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REGRANT Application 2008 Portfolio Development and Preparation for the NYC High School Art Entrance Exam Submitted by Mary Rieser Heintjes To: BROOKLYN.

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1 REGRANT Application 2008 Portfolio Development and Preparation for the NYC High School Art Entrance Exam Submitted by Mary Rieser Heintjes To: BROOKLYN ARTS COUNCIL Deadline: September 27, 2007

2 PERSONAL STATEMENT Being creative and thinking positively has been a driving force in my existence in New York City. Seeing and watching the world around me finds me wanting to help it along in any way that I can. Seeing young students striving to figure things out, makes me want to help them. Seeing miscreant students harm others because their energies are not challenged in a positive way, makes me want to introduce them to art and working with their hands and minds to think towards the future. This finds me now wanting to focus on integrating the arts with young students to find a future for themselves in this ever changing and complicated system. I have developed a teaching program to assist middle school students prepare for the NYC HS Art Entrance Exam with much success.

3 Brooklyn Public Library After attending a seminar at the Brooklyn Public Library moderated by Angeli Rasbury, searching for artists to develop creative programs at the library, it became a real possibility to find a home for my idea. A workshop for middle school students wanting to enter a High School specializing in art would be an excellent activity to present at the library. Photography by Mary Rieser Heintjes

4 Collaboration with Brooklyn Arts Council To be able to reach many students, it would be necessary to find funding for this idea and merge the creative endeavor with an administration seeking to assist artists and the community. SO:

5 Proposal Introduction One MUST prepare The Art Exam for High School Entrance involves many factors. The student must be prepared to: 1.Present a Portfolio 2.Take an exam that includes drawing a still life, model, creating a design solution and identifying art definitions 3. And be interviewed on why one wants to be an artist Student drawing by LMH: 4 x 4 pencil on paper

6 Prepare artwork for the Portfolio CLASS 1: PORTRAIT and to prepare for figure drawing Carefully draw a portrait following guidelines in class READ: ANATOMY BOOK and draw skeleton – xerox copies provided HOMEWORK: With full sheet of long paper supplied, trace around your whole body, draw skeleton underneath with anatomical accuracy. Draw the skeleton in black pencil with shading. Practice drawing the face – nose, eyes, mouth, etc. Student art work by LMH: 8 x 10 pencil on paper study of portrait with design elements

7 At the HS exam, still life props will be set up to be drawn CLASS 2: STILL LIFE DRAWING: Awareness of the picture plane and how you see Set up still life and draw using the full picture plane Be aware of perspective, shading, shadows, and relationship of elements READ: Perspective book provided HOWEWORK: Encourage daily drawing in journal Practice cross hatching and shading and free form motion Draw in perspective determine vanishing point and horizon line Student art work by JF: 14 x 17 pencil and charcoal on paper

8 At the HS Exam, students will be asked to draw from a model CLASS 3: FIGURE DRAWING FROM MODEL Prepare: Model with striped shirt and pants sitting and reading on geometric blanket. Draw model the entire session. Give instructions on center of gravity, skeletal structure and perspective. READ: ANATOMY BOOK: posture, movement relationship of skeleton to body movement. HOMEWORK: Draw family members at home Student art work by JF: 14 x 11 pencil on paper - study of drawing from the model

9 At the Exam, a student will be asked to solve a design problem CLASS 4: DESIGN Create an imaginary design using the full picture plane. Think of elements in nature, architecture, geometry, invention, discovery, and create a drawing that is assembled in a harmonious, whimsical and intuitive way. Render (shade) the forms to strengthen tension and contrast. Examples: Draw a new car model, draw the feeling of wind, create a business card, draw an animal walking in space READ: Design elements handouts, Golden Section, Kepler, DaVinci, Paul Klee, Vermeer, Euclid and observe the world around you HOMEWORK: Complete Design drawing. Draw the cross section of a seashell. Student art work by LMH: 11 x 17 Watercolor, oil pastel, ink on paper for design study


11 Include all genre of artwork, studies, mediums, perspective, still life, portrait in your portfolio All student work for portfolio development: by JF Drawing to scale of masters art 14 x 17, pencil on paper Completed watercolor of master copy 14 x 17 on paper Watnercolor and ink study of perspective from scen in Brooklyn 14 x 11 on paper Pen and ink study of portrait drawing 11 x 14 on paper

12 Encourage creating everyday, cut out collages, copy the masters, draw flowing vines and friends portraits Student work for portfolio development: by LMH Design elements study Collage cut paper 14 x 8 Copy of Van Gogh on paper 11 14 Pencil, oil pastel, crayon, ink Gesture drawing study using clemantis plant Pencil on paper 17 x 11 Portrait study 11 x 8 Pencil, Charcoal on paper

13 Include independent work youve done all on your own Student work done without supervision: by LMH!!! Drawing from daily journal: Pencil, charcoal on paper 11 x 17

14 Choose the best 10-16 completed art works that you feel expresses your potential and spirit. Arrange in order of preference to keep the viewers interest. Add poems, art photos, science papers, collages, watercolor, oils, drawings, studies, etc. In portfolio presentation binder provided: HFP 14 x 17 -Type print your name in color in the binding exterior -Prepare resume for insertion on first page, include community service, interests, awards -Input art work: include labeling art by Name, medium, title and if done independently or under supervision CLASS 5: PORTFOLIO ASSEMBLING Include CV Label art Portfolio Name Add Poems

15 Page 1: Curriculum Vitae of Porfolio Development Teacher MARY RIESER HEINTJES 265 Vanderbilt Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11205 Home: 718-638-0218 Cell: 917-478-8454 Email: http::// EXHIBITIONS & PUBLICATIONS 2007Freddys Backroom Gallery, Brooklyn, NYL & M Studio265 Artwork 2007Noho Art Walk, NYCGroup Show: Blue Morpho 2006Community of Artists Show, Brooklyn, NYGroup Show: City Trees 2005Urban Glass Gallery, SONYA Artists, Brooklyn, NYGroup Show: City Trees, Painting 2004Urban Glass, SONYA ExhibitGroup Show: Glass Sculpture 2003SONYA Art Tour, Vanderbilt Gallery, Brooklyn, NGroup Show: City Trees, Drawings 2001Tillies Coffee Shop, Brooklyn, NYGroup Show: Small Works 1999Tillies Coffee Shop, Brooklyn, NYOne Person Show" 1998-2007Stratford Road, Brooklyn, NYInstallation of Large Painting 1997RICHART, 7 East 55th St, NYCOne Person Show 1997Kings County Supreme Court, Brooklyn, NYUnity Day 97 1996Crossroads, Inc, Brooklyn, New YorkCommunity Arts Show 1995Lefferts Homestead Museum, Brooklyn, NYQuilts for Children 1994Art Initiatives, New York, NYMass Exposure 1994St. Boniface Biennial, Brooklyn, NYDrawing 1993New Age Medical Gallery, Brooklyn, NYMother/Daughter Drawings 1991Wetherholt Gallery, Washington, DCStraight Up Art 1990Wetherholt Gallery, Washington, DCContemporary Women

16 Page 2: Curriculum Vitae-Mary Rieser Heintjes GRANTS, COMMISSIONS, AUCTIONS, SEMINARS, AND COLLECTIONS 2007Brooklyn Public Library, Artists Think for ProgramsFuture BPL Ideas –Art Portfolio Dev 2005-2007Judy Poehler Residence, Brooklyn, NYStained Glass Windows Designs 2006SONYA AuctionPhoto Swan at Sunset: Prospect Pk 2006Salk School of Science AuctionPhotoArtCards: Butterflies 2005-2006PhotoArtCards American Museum of Natural HistoryAMNH Butterfly Gift Shop Exhibit 2005PhotoArtCards for the Brooklyn Youth ChorusYouth Chorus Competition in London 2003-2006Candace Sorman Design, Brooklyn, NYStained Glass Window Design 2002Christiane Drapkin Collection, Brooklyn, NYBasement Painting #1 2001Fred Becker Collection, Brooklyn, NYMother and Child: Leaf Drawing 2000Adam Levinson, Architect, Design DoorwayStained Glass Window 1997Robert Rauschenberg, Change, Inc. GrantL & M Studio Relocation Grant 1997Tillies Coffee Shop, Brooklyn, New YorkStained Glass Display Window 1997Thompson Residence, Brooklyn, New YorkStained Glass Restoration 1997Speier Residence, Brooklyn, New YorkStained Glass Restoration 1990Selsey Residence, Brooklyn, New YorkStained Glass Windows 1989Patenaude Residence, New York, New YorkStained Glass Lamp 1988Michael Perry Collection, Brooklyn, New YorkPainting Inquisitive Ilyusha 1985Artists Space Grant for Pratt InstitutePratt Alumni Show

17 Page 3: Curriculum Vitae-Mary Rieser Heintjes EDUCATION MFA Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, New York Major: Painting & Drawing 1985 BFA Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, New York Major: Ptg/Drwg & Stained Glass 1979 PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE 2005-present TEACHING ASSISTANT. Education Volunteer Dept, American Museum of Natural History 2005-present TEACHER. Drawing, Painting and Portfolio Development. Private students 2005-present Board of Trustees-Member/Artist. Art-in-Context, New York City. 1979-present CO-DIRECTOR, L & M STUDIO. Design, construction/restoration of stained glass, painting and drawing fine art commissions. Photo Art. Research/development in the arts. Web design, Studio Gallery. QuarkXpress, Photoshop, Film Factory, I-Photo, PPoint, Macintosh. 1988 - present Executive Secretary to the Chairman, Internal Medicine, The Brooklyn Hospital Center Coordinate Grand Rounds/Academic Lecture Series, grant writing, payroll, order supplies, extensive meetings, phone, community assistance. MS Word, WP, dBase, Excel. 1998-1999 Chairperson, Enrichment & Arts Committee, PS 8 PTA, Brooklyn, New York 1986-1988 Studio Assistant, P.L. Patenaude Stained Glass Studio, New York, New York 1980-1985 Secretary, Student Activities Department, Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, New York Coordinate college work-study students, special events productions, student/alumni art shows. 1979-1980 Studio Assistant, S. Brauer Stained Glass Studio, Brooklyn, New York 1979 Paperhandler, Jim Dines edition of Story of Eight Portraits, New York, New York PROFESSIONAL AFFILIATIONS 2005-present Brooklyn Arts Council Registry 2002-present Rotunda Gallery Registry, Brooklyn, New York 2003-present SONYA: South Of Navy Yard Artists 1985 Artist Space Registry, New York City

18 PORTFOLIO DEVELOPMENT FOR PREPARATION OF THE NYC H.S SPECIALIZED ART EXAM HELD AT THE BROOKLYN PUBLIC LIBRARY and FUNDED BY REGRANT PROGRAM OF THE BROOKLYN ARTS COUNCIL A. The classes would be offered to middle school grades 7-8 of students who are hoping to applying for Art Programs in NYC Specialized High Schools by Teacher and an Assistant to the Teacher. Class size can be up to 25 students B. 5 classes per session @ 1.5 hours on a weekly after school OR a Saturday x 3 sessions. Four instructional and one final class to finalize the portfolio in a completed state. C. Registration fee per student D. Supplies to be funded and given to each student 14 x 17 Portfolio case with sheets, Art paper 14 x 17 for daily class work, Xerox copies of instruction: Perspective, Portrait and Figure, Color Theory, Art terminology E. Students bring from home: Sketchbook, Art Pencils, charcoal, watercolor, oil pastel F. Publicity to area schools: Email art teachers, Flyers distribution to area schools G. Reception for final day – parents/students prepare and review completed work PROJECTED OVERALL PROGRAM PROPOSAL

19 ART WORK BY THE TEACHER Mary Rieser Heintjes Painting: City Trees - Clinton Avenue - Oils on Canvas 56 x 72

20 Drawing: Mother & Child Pencil on Paper 11 x 14 by Mary Rieser Heintjes

21 Drawing: In Search of City Tree - Pencil on Paper 11 x 14 Preying Mantis was raised by L & M Studio by Mary Rieser Heintjes

22 Conclusion To produce my own art, I find that reacting to the environment encompassed a threshold in which some inner desire to draw, paint and photograph keeps me always drawing, painting and photographing and planning future work. I strive to learn all the means necessary to convey emotional expressions, but have always found drawing on paper to touch the fragile details that burst the barrier to conquer profound observation. There remains a distant view and always some wish to capture. Keeping working and keeping an open spirit to an unconscious flow to the meaningful aspects of life and being alive, somehow guides me in the pieces I am now doing. Because of these attributes, it facilitates others to be creative around me which I encourage. And so here I am wanting to do that for the Brooklyn Public Library and our future artists. Photo: Swan at Sunset by Mrh2007 - duplication of all art by permission of the artists only

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