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The Accomodation Industry

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1 The Accomodation Industry

2 Accomodation History Horse stables & Inns Railroads Motels Airports
Westin Halifax Motels Airports Resorts All-Suite Hotels

3 Types of Accomodation Ownership
Individual Ownership The Haliburton Advantages Owner has full control over policies and operating procedures Can reach out to customers by developing their own websites and online reservations Disadvantages If income is not strong, quality can go down Does not have the adventage of a national advertising and reservation system

4 Types of Accomodation Ownership
Company Chains Four Seasons Each company operates more than one property, but each property reports to central headquarters. Each hotel in a chain remains somewhat independent ny reflecting the local culture of the region or country where they are located.

5 Types of Accomodation Ownership
Franchises Holiday Inn The franchise relationship consists of the franchiser (brand name company), and the franchisee (property owner). Advantages Recognized name Advertsing & Reservation system Cheaper financing Professional Management Assistance Cheaper supplies Cheaper training Familiar decor Disadvantages High frachise fees Monthly fees (% of grose income) No flexibility regarding policies Affect of other owners on reputation Franchiser can buy back the frachise

6 Organization and Function
« Front of House » Front office, food & beverage, housekeeping and customer service « Back of the House » Administration, accounting, sales, engineering, security

7 Classifications with the Accomodation Sector
Single occupancy One person staying in room, no matter how many beds Twin Room with two twin beds Double occupancy Two people staying in one room

8 Classifications with the Accomodation Sector
Suite Two or more rooms combined – one set up as a living room Hospitality suite Room that has a bar and a sitting area, used for informal meetings Rack rate Standard daily rate Run-of-the-house rate Discount rate for block bookings (Weddings, conferences etc.)

9 The level of service Budget Hotels – Designed to provide clean, safe, low-cost rooms. Offer very few services and may not have in-house food service Comfort Inn Midscale Hotels – Have a coffee shop on premises, may have a swimming pool and may provide airport service Ramada Hotel

10 The level of service Upscale Hotels – Far more service oriented. Provide room service, a concierge desk, a dining room and lounge area, pool and exercise area, and a gift shop. Sheraton Luxury Property – Takes service to a higher level. Located in a prestigious area, their lobby is often lrge, spectacular (waterfall or indoor garden), with elegant furniture and lighting. Cater to travelers who can afford to be pampered. Four Seasons

11 Length of Stay Transient Guests Residential Guests Short stays
Most Hotels Residential Guests Long term stays (up to and over a year) Midscale & Upscale

12 Other Classifictions of Accomodations
Motel and Motor Hotel Resort Hotel Country Inn Guest Home Bed & Breakfast Cottages/Cabins Spas Campgrounds Hostels Time-share condominiums

13 Canada Select Rating Categories
* clean and comfortable accommodations ** clean, comfortable accommodations with some amenities *** very comfortable accommodations with a greater range of facilities, guest amenities, and services **** the highest standard of accommodations with an extensive range of facilities, guest amenities, and services. ***** exceptional properties that are among the best in the country in terms of their outstanding facilities, guest services, and quality provided

14 Meal Plans European Plan (EP) room only with no meals
Continental Plan (CP) room rate that includes a continental breakfast Bermuda Plan (BP) room rate that includes a full American breakfast American Plan (AP) rate that includes three full meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) Modified American Plan (MAP) rate that includes two meals, usually breakfast and dinner

15 Accomodation Industry: Categories of workers
Front Desk and Guest Services Often most visible and likely first personal contact for guests Administration All aspects of operation. Management, HR, Fiances, Sales & Marketing Housekeeping & Maintenance Little direct contact with guests, but have significant impact on guest satisfaction

16 Accomodation Industry: Job Descriptions
Front Desk Agent Makes room reservations and receives payment for services such as accomodation, room service and restaurant meals. Responds to guest complaints Answers inquiries regarding hotel services Guest check-in and check-out

17 Accomodation Industry: Job Descriptions
Housekeeping Room attendant Stocks and sorts supplies in linen closets and on housekeeper’s carts Vacuums, cleans, dusts, polishes guests’ rooms, makes beds, removes and replaces used towels and toiletries Ensures the security of guest rooms and the provacy of guests

18 Accomodation Industry: Job Descriptions
Executive Housekeeper Establishes and/or implements operating procedures and stndards Plans and co-ordinates the activities of housekeeping supervisors and their crews Co-ordinates inspections or inspects assigned areas to ensure standards are met Applies HR skills such as hiring, training and performance evaluation Creates and adhers to budgets and other administrative tasks

19 Accomodation Industry: Job Descriptions
Consierge Serves the needs of the guests: obtaining event tickets, recommending restaurants, assisting with transportation; and many other services of similar nature Guest Service Attendant Provides services at the main door and in the lobby. Handles and stores luggge and provides valet parking. Assists to other departments such as housekeeping, front desk, security etc.

20 Accomodation Industry: Job Descriptions
Director of Sales and Marketing Provides leadership, manages staff and has a positive attitude. Manages operations and finances, has marketing skills and excellent communication skills Sales Representative Promotes products or services and identifies and solicits new clients. Prepares sales reports and tracks activities, estimates or quotes prices, credit terms, warranties and delivery dates. Prepares sales contracts, processes orders and makes delivery arrangements.

21 Accomodation Industry: Job Descriptions
Accommodations Service Manager/Front Office Manager Participates in developing, implementing, and evaluating policies and procedures for the operation of the hotel. Prepares budgets and monitors revenues and expenses. Participates in the development of pricing and promotional strategies. Negotiates with suppliers and clients for the use of the facility for functions. Recruits and supervises staff, trains, sets schedules and resolves customer complaints

22 Motivations, Needs, and Expectations (MNEs): For Accommodations
Motivations: Basic reason why people stay in hotels and motels Needs: What clients look for in a hotel or motel Expectations: Minimum standard of facilities and services that guests expect in the establishment

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