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Site License Advisory Team June 29, 2012 meeting.

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1 Site License Advisory Team June 29, 2012 meeting

2 Agenda 1.Self-Service Changes 2.SCCM licensing changes 3.SPSS Renewal 4.Other Renewals 5.Other Items

3 OCIO Self-Service for Site Licensing Previous solution (6/25 and earlier) –Old NextWeb –Remedy-driven –SLS was the last service on these servers Interim Solution (6/25 – 8/10) –Requests handled by the IT Service Desk Calls taken by agents eRequests connected to software requests Download links sent, license files provided with downloads –No more paper agreements (ex: Gaussian)

4 OCIO Self-Service for Site Licensing New Solution (8/10 and later) –Requests become fully self-service Shopping Cart experience Review of licenses owned by individuals, control of distribution by license owners, and returning of unused licenses Immediate retrieval of license codes without ITSD interaction Expanded selection of software for SLSCs Future Release(s) (dates undetermined) –eRequest integration –Deepening selection of SLSC-authorized products –Software will receive a department designation –SLSCs given access to departmental distribution records

5 SCCM Licensing Changes With SCCM 2012, a new licensing scheme came into effect –Several new products emerged As a result, offerings have shifted 4ECECA9E481A/System%20Center%202012%20Licensing%20Datasheet.pdf 4ECECA9E481A/System%20Center%202012%20Licensing%20Datasheet.pdf 543AF551B7AE/System%20Center%202012%20Licensing%20FAQ.pdf 543AF551B7AE/System%20Center%202012%20Licensing%20FAQ.pdf –Key licenses on CoreCAL Servers include: Configuration Manager Endpoint Protection (Forefront) Virtual Machine Manager (new in 2012) Use on all servers and clients permitted

6 SCCM Licensing Changes Other products (collectively, SC Client Management Suite) include: –Service Manager –Operations Manager –Data Protection Manager –Orchestrator CoreCAL Server license + ECAL means: –You can use these other options to manage desktops, but not servers –Server management with these tools incurs an extra cost (Server MLs must be purchased)

7 SPSS Renewal OCIO Site Licensing has renewed SPSS –Avoidance of 10% increase –Codes due to expire in August 2013 Available at the IT Service Desk Agreement expires in June –Account team change –OCIO is interested in an agreement structure change to resolve this years codes issues

8 Upcoming Renewals Nvivo –Renewal complete, pending codes. MATLAB –Renewal process begins Monday SAS –Renewal process begins Monday –Expect a small price increase ($2-3/copy on workstations) –Student use available with self-service roll-out

9 Other Items Attachmate – Is it in use in your area? –Terminal emulation software Brand Names: Reflection, Luminet, FileXpress, INFOConnect MacOS 10.8 comes out shortly (July 19?) –Ordered through eStores –Discounts expected to be the same ($30/copy, 20+ copies = ½ off) OARnet VMWare ordering thoughts

10 Questions/Comments

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