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(MMRS) Mobile Metro Radio System 800 MHz Rebanding.

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1 (MMRS) Mobile Metro Radio System 800 MHz Rebanding

2 FCC Spectrum Allocation of 800 MHz Band * - Today General Category INCLUDES NEXTEL B/ILT & SMALL NO. OF PUBLIC SAFETY Upper 200 ESMR (NEXTEL) NPSPAC ESMR (80 channels) INCLUDES NEXTEL - Business/SMR (50 channels) INCLUDES NEXTEL - Industrial/SMR (50 channels) INCLUDES NEXTEL - Public Safety (70 channels))* * - Allocation for US zone (different in Mexican and Canadian border regions) Up-Link Down-Link [7.5 MHz][12.5 MHz][10 MHz][6 MHz] CELLULAR 700 MHz Public Safety Old

3 800 MHz POST REBANDING SOUTHEAST PLAN 700 MHz Public Safety NPSPAC / LOW-SITE CELLULAR/ESMR (SouthernLinc) SMR (80 channels) NO NEXTEL - Business/SMR (50 channels) NO NEXTEL - Industrial/SMR (50 channels) NO NEXTEL - Public Safety Up-Link Down-Link CELLULAR Alabama Public Safety Spectrum begins and ends and above is now ESMR ***NOT AVAILABLE FOR OUR STATE*** / Expansion Band No PS required to remain or move to *** NOT AVAILABLE FOR OUR STATE*** / Guard Band – open for new PS or IB/SMRs vacating channels for PS New

4 700 MHz Public Safety General Category INCLUDES NEXTEL B/ILT & SMALL NO. OF PUBLIC SAFETY Upper 200 ESMR (NEXTEL) NPSPAC Up-Link Down-Link [7.5 MHz][12.5 MHz][10 MHz][6 MHz] CELLULAR 700 MHz Public Safety NPSPAC / LOW-SITE CELLULAR/ESMR (SouthernLinc) Up-Link Down-Link CELLULAR Side by Side Comparison Old New

5 Presently in Mobile County Today we have six (6) multi-site, and three (3) simul- cast towers. Today with 54 frequencies, the radio system provides radio coverage for over 5,100 users, 728 talk groups and over 120 agencies. Daily average usage is about 125,000 push-to-talks. System usage has exceeded 275,000 push-to-talks in a single 24-hour period.


7 Plan for Mobile County Retune Burns Simulcast System. Reprogram / replace all radios (Touch 1) Only eligible radios will be replaced. Replacing Springhill system with Burns. Add new frequencies for all sites. Any radio(s) not reprogramed will be shut off. Shutdown Springhill System Use existing repeater and add additional channel capacity for all sites. Turn on balance of Burns Simulcast System. Reconfigure all tower sites. Remove additional capacity. Reprogram all radios (Touch 2) Remove old frequencies

8 Radio Programming Changes BURNS instead of SPR-HILL The Burns simulcast system will replace the Springhill multi-site system. System is made up of three tower sites. Towers located at EMA, Government Plaza, and Hillcrest and Nevius Road. 24 channels instead of 10. WEATHER will be renamed to EMALERTS. Receive only. Linked to Emergency Broadcast Service. MOWA and 7-HILLS systems will be added. Mobile Washington Band of Choctaw Indians. 850 tower located in Southeast Washington County. Seven Hills 300 tower located Jack Hamilton & Jeff Hamilton Rd

9 All Radios will get either: Public Services Fire EMS Law Enforcement Core Talkgroups

10 National 800 MHz Interoperability CONVENTL FrequencyNameTower Location MHz8CALL90EMA MHz8TAC91EMA MHz8TAC92Bayou la Batre MHz8TAC93 Citronelle MHz8TAC94 Wilmer 8CALL90D, 8TAC91D, 8TAC92D, 8TAC93D, and 8TAC94D are all direct unit-to-unit channels. (Walkie Talkie mode) Old frequencies will work back-to-back with new frequencies.

11 Radio Programming Changes All Unauthorized talkgroups will be removed. No agencies talkgroup(s) allowed in any other agencies radio without current written authorization. Authorization must be provided to Mobile County on or before 1 March, Agencies are requested to conduct an inventory of their current radios to determine; Front mount vs remote mount? Dual control head? Headset mics? Custom installations / configurations? Gang battery chargers? Wall mount vs desktop mounts?

12 Optional Agency Participation Optional Agency Changes Update / review your communications plan. Add / delete / rename talk groups. Add radio features (at Agency expense) Changes must be provided to Mobile County on or before 1 March, 2012 You may want to participate in reprogramming to capture information including, Unit #, Car #, employee #, model #, serial #, add asset tags.

13 Rebanding Ground Rules Agencies are entitled to the same facilities post rebanding as they had prior to rebanding. Functional radios /accessories incapable of being retuned to the new frequencies are replaced. Non functional radios may be repaired at agency expense in order to qualify for replacement. System Infrastructure will have the same number of frequencies, capacity, signal levels, etc

14 Radio Replacement Radios are replaced like for like, scan for scan, system for system, front mount for front mount, etc. Accessories are also included, antennas, batteries, microphones, etc. All must be functional and brought to the rebanding site for replacement Replacement of certain models (LPE-200, MPD, FMD, Rangr) is serial number dependent, rebanding team will determine at time of programming

15 Replacement Radios 300P Scan MTL Scan MPD Scan Replaced by P5150

16 Replacement Radios MPA Scan Replaced by P7150

17 Replacement Radios 300P, Monogram, MPA, MPD System Replaced by P7170

18 Replacement Radios MDX, Rangr, FMD Replaced by M7100

19 Programming Details / Schedules Programming / Replacements will be handled locally by Hurricane Electronics (Contact Info later) Rebanding Schedule will be managed by Mr. Bill Anderson (Contact Info later) Touch 1 is scheduled to begin March 26, 2012 and complete by July 27, 2012, see printed copy The Schedule will be subject to revision based on progress, weather, etc. Agencies will be notified as these changes occur

20 Closing Reminders Make sure we have your contact information. It will be used to communicate schedule changes. Provide talk group authorizations and radio programming changes on or before March 1, Conduct an inventory of all radio and accessories for your city / agency. Only functional, qualifying radios / accessories will be replaced Radios that are not rebanded in Touch 1 will not operate after July 27, 2012.

21 Contact Information Mobile CountyEric Linsley Tusa ConsultingAl Martineau Todd Mechler Nick Tusa

22 Contact Information Harris CorporationSteve Smith Angad Sachdeva Bill Anderson Hurricane ElectronicsDirk Young John Gispanski Mike Farrell

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