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2 Hey, kids! Have you ever wanted to make some money, but didn't know how? Are you saving money toward a new bike or a video game? There's a great feeling that goes along with earning money and helping people at the same time-- especially if you're smart enough to save some of your cash and share it with your family and friends. Here are a few easy ways to earn your own money. Be sure you ask your parents to read about the job that you'd like to try and get their permission before you start. Before you know it, you may earn so much that your parents might even come to for a loan!

3 Rent-a-Kid There may be people in your church or neighborhood who need odd jobs done. Business Cards: You will need to advertise your business and the best way to do this is with your very own card. These can be made on a computer, saying something like: Rent-a-Kid Need Help Getting Things Done? Call ___________(your name) Be Specific:You might even want to add the following to your card: No job too big or too small (for a ten year old) Fill in your age, so people will only ask you to do jobs that you can do well. Be Careful:Only give these cards to people that you or your parents know. Begin Early:If you start this kind of job in the spring, it will keep you busy well into the summer. Be Kind:If you see a person who may need your help, there's nothing wrong with just being kind and helping for free. Remember it's not all about money. Sharing your gifts and abilities can be great, too!

4 Mail Service When people travel, they need someone to pick up their mail and papers. Make up a cute card with a picture of a runner and a clever saying like: "Going Away? Philip will save the day! Let me collect your papers and mail." If you charge your neighbors only $1 per day for a job that should take no longer than ten minutes, you're earning $6 per hour! Once word gets out about your reliability in this important task, you could be making $12 per week with only two customers!

5 Pet Minders In England they call baby-sitters "child minders." You could become a "pet minder" because people are always looking for someone dependable to care for their animals when they go on vacation. If you like animals, then you'll love this job! Pass Out Flyers:Let friends, relatives, and neighbors know about your service and how to contact you. Pet Pleasers:Before you accept a job, visit the pet. If it seems hard to manage or just doesn't seem to like you, then decline the job. Pay:It's always best to discuss your pay before your job ever begins. Call several local kennels and find out what the going daily rate is to board an animal in those places. You should charge anywhere from 1/3 to ½ of those rates. Be sure to let your customer know how your rate compares to the local kennels. Precautions:Be careful around new animals. Walk slowly until they get to know you are a safe person. Be especially careful while going in and out of the house because the animal could run outside quicker than you might imagine. Phone:Be sure you get an emergency phone number for the pet owners. Pet Problems:You will need to clean up any mess the pet makes. If you have a problem with an animal, be sure you let your parents know about it.

6 Baby-sitting Service This is one of the most popular jobs for young guys and girls. But it's important that the kids being watched and you--as the baby-sitter--feel safe. Here are some tips to help you decide if this is the right job for you: Fundamentals: The best place to start is with a Red Cross Baby-sitting Course. Just go to to find the course nearest you. Also, your parents will know if you're ready to take on this big responsibility or not. It's important that you trust their judgment. If they do not feel comfortable with your ability, maturity level, or safety, you could start by helping another sitter. Or, you could help a mom while she's at home until you (and your parents) are confident in your abilities to care for young children. Friend or Foe?:Your parents probably won't let you baby-sit for someone they do not know or who does not have a recommendation from someone that they trust. Your mom or dad may want to meet the prospective customers, look at their home, and ask them some questions. God gives parents discernment, and if they don't feel comfortable with your potential baby- sitting situation, then you should decline the offer.

7 Fantastic:It's hard for most parents to find baby-sitters who enjoy their work, keep the house in order, and love the kids. If you are a fantastic baby-sitter you can often set your own prices and schedule. There will be a great demand for your outstanding services! Decide that you're going to be a super sitter: clean up after the kids, get them to bed on time, don't have friends over without permission, and don't spend your time on the phone. Fun:There's a balance between having fun with the kids and still maintaining control in the home. The kids you care for will have to learn to mind; yet good baby-sitters will play board games, go on walks or to the park, and spend a lot of time playing with kids they baby-sit. Food:Don't eat anything beyond the meal or snack you're serving the kids unless you have permission to do so. You might even want to bring some snacks from home, but be sure you eat them after the kids are in bed, unless you have enough to share with everyone (and the parents' permission for their kids to have the snack). Fees:As I said before, good sitters can set their own fees. On the other hand, there's nothing quite as frustrating to a parent as a well-paid baby-sitter who leaves the house a mess, eats up all the food, and parks the kids in front of the television, computer, or video games. You have to be sure you are worth your wage! You may consider charging an hourly rate, based on the number of children. For night owls, charge more per hour for every hour after 10:00 p.m., 11:00 p.m., and midnight. Freebies:Sometimes God wants us to think about caring for the needs of others. I think it's a good idea for baby-sitters to donate their services to church gatherings, young parents who can't afford a night out, or single parents. An occasional freebie will keep you from focusing on the money end of the job.

8 Mama's Helper This is an ideal job if you enjoy children but are too young to baby-sit by yourself. It also provides excellent experience for when you are old enough to baby-sit. This is one of the few jobs where you actually get paid to play! Advertise:Make your flyers colorful so they'll stand out and you'll be remembered. Be sure to advertise that you will play with the children, tell stories, and play board games. You may even want to advertise some quiet activities in case your employer wants the kids quiet in the family room while she has a meeting in the dining room! All About Fun! Some mother's helpers bring along their own toys, dress-up items, or craft items. Little kids love something new, and that old toy in the back of your closet may keep your little buddy busy for a long time. Ask:The primary reason you are being hired is that Mom is busy doing something else. So ask for her general list of instructions, then try not to interrupt her at all! Allow for Learning:Remember that being a mother's helper is to help prepare you for baby- sitting. So watch Mom carefully as she interacts with her children and ask questions to learn all you can about caring for and entertaining young children.

9 Lawn Service When most kids think of earning cash in the summer, one of the first things they think about is mowing lawns. While this can be a cool source of income, it can also be dangerous if you're not careful. We have a friend who showed our kids where he cut off two toes while he was mowing lawns as a child. Ouch! It made our kids very cautious around lawnmowers. Supplies:You either need to invest in a good mower, get your parents' permission to use theirs, or fully acquaint yourself with your customer's mower before you do the job. Don't forget the trimmer, broom and dustpan to pick up the clippings, and possibly a rake. Know who will supply what before you go to your job. Safety:Have mom or dad teach you how to do this job and practice on your parents' yard (for free). You should always wear safety goggles, long pants, long sleeves, and sturdy shoes. You must know how to operate the equipment properly to keep those nice-looking toes of yours. Successful Advertising:The best advertising is a job well done. Then you'll get repeat business and probably more referrals than you can handle. Print flyers and business cards and pass them out to people you know--especially your neighbors. Carry some of these cards with you and hand them out, on the spot, when you see a potential opportunity.

10 Success in Business:Do the job right away when you're hired. Team up with a friend to get twice as many lawns done--one can mow and the other can edge and trim. Don't forget apartments, condominiums, and townhomes. Their smaller yards can often be taken care of with only a trimmer. Also, ask businesses for their work. They often pay more because they are bigger jobs. Supurb Quality:When you mow, blow clippings away from sidewalks and driveways or use a grass catcher. Always sweep when you're done. Be dependable and on time. Smaller Jobs:Consider doing "edge and trim" jobs. Walk around your neighborhood and look for lawns that are mowed but not edged and then ask for the work. A Snow Job! When we lived in Fort Drum, New York, we once had 108 inches of snow in one month! You can make a lot of dough shoveling snow! Plan ahead!:Since we can't schedule snow on the calendar, it's important to let your potential customers know that you are in the snow business BEFORE the first snowfall. Advertise your services and your prices. Decide how much you'll charge for each of the following: a small, medium, and large driveway and small, medium, and large sidewalks and steps. Protect:Be sure to wear the right winter gear outside in very cold temperatures, and never work outside in subzero temps for danger of frostbite. Provide:Remember our motto of helping other people whenever possible. You may want to offer free services to shut-ins, the elderly, and single parents who could use your help. Perfection!:If you do a very good job for your first few customers, ask for a referral. This will make your business just about perfect!

11 Gift Wrapping Service I remember wrapping all my dad's Christmas presents every year (except my own). Busy or creatively challenged people (dads especially) need help in this area, and you could provide a useful service. Sales:The best time to purchase Christmas gift wrap is after the holiday, so you may want to think about this job well in advance. Otherwise, look for the after-Thanksgiving sales to get some super deals on gift wrap. Supplies:You could make your own wrapping paper with white butcher paper or brown grocery store bags. When the grocery bags are stamped with red designs, wrapped with raffia ties, and decorated with fresh cranberries they can be very pretty. Be sure to get plenty of tape and bows, too. Save:Start saving all your boxes and other gift wrap. You can also save on your costs if the people who want your service will supply their own paper and bows. Samples:Wrap several empty boxes as samples to show customers. Be creative with your decorations by tying on cookie cutters, small toys, or other items that look interesting. You can buy these tie-ons for pennies at yard sales. Saturdays:These are the best days during the holiday season to set up a table (and you're not in school, either). There may be a store near you that would allow you to set up a table at its entrance. Or, a smaller gift shop might even pay for the supplies and pay you to do the work!

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