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Allied Cost Saver Webinar Allied Cost Saver Webinar Presented by Randy Wehner, Sales Manager Allied National, Inc. Welcome to the.

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1 Allied Cost Saver Webinar Allied Cost Saver Webinar Presented by Randy Wehner, Sales Manager Allied National, Inc. Welcome to the

2 Overview The problems were told you face in building your business How Cost Saver can be a solution What in the world is Cost Saver? Your target market – Where do I go to sell it? Whats in it for me?

3 Are we right about you? Keeping the clients you have Growing your business even larger Youre an insurance professional focusing on health insurance and facing these major challenges:

4 Affordable Group Health Insurance Problem 1: Some of your group clients cant afford to keep their current major medical health plans.

5 You have uninsured prospects who think they cant afford coverage Or who have been told they cant qualify for a group health plan Covering the Uninsured Problem 2:

6 How do I keep the clients I have? How do I attract new clients? You Want to Expand Your Business Problem 3:

7 Old Solutions High deductible plans that cut premium costs but leave the insured with high upfront costs People just do without insurance

8 Cost Saver, an Affordable Alternative New Solution: Immediate benefits with affordable rates as much as 50% lower than traditional plans.

9 Cost Saver Covers the Uninsured New Solution: No medical underwriting means any group qualifies for coverage regardless of health No medical applications and no rate ups! The rates you sell are the rates we issue! Low rates and non-medical underwriting brings new groups into the market

10 Cost Saver Expands Your Business New Solution: Retain your current small group employer business thats ready to stop providing group health insurance Find new customers ready to enter the market

11 Whats Cost Saver? A group-sponsored limited benefit plan with REAL benefits Features essential benefits that people want and need the most including doctors office copays and Rx drug copays Includes coverage for specialists, surgery, outpatient services and inpatient hospital stays

12 Cost Saver Benefits Essential Benefits Office visit copay benefit in or out-of-network After a $20 copay, 100% coinsurance in-network or 80% coinsurance out-of-network No limit on the number of visits! Prescription drug card: Two different plan options

13 Cost Saver Benefits Other Benefits Professional services by specialists Outpatient services Emergency room care Outpatient surgical and facility charges Inpatient facility charges

14 Cost Saver Options Three plan choices with varying maximum benefit levels Plan 750 Plan 1000 Plan 1500 Deductible of $250 or $500 Prescription drug card Generic drug option with a discount for brand name drugs Formulary option providing coverage for generic and brand name drugs

15 Target Markets Cost Saver: Who are the prospects for this type of plan? Groups… With low wage labor forces Dropping their current plan Not already providing coverage That cant qualify for a major medical plan

16 Target Markets Cost Saver: What kind of industries choose Cost Saver? Nursing homes and skilled nursing businesses Construction trades and contractors Trucking companies Convenience stores Restaurants Lawn care services Auto dealers and service centers Beauty shops *1099 employees are eligible

17 Target Markets Cost Saver: Use Cost Saver as a class carve-out within a group: Union workers Low wage workers Hourly workers

18 Whats in it for Me? Agent first year and renewal commission! Any size new group: 10% flat Average Cost Saver group has 14 employees Larger groups = larger commissions A 100+ employee group could pay a monthly commission in excess of $2,100

19 Whats in it for Me? Its easy to sell! Its simple: No medical underwriting No rate-ups, no rate surprises Easy to enroll

20 Whats in it for Me? A good feeling of selling something people can afford. Affordability: Low rates: 50%–60% cheaper than major medical Multiple plan options to fit any benefit/budget needs

21 Whats in it for Me? Retain and expand your business. Save clients leaving the group benefits market Find new clients who need an alternative to a major medical plan

22 Other Allied Products Premium Advantage major med plans ranging from $500–$10K deductible No Deductible major med plans HSA qualified plans Group Dental Design plan Allied Life and Disability Allied has it all… To help you be a FULL benefits provider!

23 In Closing… Cost Saver offers affordable health insurance to your clients Cost Saver can help you grow your business May Harold Patman @ NIA generate a quote for one of your groups who would benefit from Cost Saver?…

24 What do I do Now? Call NIA at 1-888-243-5026 to find out more about Allied Cost Saver and request a quote.

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