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2 TRIDENT STRUCTURES PVT LTDWEBSITE : Cell On Wheels COWs with mt Lattice Mast COWs with 9-20m. Telescopic Pole

3 TRIDENT STRUCTURES PVT LTDWEBSITE : Utilization 1.Supplementary Unit: In period of events and/or festivals during which subscribers or users may increase in substantive numbers 2.Can be used for long term placement when infrastructure consideration prevents building a permanent site at that location 3.Deployable in Confined areas : Areas those are too small to contain foundation and standard fixed shelter. 4.Survey Unit: In any areas that operators doubt about number of potential subscribers. 5.Temporary Use: In any areas where there is dramatically and sudden increase in numbers of subscribers. Mobile BTS can help to serve the demand before the fixed site is built. 6.Emergency Unit: For Natural Disasters such as Flood, Earth Quake, etc. The Cell-On-Wheels and Cell-On-Legs are solution that can help operators to deploy their network in the fastest possible way, the designs catered for both ease of transportation and safety in operation

4 We manufacture and do commissioning of cell on wheels as per specific design and requirements of Loading i.e; number of GSM Antennas and microwaves in various Collapsible tower height of mt. These mobile units are custom made with a flexible manufacturing approach by our own, in house CAD Design team for appropriate wind loading and equipment. All our designs are being certified by Professional Engineers to ensure quality standards. TRIDENT STRUCTURES PVT LTD WEBSITE : We offer a complete self-contained mobile solution for Cellular Service Providers, Military Application for Communications and others

5 12-21 mt COW on Eicher Truck with collapsible climbing ladder and working Platform for Vodafone We do customization also. Towers can be mounted on Ready to drive vehicle

6 33 mt Mast to MTN Uganda TRIDENT STRUCTURES PVT LTDWWEBSITE : COWs with 33 mt mast

7 TRIDENT STRUCTURES PVT LTDWWEBSITE : COWs with mt Tubular Tower COWs with mt Angular Mast

8 Stabilizing Arms to avoid Foundation Foldable Arms 30 & 40 mt

9 40 mt COWs at Riyadh with space for Double Generator TRIDENT STRUCTURES PVT LTDWEBSITE :

10 Facility of In- house Advanced Designing based on 3 D Models 12mt - 21 mt Foldable Tower TRIDENT STRUCTURES PVT LTDWEBSITE :

11 Ready COWS for Deployment in Riyadh Ware house after assembly

12 We have fleet of over 26 COWs already deployed for various operators and vendors on rental / leasing. Can arrange COWs for any emergency deployment at Short Notice. We handle the installation/Hosting and dismantling at/from Site. We maintain our COWs during Use by Operators TRIDENT STRUCTURES PVT LTDWEBSITE : Once deployed COWs can be maintained by us on O & M basis also. COW Rental for Indian Market


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