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2 Industry And Market Analysis Edible fruit bouquets first became popular gifts for holidays, birthdays and corporate events. Edible Arrangements Franchise Group, is market leader in USA. They have 877stores and they can be reached by online order or via telephone.Franchise Year-to-date company wide sales for 2008 are $25.8 million, up from $11 million for the same period in 2007.

3 Industry And Market Analysis There is only one competitor for us in Turkey; which is established in There is no formal market share information in Turkey. This industry should be devoloped to provide consumers valuable gifts which are appeal to the eye and taste.

4 Business Description Our e-bus operates to make any occasion special - from birthdays, anniversaries and congratulations to business events and client gifts. Make people find unique and creative gifts for their friends families lovers ext. A created open online field to help people about expressing their feelings with edible fruit bouquets.

5 Summary Finally we want to summarize why people will be preffering our site; Because we give a great chance people to make their families friends and lovers happy with our incredibly variety of fruit bouquets. We offer adequate price for such a creative gift like that. Whoever interested in buying unique and amazing gifts for any occasion can shop without any concern about delivering.

6 Domain Not Available Available

7 GOALS Our goal is to present enjoyable, good- looking presents to our customers. Making possible these presents to be customized. To create alternative way to quality wedding presents, party presents, presents given when promotions are realized.

8 OBJECTIVES In coming 4 years, will be the most prefered present site in Turkey. Following 8 years, we want to reach 900.000 TL giro. To make the most profitable site in online gift sector.

9 MODEL B2C Direct Marketing Spread by word of mouth One to Many marketing BUSINESS MODEL

10 Box of chocolate covered strawberries Berry chocolate bouquet Sweetheart box Birthday bouquetMoms bouquet Amazing celebration

11 We offer mouth watering fruits, crafted with love into gorgeous fruit bouquets. It's the perfect gift for any occasion; Birthdays, Mothers Day, Fathers Day and Valentines Day! Our beautiful edible products are made of fresh strawberries, apples, pineapple, honeydew, cantaloupe, oranges, grapes, cheese and chocolate. Flower Fruits bouquets are also amazing for Business events, Client gifts, Special occasion presents & employee appreciation gifts.

12 STRENGTHS Unique appearance gives Meyve Paketi a great advantage. The companys objectives accommodate its consumers needs and intentions. Innovation and size.

13 WEAKNESSES Little public awareness Larger competitors such as Godiva, Dean and Deluca Needs to increase promotion if we hope to increase awareness and compete against the big companies.

14 OPPORTUNITIES Special niche in the gift basket market with innovative fruit bouquets. Keep extending its product line with unique products. Maintain a reputation by innovative products that will give an important edge over the competition. The need to stay current in the gift basket business is important.

15 THREATS Copying ideas or come up with similar products; this would take away a major competitive edge that Meyve Paketi has. Overhead cost will rise and many smaller gift basket shops could use there flexibility to try and undercut Meyve Paketis prices. Although one small competitor might not do detrimental damage, a large number of them could cause a problem.

16 ADVERTISING They say the way to a mans heart is through his stomach, why not apply the same principle to your boss, co-worker, or loved one? Meyve Paketi provides clients with a new and thoughtful way of making a gesture that expresses love and appreciation. By keeping prices competitive and creating new products we hope to remain on the cutting edge of the gift basket industry. Meyve Paketi plans to increase efficiency in the future by including delivery trucks with radio-communication systems.

17 MARKETING Product Many companies offer consumers the option of gift baskets and floral arrangements. Meyve Paketi offers the best combining fresh fruit arranged in elegantly colorful designs. Consumers have the option of customizing orders. Promotion Our main objective is to increase the publics awareness of Meyve Paketi and its products. Initial target market would be the corporate world, where consumers would purchase arrangements for co- workers, events, and meetings. Promotion will consist of a company catalog, the internet. With proper promotion the publics awareness of the company should also grow through word of mouth.

18 Place For the same price as a bouquet of flowers you can show your recipient that you put extra thought and originality in selecting their gift, making arrangements the perfect choice for a co-worker or loved one. Price Meyve Paketi has bouquets of fresh fruit range in prices from $15 for smaller arrangements to $150 for larger arrangements. The majority of arrangements are in the range of $35. We also offer fresh dipped strawberries and other fruits which start at about $10 dollars. Prices are based on materials to construct the arrangements, labor, and delivery cost.

19 CONCLUSION Meyve Paketi is a retailer with a clever competitive advantage over the other gift basket retailers. The next few years will serve as an extremely important turning point for Meyve Paketi. While Meyve Paketi offers an innovative product very unlike any other products available, it is not enough. Problems can arise if awareness is not increased. Meyve Paketi, should be able to continue on the road of success with introduction of new marketing methods. It made its make with originality and as long as it can stay fresh Meyve Paketi will continue to prosper.




23 SECURITY and PRIVACY POLICY Our web page which is a kind of gate for commerce is shown here!

24 SECURITY and PRIVACY POLICY Privacy Policy We will use your e-mail address only when we are confirming your Internet order, to notify you of special promotions, to notify you of changes and updates to the site, or to remind you of a holiday or gift occasion. We consider your e-mail address your property and will handle it with great care. We will never sell your e-mail address to another company or disclose it to any other person. We assure you, your e-mail address will not be made available to other companies.

25 SECURITY and PRIVACY POLICY Thawte Authentic Sites use thawte SSL Certificates to offer secure communications by encrypting all data to and from the site. thawte has checked and verified the company registration documents and the site's registered domain name. This information is included in the SSL certificate that we issue. This enables you to check the site's validity yourself. Always check a site's certificate before entering any sensitive information.

26 REVENUE MODELS Advertising Fees From the occasions (Mothers Day,Teacher Appreciation Week,anniversary,birhday,we dding,graduation,Valentines Day,Memorial Day) From the people who want to indicate their feelings with Meyve Paketi(thank you,I am sorry,I love you,get well,congratulations)

27 REVENUE MODELS Our target profit will be 15.000 TL per month.

28 TARGET MARKETS Who will be our customers ? Meyve Paketi customers who desire the fresh fruit for beautiful fruit bouquets could now have a little fruit on the go. As a market hotels companies luxurious pastries

29 TARGET MARKET OBJECTIVES Earn 15.000 TL profit for each month/180.000 TL profit for the first year. Create many potential or loyal customers.

30 COMPETITORS AT HOME Tasty Bunchs Lezzet Demetleri Web-site is handy. A lot of fresh fruits


32 COMPETITORS We are different from our competitors because Meyve Paketi takes great pride in offering an unforgettible gift-giving experience. For convenience, people can order their arrangements online.


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