatment (43%) Infertility treatment (40%) Top Destinations The U.S., India, Thailand, Turkey and Singapore are at the top of the list Travel Professionals can develop a medical travel niche by partnering with medical travel providers!

22 Internet Fundraising It is time to harness and redirect funds available on the internet to our churches, nonprofits, and schools. Our company has put together an online fundraising program for you to receive 60% of the commission paid by our vendors. Imagine…your organizations personalized, full service, e-commerce website that will include: o ONLINE SHOPPING MALL o ONLINE TRAVEL STORE o MOVIE TICKETS and BOOKS o FLORIST and GIFT SHOP o RESTAURANT CERTIFICATES and so much more! We do all the work! All you have to do is advertise your personalized e-commerce website and receive your FUNDS! Convenient, Easy, No Hoops, No Quotas or Limits, Safe, Reliable & Secure

23 A simple shift – Painless Fundraising Simply stated, all you are saying to your member or supporters is this: - We know you book travel and shop online. - We ask that you do it through our website. - Youll receive competitive rates or better and help a cause you believe in. Book TravelGo Shopping

24 YTB Travel Commission Examples Group Hotel Sale Group Sale: $8000 YTB 10%: $800 RTA 60%: $480 Note: Travel Commissions are paid on 25 th of each month after the travel is taken and the vendor has paid YTB (30 Days ). Group Cruise Travel Sale Group Sale: $20,000 YTB 10%: $2000 RTA 60%: $1200 Same Hotels, Cruises, Car Rentals & Resorts members & supporters are currently buying online, All available 24/7/365 RTA (Organization) earns 60% of the commission paid to YTB

25 Your organization earns commissions when members and supporters shop or book travel online 50 Shoppers generate $10 commission a month Raise $500 per month 100 Shoppers generate $10 commission a month Raise $1,000 per month 1000 Shoppers generate $10 commission a month Raise $10,000 per month Passive Internet Fundraiser

26 Consumer Shopping & Booking Trends Holiday Online Shopping Surged from $42.3 Billion in 2012 to $48.1 Billion this 2013 ! Online Consumer Retail Spending 2013 o Thanksgiving - $766 billion o Black Friday - $1.2 billion o Cyber Monday - $1.7 billion o Green Monday - $1.4 billion U.S. online travel spending reached $103 billion in % of all personal travel booked online ! Expedia- $4 B ttm, Amazon- $20 B ttm

27 Year Round Fundraising Consumer Spending Trends 2013 Super Bowl: $13 Billion 2013 Valentines Day Spending: $23 Billion 2013 Spring Break: 1.5 Million Students Easter (2012): $17 Billion Mothers Day (2012): $19 Billion Fathers Day (2012): $11 Billion Halloween (2012): $8 Billion

28 Monthly Cyber Day Fundraiser Keys to Success Buy-in to a common goal & vision Simply request members & supporters… Stop n Look before you Shop or Book! FREE Affiliate Program Registration – Cash back in supporters pocket!

29 Benefits Generate funds from existing network of members & supporters. Get paid for performance and productivity …no glass ceiling on earnings. Low participation rate still produces significant revenue. Trackable commissions and reporting for online shopping and travel bookings. Online purchases and changes are handled directly with the vendors. Travel commissions are paid by third party merchants, not your supporters. The campaign requires virtually no management overhead. Non-contractual. No Long-term Commitment.

30 Atlanta Caribbean Carnival

31 Travel Information



34 Hands That Heal RTA Back Office Corporate-Level Commissions


36 HOPE Travel Network


38 Each time your company books Air, Hotel, Rental Cars, Event Tickets, Limousines, Conventions, Conferences and more. Your Companys Business Expenses- an Untapped Source of Revenue

39 Fresh Revenue Through Travel Non-Traditional Travel Income & Savings Program Competitive On-Line Travel Rates. Eliminates Agency Fees. Returns Substantial Revenue Back to Your Company. Provides an Additional Income Stream. Trackable Travel Bookings and Commissions. Employees Can Book Their Own Travel Anywhere, Anytime for Business or Pleasure.

40 Traditional Travel Booking Agencies charge fees ranging from $20 - $60 per transaction. Corporate Rate is determined by the size of your company, the gross dollar amount of travel, and the vendors that honor it. Online travel agencies such as Expedia ®, Orbitz ®, do not give revenue back to your company for travel booked.

41 Your company is reimbursed 60% of vendor commission regardless of your companys size or amount of travel booked. Employees Personal travel may be included, if you open your site to employees. All bookings and revenue are trackable at any time, 24/7 with our Travel Portal feature. YTB Internet Business Center Features

42 Your Companys Untapped Revenue 50 Total Corporate Travelers x $10,000 Average Travel Expense per person/per year = $500,000 Total Travel Booked x 5% Average Commission Rate from Vendors = $ 25,000 in Travel Commissions x 60% Revenue Return for Your Company = $ 15,000 in Untapped Revenue for Your Company With the YTB Internet Business Center 60% of all travel commissions from the website go directly to your company. Below is an example of the income potential. Figures provided are target estimates and do not imply guaranteed performance. To achieve maximum performance organizations must effectively communicate the travel program to their supporters.

43 Ideas That Work For You Improve employee morale and retention by offering vacations booked on your travel website as incentives Implement an employee Travel Club Offset the cost of health insurance Absorb the cost of an on site daycare for employees Organize a cruise convention or conference

44 The World Needs YTB State-Of-The-Art Travel/Shopping Engine Who Are My 3&FREE? Self Use Taxes Benefits Home Travel Business Affiliate Customers Team Builders Career Seekers Special Needs Travel Internet Fundraising Corporate/Business

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