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Development of Nuclear CM Information Technology (IT) Systems CMBG XIX Chicago 2012 Kent Freeland PowerKnowledge Boston, USA Balio Dinev David Holding.

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1 Development of Nuclear CM Information Technology (IT) Systems CMBG XIX Chicago 2012 Kent Freeland PowerKnowledge Boston, USA Balio Dinev David Holding Company Vienna, Austria Teamcenter PLM Nuclear

2 Mr. Kent Freeland is Chief Technology Officer for PowerKnowledge Corporation, and is also the CM and IT Consultant to the Belene NPP project for WorleyParsons. A US Navy and NPP operator and information technologist, Mr. Freeland was a founding designer and project manager for Indus (Ventyx) Passport, and has participated in several Nuclear Design Basis Reconstitution projects in USA and worldwide. Serves as a diplomatic consultant and subject expert for the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). Utility and user designer for the Siemens Teamcenter PLM Nuclear solution. Mr. Balio Dinev is the CEO of David Holding (DH) Company. In addition to developing the Archimed GSR3 eDMS and Process Control system for the Belene NPP, DH developed the Teamcenter PLM Nuclear Enterprise CM/MRO solution together with Siemens PLM in Vienna, Austria. DH also developed the IAEA Nuclear Knowledge Management (NKM) portal solution offered to member states for providing a knowledge management and information capture/transfer solution to new and existing nuclear states.

3 The Digital NPP … Key to 100% Reliable Configuration Management

4 Objectives Follow the regulatory milestones Apply a phased approach, follow the needs, have efficient investment Now to approach IT challenges form the beginning of the project How to Fit new IT systems to existing CM and Design Basis tools Why to deploy a Plant Lifecycle Management (PLM)-based system Using a "Rapid Deployment" CM/Design Control and Document software solutions for new-build NPP's Getting your CM/MRO systems to work with Design Creation and 3D "Digital NPP" platforms (Intergraph SPF, Bentley, AVEVA, NX, etc.) Fitting CM technology to support the Integrated Management System (IMS) How to integrate Nuclear Knowledge Management (NKM)

5 CMBG 2010 and 2011 discussions saw a step increase in utility interest for utilizing digital design creation and engineering control systems. In addition, the EPRI Adavnced Nuclear Technology (ANT) program has described the concept of the Digital NPP as a tool for improving the quality and durability of design informtion and the NPP design basis. CM software and IT solutions play an increasing important role in meeting commitments for Nuclear Power safety and viability. These are technology and IT decisions for nuclear CM and MRO systems that were based on the IAEA TECDOC-1651, Information Technology for Nuclear Power Plant Configuration Management This workshop is presented in the context of the Belene NPP project in Belene, Republic of Bulgaria, where an integrated, end-to-end design creation, document and engineering process control, and CM/MRO publishing system was in the prototype stage in preparation for construction to commence prior to project suspension in March 2012.

6 CM Process Flow for Belene NPP Configuration Management and MRO/ERP CREATE REVIEW & APPROVE PUBLISH, REVIEW AND RE-USE Knowledge Management Portal Intergraph SPF Bentley PDS/eB AVEVA EPC & Vendor Source Data Intergraph SPF Bentley PDS/eB AVEVA EPC & Vendor Source Data Engineering/3D Design Review Construction Materials Qualification Procurement Turnover Engineering/3D Design Review Construction Materials Qualification Procurement Turnover Meta Data and XML Data Dictionaries PLM Parent Corporate ERP/Accounting Data and Business Models Design Creation Data 3D CADD Design Archimed GSR3 Engineering Content & Pre-Construction Management eDR Engineering Design Review SAP R3 ORACLE 1C SAP R3 ORACLE 1C Siemens PLM TeamCenter Nuclear 3D Render MRO/Work Mgmt MR/Parts Issue Configuration Control MRO/Work Mgmt MR/Parts Issue Configuration Control MEL Docs Reqt s PLM % NPP Staff utilizing 0% 100%

7 Archimed e-DOCS Suite plus e-Process Nuclear Design Control for nuclear power plants empower the process management during plant operation, preventing accidents and reducing risks following the requirements of I AEA GSR3 safety standard. Adding the powerful GIS module for asset, document and data geo referencing, this configuration helps the asset and facility managers to plan, track and manage efficiently the critical information trough the entire plant lifecycle, yet not loosing insight about initial design basis and configuration changes. SIEMENS Teamcenter adds full Configuration Management and PLM plant lifecycle infrastructure support in a cost-effective deployment, and also provides end-to-end engineering change management and versioning publish capability. May be co- deployed with existing/legacy MRO and ERP systems; compatible with leading ERP systems. Includes Construction & Design Suite Complete world-class Nuclear Configuration and Asset Management Functionality and Industry/INPO/IAEA recognized Nuclear Power business model combined with PLM plant lifecycle support infrastructure. Maintenance, repair and overhaul automation based on configuration management (CM). Teamcent erNuclear CM/ECM ERP Export Utilities Data integration hub to Teamcenter PLM Nuclear. Live import of CAD data from various sources, incl. Intergraph, Bentley Systems, Autodesk, SIEMENS, etc. Live export of BOMs to various ERP solutions, incl. SAP, Oracle, etc. ISO-15926 and metadata-based taxonomy. Document centric Departmental Solutions Data centric Enterprise Solutions Belene NPP - Nuclear Software Solution Map Integrated Vertical Growth for Nuclear Design, Construction & Operations Teamcenter Nuclear MRO Teamcenter Nuclear Integrator Capturing and relating the nuclear related content to a flexible and extensible knowledge networks, Archimed Knowledge Management & Distribution preserve the critical nuclear power engineering and operation knowledge and ensures trusted foundation for efficient training to the existing and future engineering staff – both for existing and to be built nuclear power stations. Repro Graphics Raster 2 Vector (Third party) Requirements management Knowledge Distribution Basic Document Management technology package for focused on technical, non-nuclear and nuclear deployment applications. Ideal for administrative, legal, governmental, business and technical enterprises. Available as thin-client (browser-based) and traditional thick client MS-Windows-based per-seat product. Archimed Knowledge Management & Distribution Archimed Process control & Requirements management Archimed Document capture, review and distribution Archimed Export WEB service e-Process GSR3 Knowledge Management Engineering Design Review GIS AM/GM Archimed e-DOCS Teamcent er Nuclear CM/ECM CAD Import Utilities SIEMENS Teamcenter Nuclear Engineering Configuration & engineering change management SIEMENS Teamcenter Nuclear Operations Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul based on CM SIEMENS Teamcenter Nuclear Integrator Live data import/export WEB services Archimed Asset Management and Facilities Management IAEA NG-G-3.1 New NPP Milestones Ready for Commitment to Nuclear Power Ready to Invite Bids for First NPP Ready to Commission and Operate First NPP

8 Archimed Knowledge capture engine information to knowledge trough context insight Information Knowledge Operating Factors Knowledge ALARA Knowledge Design Basis Knowledge Component Lifecycle Knowledge Margin and Stress Knowledge Parts Qualification Knowledge Safe Shutdown 1.Knowledge related content is structured from any source, any activity. 2. Knowledge Master team review, distil and assemble the Raw Knowledge relations network 3. The particular knowledge domains are associated to the particular NPP skill requirements

9 Archimed knowledge cell relational model The NKM system uses PROBLEM and IMPACT as the infrastructure and medium of exchange, permitting sharing of domains and assignment of metadata to events, issues or problems, including probability of fit, cross- reference to other domains. Impacts may be very high-level and general or follow a specific requirement, knowledge event or experience, and may be assigned cardinality and hierarchy, if appropriate. Domains may have multiple PROBLEM items (and will). Information Impact Problem Implication Prevention REASON SOLUTION CAUSE SYMPTOM OTHER OPERATORS INCLUDE: Issues Contributors Reason/Cause Indicators Co-occurrence and Dependency Limits and Margins Constants and Environment

10 Archimed sample knowledge workflow example Safe Shutdown PROBLEM: High Radiation PROBLEM: Fuel Leakage PROBLEM: Loss of Cooling PROBLEM: Exceed Technical Specification or LCO Knowledge Safe Shutdown Event Reasons/Problems Equipment/System Probability of Occurrence Cross-Reference Domains Constants/Environment IMPACT/REASON INFO PROBLEM SYMPTOM IMPACT/REASON The Validation and Confirmation Process is similar to classical nuclear Root-Cause Analysis and follows the same general process of additional and co- symptoms, failure isolation and common-cause analysis, and collateral or cascade effects to refine equipment and system risk space, reduce peripheral impacts and improve statistical confidence level.

11 Sample knowledge content front-end

12 Page 12 SIEMENS PLM Software Partner Document centric to data centric evolution Phase 1 – Document centric EDM Product: Archimed e-DMS/KM Documents Attributes Records Knowledge networks Organization Engineering Design Review Phase 1 – Data centric IMS Product: SIEMENS Teamcenter NE Design Basis Requirements Regulatory Requirements Equipment items/attributes Relation editor/browser Project management/SCM CM/ECO/MRO Engineering data management Knowledge foundation Reporting & analysis Workflow management XML WEB services XML EXPORT SERVICE

13 Page 13 SIEMENS PLM Software Partner PLM capabilities by NPP lifecycle phases SRM Requirements Project Management Reporting, Document Management Configuration Management, CAD and Visualization Simulation Maintenance Planning Change Management Document management

14 Page 14 SIEMENS PLM Software Partner Sample demo links: Bulk document capture automation, KKS coded MEL structure in Archimed d-DMS (a Teamcenter NE front end tool): Page: AVI link: Archimed e-DMS pages: Archimed Knowledge Management Portal: 3D Containment Building PLM Data Model, SIEMENS NX CAD inside Teamcenter NE: Download link Dropbox (20 MB), Click Download button upper right on the Dropbox screen: Teamcenter NE PLM pages: Teamcenter NE Sample CM/ECO process page: Teamcenter sample CM/ECO process movie: 87c8-566a5d49ba04 87c8-566a5d49ba04

15 Page 15 SIEMENS PLM Software Partner Our approach at Belene NPP: Follow regulatory milestones Start with EDM for initial document and record management, just prevent anarchy Manage the records and document according to IAEA GS R# Prepare the knowledge map related to the skill requirements Appoint internal Knowledge Masters team Motivate the knowledge masters to transform structured info to a specific knowledge network Prepare for data centric enterprise PLM solution Plan the data model, prepare the items and their attributes maps Prepare data migration plan Start building the plant (if new) …. Start PLM implementation, cross fingers …

16 Page 16 SIEMENS PLM Software Partner Thank you …

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