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Welcome to Social Studies Mrs. Lareau Bronze Team.

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1 Welcome to Social Studies Mrs. Lareau Bronze Team

2 So I thought she was an English teacher…Or… My crazy life as a middle school English and social studies teacher: Spring of 1994: long-term social studies sub, 8 th grade 1994-1995: 8 th grade social studies and sixth grade language arts 1995-1996: 6 th grade social studies and language arts 1996-1997: 7 th grade social studies 1997-1998: 7 th grade social studies 1998-1999: 8 th grade English Fall of 1999: 8 th grade English (then maternity leave) 2000-2001: 7 th grade English 2001-2002: 8 th grade English 2002-2003: 7 th grade English 2003-2004: 7 th and 8 th grade English 2004-2005: 7 th and 8 th grade English 2005-2006: 8 th grade English 2006-2007: 8 th grade social studies 2007-2008: 6 th grade LA I 2008-2009: 6 th grade LA I 2009-2010: 6 th grade English A 2010-2011: 6 th grade English A 2011-2012: 6 th grade English A 2012-2013: 6 th grade social studies

3 Contact Information Email is the best way to contact me. If you need to speak by phone, let me know via email a good number and time to call. If there is truly an urgent message, call the office or your child’s guidance counselor.

4 The goal is to reach all learners to make them aware of the different cultures of Eastern hemisphere, and how the past, present, and future in those regions impact and affect them as residents and citizens of the United States and the world. Reading: textbook, non-fiction, fiction, current events Writing: critically reflect on presented topics, find a voice on an issue, research and report, locate main ideas and supporting details from reading Whole Class Instruction : analysis and reflection of readings in discussion, video and audio clips for discussion, group work and sharing to show different perspectives

5 Social Studies – Grading Policy Grading Guidelines : Grades are determined by a total points system with the following types of assessments, and each category will be worth about the same each quarter.  Homework: Preparedness, Participation, and Preparation  Classwork : small group projects or in-class work  Formal writing pieces and projects (with pacing and rubrics provided)  Quizzes, quests, and tests

6 Aspen Grades will be posted mid-quarter and end of quarter. Report cards will be mailed home quarterly with letter grades, but comments are only available on Aspen. Most grades will be posted when assignments are returned to students. Some assignments may require longer post time. Check my website handouts section and announcements section for important updates, directions, or information. E-blasts will keep you informed of when to look and other instructions. Play around with your account – you can’t mess it up – only we can, so email if something looks wrong.

7 Student’s Role  Check my website daily.  Come to class prepared with folder, binder section, pens, pencils, independent reading book, and journal.  Be prepared to write and read daily. Read directions carefully for all assignments.  Show effort to gain understanding of the concepts presented.  Increase skills to write and speak critically about presented topics.  Accept responsibility for completing pieces and other assignments and ask for help if needed.  Be willing to try new techniques, methods and strategies to improve discussion, writing, and reading.  Be willing to work with peers and teacher.  Take pride in work produced and reflect for further understanding.

8 Teacher’s Role  Provide a safe and productive environment for learning and discussion of the curriculum.  Guide students in their learning through multiple techniques.  Facilitate adjustment to the Library/Media Center.  Provide opportunities to strengthen research and organization skills.  Encourage students to read and write about as well as discuss the world’s events.  Applaud efforts and offer encouragement.

9 Parent’s Role  Discuss events of the world at home and ask your child questions and their viewpoints on the events.  Encourage your children to move through the steps of the learning process whether it is an overnight or long term assignment.  Encourage your child to complete all assignments and show interest in their work.

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